12 October 2018 8:15 Vincennes Hera - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 60000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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This is the QUINTE+ race


No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:45 20:19


Azan D'Azif FR

In fine form since the spring but regularly the object of the stewards' attention. Thomain could however prove key to his redemption
Owner: F M Morin
Prize Money: €149,030

G 2850m 8 D Thomain
F M Morin
DaDaDa1a1a3aDa4a2a8a 53.0 57.0

Bolide Du Loisir FR

Blows hot and cold but has merit. Is no huge fan of the venue though and best left untouched
Owner: Ecurie Alexandre Buisson
Prize Money: €183,530

G 2850m 7 A Buisson
A Buisson
Da3a7aDaDa2aDa1a9a1a 101.0 125.0

Vloum De Bois FR

Has flourished over past six weeks. Benefits from a front-line start and with a top driver in charge can play a leading role
Owner: S Bernier
Prize Money: €154,390

G 2850m 9 J M Bazire
R Bernier
1a1m2a3a2a9a8a0a3a8a 6.9 5.2


Vent Des Aunay FR

Has placed just once in 14 starts this year and has no realistic chance
Owner: Ecurie Vincent Raimbault
Prize Money: €157,790

G 2850m 9 J Ph Monclin
V Raimbault
8a7a9a3aDa8a0a0a0a7a 105.0 150.0

Be Good FR

Tricky character but has decent references over course and distance. Lebourgeois in charge this time and with application can finish in the mix
Owner: S Michel
Prize Money: €153,450

G 2850m 7 Y Lebourgeois
S Michel
7aDaDmDa3aDa2a7a2aDa 30.0 39.0

Axel Tilly FR

Back in form after a relatively lean patch. Vercruysse back in charge but still not an obvious choice
Owner: Cl Buffard
Prize Money: €164,720

G 2850m 8 P Vercruysse
R Coppens
3a3a0a6a8a0a3a5a0a0a 26.0 33.0

Belle De Manche FR

Quality mare that appears to be back at her best. Beat a good horse at Enghien a fortnight ago and with Nivard at the helm this time should give another competitive account
Owner: Mme A Thoury
Prize Money: €161,070

F 2850m 7 F Nivard
T H Le Floch
1a2a7aDa3a5aDa9a7a2a 12.0 13.0

Belle D'hermes FR

Fine mare that won over course and distance earlier in the year. Has been in excellent shape since and will not be far off the mark
Owner: Ecurie Marechal
Prize Money: €194,120

F 2850m 7 M Abrivard
C H Hamel
2m4a5a2m1a4a2a1a7aDa 6.9 7.0


Baccarat Des Pres FR

Handy sort when focused but out of the picture in last two. Hind shoes off for the first time though and will be one to note
Owner: Ecurie M Et A P Bezier
Prize Money: €183,620

G 2850m 7 M Mottier
M Bezier
0a0a4a0a2a5a0a4a6a4a 29.0 39.0

Bolt FR

Complicated trotter but has ample talent. Sanctioned in last four and starts on the second line but on good behaviour can end up on the podium
Owner: Ecurie Christophe Gallier
Prize Money: €312,790

M 2875m 7 Ch Gallier
C H Gallier
DaDaDaDa2a2aDa5aDa0a 12.0 10.0

Un Cher Ami FR

Moderate type that did not displease in either start since the break. Drops marginally in class after finishing 5th to (15) BALFOUR last week and if recovered can again make the first five
Owner: A Laine
Prize Money: €290,966

G 2875m 10 A Prat
H Daougabel
5a7a0a8a2a8a3a8a7a7a 21.0 25.0

Bingo D'Attaque FR

Not the most reliable but encouraged in a good bunch at Toulouse late last month and will have his supporters
Owner: Ecurie Attaque
Prize Money: €293,995

M 2875m 7 N Pacha
F Pelmoine
4a0a2a8aDa9a4a4a4a6a 79.0 110.0

Verso De Crennes FR

Has enjoyed a relatively productive run in recent months but has no love for Vincennes and others preferred
Owner: Haras De Crennes
Prize Money: €289,460

G 2875m 9 J P Maillard
E Szirmay
2a1a5a4m0a2a4aaa4a3a 54.0 76.0

Viva De Luna FR

Not the most dependable horse here. Better when unshod and will have little to offer
Owner: P Cottret
Prize Money: €305,850

F 2875m 9 A Lamy
G Lessieu
5a1aDa9a7a4a7a0a4aDa 105.0 137.0

Balfour FR

Superb campaigner that is unbeaten under these conditions. Incurs the penalty but can nevertheless make it five on the trot
Owner: Ecurie Robert Bergh Travstall Ab
Prize Money: €362,881

G 2875m 7 B Goop
R Bergh
1a1a1a1a5a6a4a6a2a17 2.3 2.2


Utile Lebel FR

Useful veteran that consistently gives his best. Reassured at Nimes mid-September and in similar form should give a respectable account
Owner: F Miquel
Prize Money: €331,440

G 2875m 10 E Raffin
C H Feyte
2a7a6a5a2a3a8a8a2a3a 20.0 27.0

Africain FR

Serious sort on a good day but unraced since mid-August and with shoes on can be passed over
Owner: V Collard
Prize Money: €298,950

M 2875m 8 J Koubiche
V Collard
0a0a2a0a0a3a9a0a0a0a 99.0 146.0

Ultra Du Gade FR

Previously a good sort but completely off the boil this year and can be ruled out
Owner: D J Julien
Prize Money: €306,200

G 2875m 10 F Ouvrie
J p Lecourt
7a7a0a0a9a5a0a6a7a17 68.0 102.0

Paris Turf

A veritable steamroller when barefoot (15) BALFOUR comes here on the back of four straight wins and even though on the second line will nonetheless take all the beating. That said Goop can still expect to encounter resistance from the in-form (3) VLOUM DE BOIS who has a 25m head-start and Jean-Michel Bazire in the wagon. While (10) BOLT's ability is not in doubt his temperament is but with application can play an important role. Winner of her last start under these conditions (8) BELLE D'HERMES has hardly stepped a foot out of place since the spring and should pick up another cheque. (7) BELLE DE MANCHE is back at the top of her game and the Nivard-factor should come into play.

Selection: 15-3-10-8-7