12 October 2018 11:55 Le Mont Saint Michel D'agon Coutainville - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2675 m
  • No. of Runners: 20 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 22000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 11:30 11:59


1 A
Circe De Chanjac FR

Exposed mare with just a solitary success to her name. Regularly breaks stride and can be overlooked
Owner: Ecurie Soee|bastien Hardy
Prize Money: €31,550

F 2675m 6/55.0 D Dulong
S Hardy
DaDmDa8aDmDaDa0aDa8m 47.0 88.0

Dolly D'argentre FR

Has been in good form under harness but did finish 2nd in her only ridden outing. Could surprise
Owner: Mlle Cl Desmontils
Prize Money: €31,770

F 2675m 5/57.0 A Rebeche
Mlle Cl Desmontils
2a6aDa2a2m1a0aDaDaRa 7.5 8.1


Dukass Leman FR

Faithful servant confirmed in this code. Must be respected from the front row
Owner: M Donio
Prize Money: €34,010

F 2675m 5/57.0 Mlle E Van Petten
M Donio
7m5m1m6m2m6m7m170m5m 8.6 7.2


Cocktail De Tyrole FR

Complicated type who has improved racing unshod in front. Yet to make a mark under the saddle so is ruled out
Owner: P Coulon
Prize Money: €32,445

G 2675m 6/55.0 J Condette
T H Coulon
Dm4a1aDa6aDa0m6aDa8a 33.0 32.0

Cybele Gibus FR

Was sanctioned in her only outing in this code so makes little appeal here
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Desfrieches
Prize Money: €33,050

F 2675m 6/57.0 Mlle M Collet
H Desfrieches
4aDaDa7aDm5a3a178a8a 29.0 26.0

6 A
Caline Des Landes FR

Poor recent form in both codes do not augur well for her chances. Overlook
Owner: Ecurie Soee|bastien Hardy
Prize Money: €33,620

F 2675m 6/55.0 B Hardy
S Hardy
0a0a5mDmDmDm0a0a8mDa 31.0 46.0

Capitaine Lebel FR

Disqualified in last two ridden starts so is hard to make a case for here
Owner: Ecurie Des Pickenval
Prize Money: €33,720

G 2675m 6/55.0 A Voisin
A Lenoir
5aDm9a4a5aDm5a6a4mRa 37.0 66.0

Cresus De Ranchval FR

Seldom far off the action when applied but reliability not his strong suit. Others preferred
Owner: Ph Deroyand
Prize Money: €35,210

G 2675m 6/55.0 Mlle I Fraigne
P H Deroyand
0m5m6m6m0mDmDmDmDm6m 40.0 64.0

Carlos De Godisson FR

Capable dual-purpose trotter who could play a minor role from the front line
Owner: G Sorieux
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 6/55.0 M Kondritz
G Sorieux
7a6m2m3a0aDaRa177a1m 15.0 14.0

Camelia Nay FR

Only wins in this code but appears to have lost his way this year and must reaffirm
Owner: G Cogne
Prize Money: €43,340

G 2675m 6/55.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
G Cogne
0aaa6a5a9m8m0a171m0m 18.0 33.0

Damiano Bello FR

Undeniably capable but currently enduring stride issues. Must get his house in order
Owner: Ecurie L Cl Abrivard
Prize Money: €56,880

G 2700m 5/55.0 Mlle M i Vetois
L Cl Abrivard
0mDmDmDm6m4m171mDm3m 51.0 86.0

Clematite FR

An honest servant for the most part but has been struggling lately and must reaffirm
Owner: Ecurie Christophe Gallier
Prize Money: €59,420

F 2700m 6/55.0 M Tijou
C H Gallier
DaDa9aDa2a1aDaDa2a5a 20.0 23.0

Crack D'Ariane FR

Best run this year came when reverting to this code last time. Quite capable of confirming
Owner: D Bethouart
Prize Money: €0

G 2700m 6/55.0 S D Jardin
D Bethouart
4m0aDa9a0a0aGa0aDmDm 13.0 11.0

Danseuse De Flam FR

Not the most dependable in the other code but not without merit either. Others preferred in this discipline
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €63,070

F 2700m 5/55.0 E Cive
C H Dreux
DaTa9a2a2aDa3a9aDa0a 46.0 74.0

Diva Du Caieu FR

Unreliable. Won five starts back but has since been sanctioned and well beaten - unlikely threat
Owner: Ecurie Thomas Levesque
Prize Money: €110,620

F 2700m 5/55.0 P Thieulent
T H Levesque
Da0aDa7a1aDa9a3a2a7a 21.0 11.0

Dandy De Betton FR

Barring the occasional sanction has been a model of consistency. Looks menacing
Owner: J L Bigeon
Prize Money: €62,930

G 2700m 5/55.0 G Lenain
J L Bigeon
0mDa1a1aDaDm2m3a3m1m - -


Cumbia Du Derby FR

Seemed to be finding her way again before a disappointing last start. Can bounce back
Owner: Ecurie Nathalie Lelievre
Prize Money: €63,630

F 2700m 6/57.0 V Saussaye
S Lelievre
0m3m1mDa7m9mDm3mDa0a 8.4 9.1

Code Nomis FR

Useful dual-purpose type at a lower level and may have to settle for a minor role here
Owner: D Travert
Prize Money: €66,360

G 2700m 6/57.0 G Gervais
D Travert
8a6a8a4a5mDa6m3a2a5m 42.0 72.0

Courtly Love FR

Has won two of three completed starts in this discipline and could have more to offer. Leading contender
Owner: Ecurie D
Prize Money: €66,550

G 2700m 6/55.0 Mlle L Fauchon
C H Mary
1mDm1m7m7a9a2a3a5a4a 4.2 3.8


Cannelledor FR

Erratic performer in this branch of the game. Capable if in the mood but hard to know what to expect
Owner: Ecurie Brindor
Prize Money: €66,610

F 2700m 6/57.0 L Jublot
C H Ecalard
0a8a2a0a9a2a170a7m3m 16.0 16.0

Coupling A 19.0 30.0

Paris Turf

A big field to begin proceedings and a chance is taken on (19) COURTLY LOVE who has won two of his last three starts to land the spoils. Talented but delicate dual-purpose performer (16) DANDY DE BETTON has shown more than enough to pose a threat but has proven unreliable. (17) CUMBIA DU DERBY fits a similar profile and could stake a claim in the outcome if bouncing back to form after a disappointing last run. (3) DUKASS LEMAN and (13) CRACK D'ARIANE have earning potential and make most appeal of the remainder.

Selection: 19-16-17-3-13