11 October 2018 6:25 Reims Kesaco Phedo - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2600 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:55 18:27


Diva De Chambray FR

Seldom wins races but regularly in the thick of things and can pick up a small cheque
Owner: Ch Clin
Prize Money: €45,440

F 2600m 5 Ch Clin
C H Clin
6a7a6a7a3a4a5a2a3a2a 21.0 24.0

Darling Des Vignes FR

Mare with ability but can prove a handful. Loves the venue and on good behaviour can go close
Owner: Ecurie Alain Laurent
Prize Money: €44,690

F 2600m 5 A Laurent
A Laurent
3aDaDa2a2a3a3aDaDa17 8.5 14.0

Diana Du Pech FR

Has done nothing noteworthy for some time and is unlikely to trouble the judge
Owner: Ch Lobjois
Prize Money: €44,970

F 2600m 5 J Koubiche
K Hawas
9a8a0a7aDa17Da6a1a7a 31.0 74.0

Davina FR

Last good run was over this course & distance two starts back. Unreliable but can pop-up
Owner: Max Eisenreich
Prize Money: €46,540

F 2600m 5 J Vanmeerbeck
R Kuiper
8a3a8a7a0a7a4a1a9a9a 29.0 49.0

Diagana Sport FR

Somewhat reassured at the venue last time following a lean patch. More is needed to win though
Owner: O Horvath
Prize Money: €69,140

F 2600m 5 Ph Daugeard
P H Daugeard
4aDaDaDaDa4a2a1a2a17 10.0 26.0

Detonante FR

Has shown a different side to herself since starting to race barefoot. Good last run at Vichy and should go close once again
Owner: J Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €65,805

F 2600m 5 J G Van Eeckhaute
J Van Eeckhaute
2a0a5aDa1a2a2a3a0a9a 11.0 9.6

Duena Keryvon FR

Enjoyed a good run of form this summer before flopping in last two. Must reaffirm at present
Owner: E Noisette
Prize Money: €57,220

F 2600m 5 M Verva
E Noisette
Da9a3a1a4a1a6a3a0a4a 25.0 24.0

Diva Ouest FR

Posted a solid winning effort on re-entry at Gournay last month. Player with improvement likely
Owner: Daniel Pernet
Prize Money: €54,440

F 2600m 5 L Koubiche
L Koubiche
1aDa1aDa2a173a2a2a6a 14.0 9.6

Deesse Du Moulin FR

Has done nothing of note for a considerable period and can be ruled out
Owner: G Baudoin
Prize Money: €51,550

F 2600m 5 J Roulland
J Roulland
DaDm7m7a0a9a5a178a0a 97.0 109.0

Duchesse Daidou FR

Outclassed at Vincennes last time but steps back down in grade and should show a totally different figure
Owner: Ecurie Daidou
Prize Money: €52,010

F 2600m 5 R Derieux
R Derieux
0a2a7a2aDa2a5a17DaDa 7.6 8.1


Drika Du Sky FR

Racing barefoot has made all the difference and with the same shoeing feature used today should go close once again
Owner: Ecurie Peloski
Prize Money: €52,740

F 2600m 5 F Ouvrie
C H Petrement
1a2a2a7a6a0a0a8a0a9a 4.2 3.7


Dolce Vita Quick FR

Won well at Le Mont Saint-Michel on re-entry and although stepping up in grade can run into the money
Owner: Ecurie Quick Star
Prize Money: €123,820

F 2600m 5 P Y Verva
M Esper
1a6aDa1a2a2a1a9a172a 6.3 3.5


Deesse Des Baux FR

Found her way again mid-August after a disappointing few months. Sanctioned last time out though
Owner: Mlle L Hue
Prize Money: €69,360

F 2600m 5 M Hue
Mlle L Hue
Da3a5a2a0a7a8aDa5a7a 14.0 37.0

Dietje Labelle FR

Showed improved behavior at le Mont Saint-Michel and with application can stake a claim
Owner: Ecurie Van Bellen Beheer Bv
Prize Money: €71,600

F 2600m 5 A Garandeau
R Kuiper
5aDa2a2a5aDa5a2aDa4a 20.0 24.0

Paris Turf

(11) DRIKA DU SKY has got back in the game at present following a long lean patch. She must have more to offer and is given the vote. A close second to the selection at Vichy last time out (6) DETONANTE is capable of reversing that form and therefore must be closely monitored. The talented but delicate (8) DIVA OUEST is shortlisted too as is (14) DIETJE LABELLE.

Selection: 11-6-8-14