11 October 2018 6:40 Enghien Buttes Chaumont - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 40000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:10 18:43


1 (1)
Diego Nay FR

Produced some very good efforts over the summer but has lost his way lately and must reaffirm
Owner: Ecurie Christian Desmottes
Prize Money: €73,250

G 2150m 5 Ph Guilbault
C H Desmottes
8aDa1a4a1aDa9a0a7a2a 13.0 20.0

2 (2)
Dassero FR

Consistently gives a good account when applied. Solid at Mauquenchy mid-September and can again figure prominently
Owner: P G Cavey
Prize Money: €98,610

G 2150m 5 B Lerebourg
P G Cavey
3a5a3a4aDa1a3a5a1a3a 5.8 4.8


3 (3)
Derby Box FR

Erratic but is not devoid of ability. Was not disgraced behind (2) DASSERO at Mauquenchy last time but is ideally placed in front here and can make the frame
Owner: Ecurie De Lingreville
Prize Money: €101,090

G 2150m 5 Nicolas Lefevre
F Harel
6aaaDa1a4aDa0a3a8a0a 13.0 27.0

4 (4)
Deal Des Marceaux FR

Tends to show more in the claiming division these days but form is not in doubt. Surprisingly one-paced here last time but one to note all the same
Owner: Mlle C Logier
Prize Money: €63,390

G 2150m 5 V Goussard
R Derieux
6a1a4a3a0a7aDmDa5a2a 16.0 15.0

5 (5)
Diamant De Monchel FR

Has evident talent but disappointing in last five and can expect to have few friends
Owner: M A Bouvet
Prize Money: €65,370

G 2150m 5 M Delaroche
S Roger
DaDaDa9aDa2a1a7a6a5a 16.0 28.0

6 (6)
Django Du Bocage FR

Has ability but not the most reliable and latest harness form does nothing to reassure
Owner: St Seveno
Prize Money: €160,000

G 2150m 5 Antoine Morin
S T Meunier
Da6aDa6m4mDa8a0a2a0a 19.0 33.0

7 (7)
Diabolito FR

Consistently gives a good account in both codes. In fine form at present and with shoes off again looks very competitive
Owner: Mme Mauricette De Sousa
Prize Money: €71,540

M 2150m 5 L Cueff
R Derieux
4m3a4aDa0a4m6a5a2a17 10.0 7.1


8 (8)
Drop Thourjan FR

Back at the top of his game with three wins in last four starts. Steps up in class but in current form can add another victory to his growing tally
Owner: L Guitton
Prize Money: €81,030

G 2150m 5 J J Baillon
L Guitton
1a2a1a1a6a6a4a3a7a5a 5.7 3.4


9 (9)
Dutiful FR

Dynamic earlier in the year but has raced very modestly in recent months and unlikely to influence the result
Owner: J Fernandez-sanchez
Prize Money: €113,920

G 2150m 5 N Bazire
P a Rynwalt-boulard
6aGa0a8aDaDa1a1a3a4a 18.0 17.0

10 (10)
Docteur De Muze FR

Occasionally indisciplined but hard to fault of late. Stays shod this time but can still get in on the action
Owner: J De Brabander
Prize Money: €91,802

M 2150m 5 M Izzo
A Lannoo
5a1a1a6a5aDa3a5a3a5a 10.0 10.0

11 (11)
Dollar Gede FR

Very hard to knock over recent months. Expected to go closer at Laval last time but still appears to be in with a reasonable shout
Owner: Ecurie Sassier
Prize Money: €99,310

G 2150m 5 L Baudouin
M Sassier
3a1a5a2a1a3a7a0a1a3a 10.0 10.0

12 (12)
Dash Away Lomig FR

Mixes the good with the less good but has merit. Debuts at the venue but still worth a small consideration
Owner: M Terrier
Prize Money: €42,800

G 2150m 5 J d Ferreira
M Izaac
Dm0a2a0a3a2aDa2aDa5a 34.0 67.0

13 (13)
Driverigo D'Eam FR

46 races with not a win to his name and can be confidently written off
Owner: G Mathias
Prize Money: €78,280

G 2150m 5 J Denisot
F Rochette
9a0a0m8m6m6m0a0a6m5m 49.0 108.0

14 (14)
Dark Fant FR

Moderate type that has lost his way lately. Takes a dip in class but still not an obvious choice
Owner: D Osmalek
Prize Money: €68,360

M 2150m 5 Q Beato
E Testard
9a0a4a0a3a2a3a0a4a6a 23.0 62.0

15 (15)
Divin Du Renouard FR

Versatile sort that has won two of his last four. Highly impressive at Cabourg last time and will not be sent out at 37-1 on this occasion
Owner: D M Delaunay
Prize Money: €62,240

G 2150m 5 T Calo
P Castel
1a4aDa1a8aDa0a0a0a3a 13.0 25.0

Paris Turf

Most impressive over the past two months (8) DROP THOURJAN makes his first foray into Paris for a year and even though drawn wide on the first line he still looks the horse to beat. He can nonetheless expect to encounter resistance from the consistent (7) DIABOLITO who is very hard to fault when unshod all four. (3) DERBY BOX may not be the most dependable but has nothing to prove at this level and from the 3-spot looks thoroughly capable of finishing on the podium. (11) DOLLAR GEDE has done nothing to disappoint since late May and can play a role on his Enghien debut.

Selection: 8-7-3-11