11 October 2018 5:10 Enghien Pont Saint-martin - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 38000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:40 16:55


1 (1)
Falimity FR

Just one win to her name but encouraged here during the spring. Only second start back though and may need the outing
Owner: Ecurie Sant'andrea
Prize Money: €17,898

F 2150m 3 G Gelormini
R Derieux
0a7a4a4a4aDa7aDa6aDa 15.0 19.0

2 (2)
Fatale Du Dome FR

Has not once disappointed going left-handed since her successful debut two months back and although stepping up in class still looks a decent place prospect
Owner: Ecurie Philippe Daugeard
Prize Money: €26,130

F 2150m 3 S Olivier
P H Daugeard
1aDa5a2a1a 21.0 26.0

3 (3)
Fille A Papa FR

Back at the top of her game over past six weeks. Finished a good second over longer here despite faulting and is well-positioned to give another competitive account
Owner: Didier Bergougnan
Prize Money: €38,680

F 2150m 3 P Vercruysse
V Jarry
2a3a2a7a8a8a5a4a7a0a 8.3 7.8


4 (4)
Flandre FR

Talented filly that has yet to prove herself left-handed. Is fresh though and if she turns should be able to get in on the action
Owner: Mme Mauricette De Sousa
Prize Money: €31,330

F 2150m 3 D Thomain
R Derieux
7a1a5aDaDm171aDa5aDa 18.0 21.0

5 (5)
Filoane D'Orgeres FR

Serious filly that failed to fire against the colts at Laval last weekend but on this occasion looks considerably more competitive
Owner: Cuadras Roig
Prize Money: €18,460

F 2150m 3 G Roig-balaguer
G Roig-balaguer
0a3a1a2a4a5a 9.0 9.1

6 (6)
Fanta D'ep FR

Seldom far from the action when applied. Had no luck here two months ago but in current form is hard to ignore
Owner: Gonzague Guilloux
Prize Money: €35,220

F 2150m 3 M Yvon
D Delaroche
2a3a9a1a4aDaDa3aDa5a 18.0 23.0

7 (7)
Fizia FR

Still somewhat green but is clearly in form and with application can play an active role
Owner: J P Lemelletier
Prize Money: €23,680

F 2150m 3 C Raimbaud
Mme S Raimond
2aDa2a1aDa 7.2 7.3


8 (8)
Furiana FR

Progressive sort that was sanctioned on debut going left-handed but Goop in the wagon this time and could well impose
Owner: Th Vasset
Prize Money: €28,160

F 2150m 3 B Goop
A De Jesus
Da1a3a8a2a2a - -


9 (9)
Fierte De Baille FR

Complicated type that made a good comeback at Laval. Sanctioned in the race of reference but still made her mark and must not be underestimated
Owner: Ecurie Mathieu Mottier
Prize Money: €35,420

F 2150m 3 M Mottier
D Mottier
Da2aDa6a3aDa17Da - -


10 (10)
Fanny Griff FR

Has looked very solid to date. Pleased on her only start going anti-clockwise and after a short breather comes here fresh and can pick up a cheque
Owner: Ecurie Griff
Prize Money: €14,930

F 2150m 3 A Dabouis
D Mottier
4a4a1a2a 18.0 21.0

11 (11)
Futaie D'erpion FR

Superb since making her re-entry last month. Nivard takes over here and under these conditions should not be too far off the mark
Owner: J Ernotte
Prize Money: €24,150

F 2150m 3 F Nivard
J Ernotte
2a1aDa 10.0 10.0

12 (12)
Fraya D'orge FR

Blows hot and cold but not without merit. Was not disgraced at Vincennes last time but still has more to find
Owner: Arnaud Fernand Guibert
Prize Money: €14,840

F 2150m 3 F Lagadeuc
J Cateline
Da5a1aDa0a3aDa 39.0 37.0

13 (13)
Farida FR

Still a maiden from 19. No closer than 7th in five attempts in autostart events and can be ruled out
Owner: Ch Nicole
Prize Money: €10,510

F 2150m 3 Ch Nicole
C H Nicole
7a2a7aDa5a7a6a4a7aDa 56.0 71.0

14 (14) A
First Night FR

Progressive filly that was sanctioned when full of running last time out. Entrusted to Raffin for the occasion and can play a role if she can stay in stride
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €10,670

F 2150m 3 E Raffin
P Moulin
Da1a3a8a2a8a 9.9 10.0

15 (15)
Frescaty D'icelea FR

Won two of the three races she has finished. Left a good impression behind (3) FILLE A PAPA here two weeks ago and with Lebourgeois in the sulky this time will have her chances
Owner: M Soulas
Prize Money: €21,620

F 2150m 3 Y Lebourgeois
Mme S Raimond
4aDa1a1aDa 3.7 3.0


16 (16) A
Facility FR

Has shown considerably better aptitude for the ridden code so far but benefits from a short breather and is not here to make up the numbers
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €13,340

F 2150m 3 J PH Dubois
P Moulin
7m1m2m7a9a6a5a177a5a 35.0 45.0

Coupling A 7.7 8.2

Paris Turf

Something of an open race this but considerable credit must go to the talented (8) FURIANA even though she lost her action at Vincennes two weeks ago. She thrashed the opposition at Cabourg on her previous start and despite the draw can repeat. The better-positioned (5) FILOANE D'ORGERES is another progressive filly and looks a major player in spite of her troubled run at Laval earlier in the week. (9) FIERTE DE BAILLE left regrets here recently in a race in which (15) FRESCATY D'ICELEA caught the eye and both deserve to be taken seriously. (14) FIRST NIGHT is one for the shortlist.

Selection: 8-5-9-15-14