19 September 2018 6:55 Vichy Pontgibaud - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2975 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 28000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:25 19:02


Dim Du Sablier FR

Useful at lower grade and will have limited aspirations in a race like this
Owner: F Issautier
Prize Money: €29,780

G 2975m 5 J Boillereau
M Boucher
5aDa1a4a8a0a5m1a8aDa 47.0 77.0

Duck De L'Isop FR

Long-time maiden unlikely to change his status this time around. Best to watch
Owner: R Goncet
Prize Money: €30,410

G 2975m 5 R Goncet
R Goncet
4a6a6a6a5a4a7a173a5a 68.0 101.0

Diamant Des Landes FR

Regularly the object of the stewards' attention but can trot and with application could pick up a cheque
Owner: M Hardy
Prize Money: €29,740

G 2975m 5 J Chavatte
S Hardy
5a3aDa0aDaDa5a3a2aDa 34.0 85.0

Donato Celina FR

Going through a rough sequence since end of July and must reaffirm before all
Owner: Ec G Fournigault
Prize Money: €30,880

G 2975m 5 G Fournigault
G Fournigault
DaDaDa2a0a0a4a6a5a6a 36.0 82.0

Duel De Beylev FR

Both career victories have occurred on turf and unlikely threat on his sand form
Owner: Florian Gauvin
Prize Money: €30,330

G 2975m 5 F Gauvin
Florian Gauvin
0a1a0a7a173a7m0a9aDa 118.0 125.0

Del Piero FR

Hasn't shown much since winning at Le Croise-Laroche in April 2017 although did make progress in last two
Owner: Ecurie Jean-marc Tavernier
Prize Money: €33,290

G 2975m 5 P Y Verva
P Y Verva
5m3aDaDa9a8aDaDa179m 17.0 27.0

Dream Paradise FR

Reassured in last two after a a sequence of sanctions and can pick up a cheque from this good draw
Owner: Ecurie Soee|bastien Hardy
Prize Money: €0

G 2975m 5 S Hardy
S Hardy
3a4aDaDa4a0aDaDa0a7a 26.0 23.0

Dalhium De Grez FR

Never a factor in four starts this season and is unlikely to trouble the judge
Owner: Hugues Monthule
Prize Money: €30,730

G 2975m 5 S Peltier
P Monthule
Da6aDa7a170a0a5a6a2a 49.0 115.0

Damoiseau FR

Appears to be back in top form following a long absence and must be one for the shortlist
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €57,280

G 2975m 5 B Goetz
B Goetz
1a2aDa3aDa0a1a4a4aDa 12.0 6.9


Duvallon Barbes FR

Scored with ease in a grade F at Graignes at the end of August and has plenty more to offer
Owner: A F Bigeon
Prize Money: €30,870

G 2975m 5 J Lebouteiller
J Lebouteiller
1a8a0a8aDa7a171a0a3a 14.0 11.0

Declic De Chenu FR

Never finished far off the action. Unlucky last time at Vichy and can be in the mix
Owner: Ecurie Du Vieux Chene
Prize Money: €75,400

G 3000m 5 P Vercruysse
G R Huguet
5a3a4a3a3a2a5a175a1a 16.0 9.3

Dauphin Du Mont FR

Won his two starts barefoot this season and can make it three. Big shout
Owner: J P Ciuppa
Prize Money: €73,460

G 3000m 5 L Verriere
F Bonnefoy
1aDa2a1a9a3aDa2a5aDa 14.0 9.2


Dark Fant FR

Regular earner at this level and capable of picking up another cheque here
Owner: D Osmalek
Prize Money: €68,360

M 3000m 5 E Testard
E Testard
4a0a3a2a3a0a4a6a5a7a 10.0 25.0

Django Justice FR

Confirmed under these conditions but off since mid-February and is best to watch for now
Owner: Ecurie J Et A Rozzoni
Prize Money: €67,690

G 3000m 5 A Rozzoni
A Rozzoni
3a6a2a175aDa8aDa9a4a 52.0 107.0

Dorlando De Duffel FR

Won five from nine this year. Reassured at Strasbourg following two modest efforts. Player
Owner: Mme I Vonckx
Prize Money: €64,990

G 3000m 5 Ch Martens
V Martens
3a6a9a1a1a1a2a1a1a17 13.0 10.0

Diego Du Canter FR

Narrowly headed when second to (18) DIABLE LUDOIS at the venue last time. Place chance
Owner: J Bodin
Prize Money: €73,490

G 3000m 5 J Paille
J Bodin
2a2aDaDa5a1aDa2a4a5a 10.0 10.0

Doc Erge FR

Not sighted in three starts this season and looks hard to make a case for
Owner: R Gaulmin
Prize Money: €72,460

G 3000m 5 M Daougabel
P H Gaillard
0a6a8a17DaDa6a5a4a2a 44.0 73.0

Diable Ludois FR

Won three races this season. Not much room for maneuver but has Bazire in the reins
Owner: Ecurie Stoee|phane Bourlier
Prize Money: €90,320

G 3000m 5 J M Bazire
S Bourlier
8a1a5a2a4a2a1a1a0a3a 2.6 2.9


Paris Turf

(10) DUVALLON BARBES won with ease at Graignes and looks a player jumping off the front row. He is slightly preferred to (9) DAMOISEAU who has done well since returning from an extended layoff. (12) DAUPHIN DU MONT has won his both starts unshod this season and is one to consider too. (15) DORLANDO DE DUFFEL and (18) DIABLE LUDOIS can complete the shortlist.

Selection: 10-9-12-15-18