19 Sep 2018 5:40 Saint-Cloud De Port Royal Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:Good to soft
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 17:10 17:50


1 (10)
Taghir Tash FR

In good form and did win nicely last time out. Has to carry a penalty but is clearly not out of it
Owner: B Rochette
Prize Money: €81,470

G 6/60.0 M Guyon
P&F Monfort
280 1p3p4p7p1p7p3p0p3p6p 13.0 9.2

2 (4)
Afsane FR

Holding form well and is distance suited. Could be the one to beat this time
Owner: German Racing Club
Prize Money: €66,560

F 5/60.0 E Hardouin
S Smrczek
280 3p2p170p5p5p1p9p0p8p 6.8 3.8


3 (16)
Heir To A Throne FR

Has not won for some time but recent form over this distance is fair. Has a chance
Owner: Repro Zaman Bvba
Prize Money: €72,078

G 5/60.0 C Soumillon
Toon V D Troost
280 4p3p5p0p5p0p6p8p0p 20.0 11.0

4 (12)
Big Letters IRE

Ignore last run. Distance suited and has been supplemented for this race
Owner: E Large
Prize Money: €52,450

F 6/59.5 C Demuro
E Large
275 0p1p3p0p8p0p171p0p6p 11.0 14.0

5 (15)
Lloydminster FR

Well tried this year without winning. Does get stretched over this distance. Might place
Owner: C Philippe
Prize Money: €123,530

G 8/59.0 J Moutard
Mlle C Cardenne
270 3p0p8p6p8p4p5p5p5p8p - -


6 (6)
Santorina FR

Has not won for some time but always gives of her best and should go close
Owner: R Dupont-fahn
Prize Money: €90,880

F 5/58.5 A Badel
F X Belvisi
265 2p0p2p2p0p4p0p2p0p 8.1 5.2


7 (2)
Dothraki GER

Unreliable but did win latest start and is clearly not out of it
Owner: Stall Lahn-sieg
Prize Money: €57,800

G 5/58.5 C Pacaut
H Blume
265 1p0p0p8p0p170p3p6p9p 24.0 21.0

8 (3)
Jiosco IRE

Unreliable but is distance suited and could pop up in the places once again
Owner: Ecurie Desesperate Horsew
Prize Money: €152,970

G 9/57.5 M Michel
Mlle V Dissaux
255 9p3p0p0p7p0p6p9p0p1p 15.0 32.0

9 (13)
Je Suis Charlie FR

Has not won for some time and is better on the PSF but could earn some money
Owner: G Nicot/c Guimard
Prize Money: €79,290

G 5/57.5 P C Boudot
G Nicot
255 2p7p0p7p2p3p3p2p4p2p 10.0 9.0


10 (5)
Lyavenita FR

Mostly modest form this year and does need major improvement to win. Others preferred
Owner: P Pedrono
Prize Money: €130,450

F 6/57.5 A Lemaitre
Jv Toux
255 7p7p9p0p0p173p5p7p4p 7.2 11.0

11 (9)
Nostalbowl FR

Won twice over much further earlier this year but has stuggled recently
Owner: B Giraudon
Prize Money: €96,610

G 5/56.0 A Crastus
D&P Prod'homme
240 0p9p0p0p0p0p0p7p1p1p 22.0 40.0

12 (7)
Huda FR

Bounced back to best to win latest start. Carries a penalty but could earn some money
Owner: G Kob
Prize Money: €53,250

F 5/56.0 J Nicoleau
B Legros
240 1p3p0p0p8p9p0p0p0p4p 16.0 21.0

13 (11)
Press Officer FR

Improved to be fourth last time out but will need to do more to win this race
Owner: P Faucampre
Prize Money: €83,850

G 5/56.0 T Bachelot
J M Capitte
240 4p0p5p0p6p7p5p1p7p 13.0 23.0

14 (14)
Magicienmake Myday GB

Has struggled since winning a claimer and does need major improvement to win
Owner: Ecurie Ammonites Racing S
Prize Money: €88,050

M 7/56.0 T Piccone
H De Nicolay
240 9p0p1p0p0p0p175p5p3p 28.0 42.0

15 (1)
Taxi Driver FR

Unreliable and needs to do more to win but could sneak a minor place at best
Owner: D Beaunez
Prize Money: €68,200

G 6/55.5 A Hamelin
Butel & Beaunez
235 7p4p0p4p6p3p2p6p3p4p - -


16 (8)
Ciel Russe FR

Has not won for some time but is distance suited and could play a minor role at best
Owner: E Thueux
Prize Money: €40,600

G 5/55.5 S Pasquier
E Thueux
235 0p4p8p0p2p7p3p0p170p 15.0 18.0

Paris Turf

A tough race. (2) AFSANE has won on this course and has some good recent form so could do the job. (6) SANTORINA has been runner-up more times than her connections would like to remember and deserves a win. (1) TAGHIR TASH carries a penalty but is clearly not out of it. (3) HEIR TO A THRONE also has a winning chance.

Selection: 2-6-1-3-12