19 September 2018 2:20 Amiens Saint Leu - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2900 m
  • No. of Runners: 18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 22000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 13:50 14:23


Diabolo Planchette FR

Unexceptional trotter that has done nothing noteworthy for some time and can be ruled out
Owner: Gino De Laere
Prize Money: €13,720

G 2900m 5/55.0 Mlle E Bizoux
K Depuydt
RaDaDm170a8aDm5a7aDa 47.0 95.0

Disco Du Fresny FR

Average on a good day but has been very disappointing in the specialty and can be ignored
Owner: Ecurie Nice Nasach
Prize Money: €29,940

G 2900m 5/55.0 N Jaulneau
S T Rochais
Da7a4a2aDa8a3a5a0aRa 49.0 92.0

3 A
Cyrius Rose FR

Delicate type that has never finished a ridden race unsanctioned and is not about to spring any surprises
Owner: R Lhomme
Prize Money: €32,506

G 2900m 6/55.0 J Condette
F Chartier
DaDaDa7a7a1aRaDa6a6a 30.0 46.0

Dalomane FR

Has started to get back down to business following some modest efforts. Missed out by little in a Vire Class E early August and in similar form can get a look in
Owner: N Perrelle
Prize Money: €34,390

F 2900m 5/55.0 Mlle M Joly
N Perrelle
2m3a5m0mDaDm0a9a172m 16.0 13.0

Dame D'Elise FR

Very disappointing since placing at Chartres three months ago and offers no hope
Owner: Mme Elisabeth Nail-rocher
Prize Money: €28,040

F 2900m 5/57.0 M Heurtebise
B Rocher
6m8a0a0aDm6aDa3aDa9a 43.0 67.0

Dauphine Coterie FR

Has not made the frame since winning at Cabourg 13 months ago and chances limited once again
Owner: Mme Voee|ronique Quettier
Prize Money: €29,680

F 2900m 5/55.0 Mlle C E Lemaire
P H Quettier
9m7m0m4m0a6m7m179a0m 40.0 74.0

Cynna Du Coudray FR

Capricious mare that was sanctioned in both ridden appearances and can be confidently disregarded
Owner: Ecurie Vincent Viel
Prize Money: €31,870

F 2900m 6/55.0 P Ollitrault
V Viel
4aDaDmDm3aDa7a8aRa8a 16.0 15.0

Cesar De Vauvert FR

Unremarkable sort with no references in the code and will have few takers
Owner: B Dupuis
Prize Money: €30,120

G 2900m 6/55.0 L Th Wissocq
M Dupuis
9a0a7a9aaaaa7a0aRaDa 35.0 64.0

Deltana FR

Respectable but has failed to produce the goods lately and will need to show improvement
Owner: Mme J Morice
Prize Money: €49,870

F 2900m 5/57.0 Mlle M Collet
Jean Morice
7m5m8a3m7a5a9mDaDm4a 11.0 12.0

Django Du Jaguy FR

Blows hot and cold but useful on a good day. Did not displease last time but no great fan of Amiens
Owner: G Pierkot
Prize Money: €30,990

G 2900m 5/57.0 J d Ferreira
M Dupuis
4maaDaDm5m1m6mDmDaDa 19.0 28.0

Claude FR

Has shown nothing since returning from a long enforced layoff and even with Rebeche in the saddle still looks an outsider
Owner: N Pollizzi
Prize Money: €31,200

M 2900m 6/57.0 A Rebeche
V Coligny
9m0aDaRa16Dm0aDm0a1m 10.0 18.0

Cocktail De Tyrole FR

Complicated type that has shown a different side since returning to racing unshod in front but has never made his mark under the saddle and can be ruled out
Owner: P Coulon
Prize Money: €32,445

G 2900m 6/55.0 P Thieulent
T H Coulon
4a1aDa6aDa0m6aDa8aRa 37.0 26.0

Dream Du Choquel FR

Won over course and distance earlier in the year. Gave a good account behind (14) DELLE DU LUOT last time and can pick up another cheque
Owner: B Bridault
Prize Money: €46,170

G 2925m 5/55.0 E Herbeau
N Bridault
4mDm0m5m5m7mDmDm1m1m 14.0 12.0

Delle Du Luot FR

Won over shorter on Amiens debut early August before going close at Villedieu next time and appears to have a lot to offer
Owner: J Y Herard
Prize Money: €66,920

F 2925m 5/57.0 L Jublot
J Y Herard
3m1m6m5m9a5m1m3m4m4m 8.8 8.1


15 A
Coup De Chance FR

Clearly capable but delicate. Reassured a fortnight ago and even though shod can still make the first five
Owner: R Lhomme
Prize Money: €51,230

G 2925m 6/55.0 Mlle N Juge
F Chartier
3m0mDm3mam6mDaDm8m5m 15.0 30.0

Draga Du Chatelet FR

Not easy to handle of late but has a good record in the discipline and with application will not be far off the mark
Owner: J Herard
Prize Money: €53,770

F 2925m 5/55.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
J Herard
DaDm1a8a2m3a5a6m2m4a 12.0 7.9


Derby De Nay FR

Good dual-purpose mare that has impressed under the saddle. Presently in flying form and can impose here
Owner: J Vancanneyt
Prize Money: €60,310

G 2925m 5/55.0 M Kondritz
L Roelens
2m1a4a1a6a1m1m3a3mDm 3.4 2.8


Cyclone D'Amaro FR

Moderate sort that reaffirmed at Strasbourg but stays shod on this occasion and others preferred
Owner: P Maudouit
Prize Money: €63,510

G 2925m 6/55.0 Mlle M Asseline
E Varin
4mDmDm7m4m3m2mDaDa8m 28.0 35.0

Coupling A 10.0 18.0

Paris Turf

Superb in recent months in both codes - and confirmed at the venue - (17) DERBY DE NAY takes a dip in class and should be able to have his way here. On her first appearance at the venue (14) DELLE DU LUOT imposed over shorter and even though incurring the penalty this time still looks dangerous. (13) DREAM DU CHOQUEL finished fourth to her that day and can again make his presence felt but may first have to make room for (16) DRAGA DU CHATELET who has shown excellent aptitude for the specialty. (15) COUP DE CHANCE got back in the game at Strasbourg two weeks ago and will have his supporters.

Selection: 17-14-16-13-15