15 Sep 2018 3:30 Cholet Cholet Hurdle

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  • Race Distance:3700 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Hurdle
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:00 15:31


Shapur FR

Just the one win from thirty five but has been runner up in last two runs
Owner: Ma Billard
Prize Money: €17,330

G 5/72.0 P Moreau
J Thibault
520 2h2h5p0p4p0p0p17Ah7h 14.0 6.7


Candivol FR

A dual winner from eighteen but has failed to complete in last two events this season
Owner: N Remoue
Prize Money: €37,920

G 6/72.0 Y Plumas
N Remoue
565 AhAs171hTh4p2h5h2h5p 21.0 19.0

Canitie FR

Four time winner from thirty one and basically can be fancied in poor event
Owner: G G Denuault
Prize Money: €101,915

F 6/71.0 M Regairaz
G Denuault
530 7sTs0h6sAs17As7h1h7h - -


Chez Pedro IRE

Dual winner from thirteen but off since falling at Auteuil a year ago
Owner: Mme P Papot
Prize Money: €113,390

G 6/70.0 A Moriceau
D Bressou
540 17Ts2s2s3s1s3h1s2s0h - -


Crysking FR

Lightly raced maiden after eleven runs and has marked absent for a long time. Has shown promise
Owner: S Seignoux
Prize Money: €14,985

G 5/69.0 D Mescam
Mme V Seignoux
530 173hAh2h2h165h3h0p8p 11.0 8.3

Nauman FR

Just the one success from ten and jury out on both starts so far this season
Owner: J Gendry
Prize Money: €5,760

G 5/68.0 A Orain
J Gendry
520 6s7h171h0p8p6p8p0p 19.0 24.0

Baliflow FR

Very lightly raced with one win from seven and absent since February of last season
Owner: N Chevalier
Prize Money: €13,670

G 6/67.0 M O Belley
N Chevalier
550 176h161h6s4h3h3p150p 20.0 25.0

Unique Des Sources FR

Four time victor from eighteen but very lightly raced in recent seasons
Owner: El Desvaux
Prize Money: €131,310

G 10/67.0 A Desvaux
E L Desvaux
580 174hAh16As7h9h3h140h 19.0 18.0

Fidji D'Arcis FR

Four time winner from forty two and a chance if on a going day here today
Owner: Ecurie Michel Doineau
Prize Money: €13,875

F 6/67.0 S Paillard
C Lecrivain
560 8h7h4h0p0p170p0p1p3p 5.7 2.8


Weaponrock FR

Pulled up on only run at Auteuil last year so has an awful lot to prove basically
Owner: F Foucher
Prize Money: €0

G 5/67.0 T Dupouy-Bataille
F Foucher
- 17Ah 14.0 18.0

Min Chatz FR

One win from just the six runs and is only very rarely seen on the racetrack
Owner: B Letourneux
Prize Money: €15,840

G 8/67.0 C Lefebvre
B Letourneux
540 17Th155h142h1h7h0h 13.0 14.0

Prime Suspect FR

One win from thirteen runs but is completely out of sorts and impossible to fancy
Owner: H Merienne
Prize Money: €0

G 5/67.0 A Merienne
H Merienne
- 9hAp0p0p0p170p0p8p1p 20.0 33.0

Cassiopee Madrik FR

Remains a maiden after sixteen runs. Absent since last November but has shown promise
Owner: D Bernier
Prize Money: €19,055

F 6/65.0 H Lucas
D Bernier
510 17Th4s2sAh6s4h16Ah2h 16.0 13.0

Julie Du Puy Noir FR

One win from half a dozen runs but rarely seen so a bit to prove at the moment
Owner: Couetil Elevage
Prize Money: €22,325

F 5/65.0 A Poirier
A Couetil
- 7p170p0p5p1p166p - -


Cacingie FR

One success from nine outings and seems to have a fair bit to prove right now
Owner: Xl Le Stang
Prize Money: €0

F 6/65.0 Mm Aridj
Xl Le Stang
550 7p9p178pTh9h8h1p5p2p 53.0 116.0

Good Shot Madam FR

Just the four runs. Placed on first two in 2016 but not so good in two this year
Owner: G Lusson
Prize Money: €18,800

F 5/65.0 O Jouin
G Lusson
580 8h8h162h3h 11.0 7.0


Paris Turf

There is a big field here for this closer but really only a handful of those can be fancied as many are completely out of sorts or have been plagued with absences from the track. (4) CHEZ PEDRO has been missing for a year now since a fall at Auteuil but previous form could well see him win if stripping fit after the break. (13) CASSIOPEE MADRIK has also been away but this maiden had shown promise. (1) SHAPUR will go well at a price. (3) CANITIE and (5) CRYSKING can be looked at also.

Selection: 4-13-1-3-5