15 Sep 2018 6:40 Chantilly Bois Lieutenant Claiming Stakes

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  • Race Distance:1300 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Fibresand
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 18:10 18:46


1 (8)
Precious Silk IRE

Has won two handicaps in the UK this year and won two claimers at Deauville last month. Leading contender
Owner: B Benaych
Prize Money: €41,424

F 3/61.5 C Pacaut
J C Rouget
390 1p1p2p7p1p2p4p6p6p1p 2.8 2.2


2 (1)
Mojo Boy FR

Both career wins came in handicaps during April but has not at that level since then
Owner: Ecurie Willy Sebag
Prize Money: €54,430

G 3/60.0 J Moutard
As&D Allard
315 6p0p9p9p8p4p1p1p7p5p 43.0 90.0

3 (3)
Wooldix FR

Triple scorer from twenty career runs and runner up in two claimers last month. Respected
Owner: H De Waele
Prize Money: €72,145

M 3/59.0 M Guyon
D De Waele
325 2p2p4p0p5p4p5p5p0p9p 10.0 8.2


4 (12)
Babar FR

Winner of a handicap on the fibresand here in March. Disappointing in two runs since then
Owner: Mme A Fabre
Prize Money: €55,730

G 3/59.0 P C Boudot
A Fabre
375 8p0p1p178p6p1p 6.6 8.9


5 (14)
Nimocis FR

Dual winner from twenty one and placed in three of last five but not so good last time out
Owner: Stall Laurus
Prize Money: €75,150

M 3/59.0 C Lecoeuvre
Mme H Sauer
310 8p2p5p3p2p0p4p0p1p4p 36.0 66.0

6 (15)
Just For Fun GB

Four wins in claimers so far this year including three in a row at one stage. Place prospects
Owner: F Saint-andre/ec West Bretagne
Prize Money: €65,621

F 3/58.5 M Barzalona
P&F Monfort
340 5p0p3p0p1p1p1p4p1p8p 11.0 11.0

7 (2)
Still In Love FR

Off the mark four starts back but did not follow it up in three goes since then
Owner: C C Fey
Prize Money: €13,270

F 3/58.0 A Coutier
Mlle C Fey
315 9p6p0p1pRp5p179p7p 21.0 36.0

8 (13)
Get Even GB

Won a handicap on the PSF at Deauville last month and third in a claimer there since. Consider
Owner: Richard Kent/jo Hughes
Prize Money: €47,435

F 3/58.0 T Bachelot
J Hughes
355 3p1p9p6p3p8p4p170p7p 12.0 8.9

9 (16)
Good To Talk GB

Runner up to Joan Jet in a claimer at Croise-Laroche last time out in June. Place prospects here
Owner: Ecurie Billon
Prize Money: €114,250

M 3/57.5 Mlle A Massin
Y Barberot
350 2p6p9p4p2p2p7p1p170p 31.0 33.0

10 (17)
Be A Wave GB

Runner up in a conditions race in Germany last month and second in a claimer at Maisons-Laffitte in July
Owner: Stall Goldbrucke
Prize Money: €25,480

F 3/57.5 A Hamelin
G Geisler
- 2p2p4p171p6p 18.0 13.0

11 (9)
Canouville FR

Dual victor from fourteen career runs but disappointing in last two starts
Owner: V Wenner
Prize Money: €82,540

F 3/57.5 M Michel
Frau Y Vollmer
345 0p0p5p8p177p2p1p3p6p 23.0 26.0

12 (10)
Red Vancouver FR

Won a claimer on the turf here in July but a poor effort at Deauville last time out
Owner: Passion Racing Club
Prize Money: €24,880

F 3/56.5 C Guitraud
Y Barberot
295 8p1p0p5p8p7p3p7p8p1p 26.0 55.0

13 (6)
Onesarnieshort FR

Finished out the back in two races at Deauville last December and well beaten on reappearance at Evreux six days ago
Owner: G Bertrand
Prize Money: €9,540

G 3/56.0 A Chesneau
G Bertrand
- 0p170p0p4p9p3p5p3p 166.0 167.0

14 (7)
Eva Glitters FR

Runner up in a handicap on the PSF here in March which is her only place from nine runs
Owner: Scea Ecurie Bader
Prize Money: €18,550

F 3/56.0 A Lemaitre
P Demercastel
305 6p6p0p9p2p9p8p175p8p 23.0 45.0

15 (11)
Devil Anse FR

Eleven career runs without a win. Well beaten in a maiden at Deauville last time out
Owner: Ecurie Pandora Racing
Prize Money: €28,800

F 3/56.0 T Piccone
Rod Collet
330 9p4p5p0p7p2p172p4p3p 21.0 39.0

16 (5)
Damanda's Dream GER

Third in a maiden at Wissembourg June but well beaten three times in Germany since
Owner: Epona Racing
Prize Money: €3,950

F 3/56.0 P Dominois
G Geisler
- 5p8p4p3p0p173p - -


17 (4)
La Farfallina GB

Runner up in a handicap on the turf here in July. Poor run in a handicap here this month
Owner: F Sheridan
Prize Money: €0

F 3/54.5 C Demuro
F Sheridan
290 7p7p2p0p8p4p6p9p4p 27.0 33.0

Paris Turf

After winning two handicaps in the UK earlier this year (1) PRECIOUS SILK finished a close second on her debut at Deauville in July before winning two claimers on the PSF there last month. She can make it three in a row today. (3) WOOLDIX and (8) GET EVEN have both been in good form lately and look the main dangers to the selection. (6) JUST FOR FUN and (10) BE A WAVE can fill the minor placings.

Selection: 1-8-3-6-10