14 September 2018 6:25 Toulouse La Ville De Rieumes - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:55 18:32


1 (1) A
Boston D'Oyse FR

Not much room for maneuver in a contest like this but has a good draw on the front line and can surprise
Owner: B Goetz
Prize Money: €82,540

G 2150m 7 Charles Bouvier
B Goetz
2a8a2a0a9a5aDa3a9a3a 11.0 8.1

2 (2)
Coach D'Ourville FR

Good last two runs on turf. Can go well fully shod and warrants respect
Owner: S Demanuele
Prize Money: €116,840

G 2150m 6 F Clozier
D Vallee
3a3a6a0a2a0a8a0a1a17 3.3 5.0


3 (3)
Barbadine FR

Three wins from 75. Modest all season and needs to show significant progress
Owner: Ecurie Saint Leonard
Prize Money: €81,790

F 2150m 7 V Jarry
V Jarry
8a5m0a0a4a0a0a0a0a5a 15.0 33.0

4 (4)
Cocktail Du Nord FR

Has been in excellent form all season and is likely to give it a good go once again
Owner: D Laisis
Prize Money: €83,610

G 2150m 6 Y Faux
D Laisis
4a2a7a1aDa3a1a3a3a4a 9.8 5.6


5 (5)
Cerise D'Asnois FR

Unreliable and well-tried this year. Has a good entry though and can pop-up
Owner: G Chavatte
Prize Money: €89,590

F 2150m 6 J Chavatte
G Chavatte
8aDa2a7a0a5a4a1a0a9a 9.1 6.9

6 (6)
Bellman Jet FR

Seldom wins races and can prove a handful. Never finishes far off the action when applied though
Owner: Ph Pradal
Prize Money: €83,820

G 2150m 7 M P Marie
M P Marie
Da5a5aDa3a0m5aDaDa0a - -


7 (7)
Cliffhanger FR

Won a class D at Vincennes back in December last year but has done nothing of note since then
Owner: M Auger
Prize Money: €82,350

G 2150m 6 Pierrick Le Moel
G Contri
0aDa0aDaDa0aDa0aDm8a 6.6 6.1


8 (8) B
Bellagio FR

Very effective on turf but struggling to keep within the rules on sand and others are preferred
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €121,580

G 2150m 7 J Travers
S T Provoost
0a1aDa1aDa3aDaDaDaDa 11.0 12.0

9 (9)
Big Boss D'Ariane FR

Just the one win from 48 and recent efforts do little to inspire confidence. Look elsewhere
Owner: C Mignot
Prize Money: €82,600

G 2150m 7 M Criado
C Mignot
5a9a7a4a9a172aDa5a0a 46.0 52.0

10 (10)
Colonel Picci FR

Has struggled to feature in claimers this season. Not a realistic option here
Owner: Ch Thoison
Prize Money: €74,830

G 2150m 6 C Gazengel
G Contri
0aDa6aDa4a0a4a8aDa6a 27.0 35.0

11 (11) A
Apollon De Corbery FR

Has endured stride issues since the start of the year and looks hard to trust
Owner: B Goetz
Prize Money: €81,480

G 2150m 8 P Gesret
C Mignot
DaDa4aDa7a177a0a2a0a 31.0 113.0

12 (12)
Cannelle De Godrel FR

Capable mare in this division. Has a poor draw but remains a sound place prospect
Owner: Ecurie Vimond
Prize Money: €83,500

F 2150m 6 Et Clozier
N Vimond
3a8a2aDa7a0a6a176a6a 13.0 10.0

13 (13)
Buzz Glamour FR

Effective at lower grade but faces a particularly tough task in this division and off this draw
Owner: D Tichane
Prize Money: €84,930

G 2150m 7 P Geray
L Delestre
0a4a5a1a8m6a6a4aDa6m 45.0 102.0

14 (14) B
Bella Street FR

Has not finished in the frame since March and is unlikely to trouble the judge
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €84,990

F 2150m 7 G Gervais
S T Provoost
0a0a6aDa8a5a9aDaDaDa 28.0 98.0

15 (15)
Code Magic FR

Smart horse under the saddle tuning up for other entries. Will have nothing to offer
Owner: Y Henry
Prize Money: €0

G 2150m 6 Y Henry
Y Henry
3m2m2m3m1m3m2m5mDm4m - -


16 (16)
Cajun Des Baux FR

Has been consistent for most of the season and can pick up a cheque with a good run
Owner: Ecurie Goee|rard Marty
Prize Money: €112,280

G 2150m 6 F Marty
G Marty
6a4a2a9a9a3aDaDa9a5a 17.0 10.0

Coupling A 8.3 7.6
Coupling B 8.0 10.0

Paris Turf

(4) COCKTAIL DU NORD has enjoyed a fruitful summer on both sand and turf. He has the best possible draw behind the car-start and gets the vote to record a seventh career success. (2) COACH D'OURVILLE comes in on the back of a good sequence on turf and although he runs fully shod it would be risky not to have him on the shortlist. (12) CANNELLE DE GODREL and (1) BOSTON D'OYSE can complete the pick.

Selection: 4-2-12-1-6