14 Sep 2018 5:10 Saint-Cloud De Prignac Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:Good to soft
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 13000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:40 17:21


1 (3)
Ayguemorte FR

Just the one win from fifty four and a fair effort last time out so in form
Owner: Pl Guerin
Prize Money: €63,915

G 5/60.0 J Monteiro
P L Guerin
190 3p0p0p3p0p9p5p9p0p2p - -


2 (15)
Miss Rafael FR

Dual winner from sixty five but only eleventh on latest two tries. Work to do
Owner: Mme K Schanz
Prize Money: €81,500

F 7/60.0 R Thomas
F Foresi
190 0p0p3p4p6p3p6p177p6p 11.0 11.0

3 (6)
Snow Dream IRE

Four wins from forty one including last time out at Pornichet so is a big contender again
Owner: C Bauer
Prize Money: €46,250

G 6/59.5 L Boisseau
C Bauer
185 1p6p7p0p6p9p8p6p0p3p 14.0 7.6


4 (16)
Bahaa FR

Half a dozen wins from eighty six but last two efforts are uninspiring
Owner: Mme M lapios Baudry
Prize Money: €90,150

F 8/59.5 E Etienne
P Baudry
185 0p0p5p0p6p4p6p170p9p 32.0 53.0

5 (17)
Naousa FR

A dual winner from forty eight and has a chance if forgiving latest effort
Owner: Mlle L Carmeliet
Prize Money: €67,900

F 5/59.5 S Breux
Mlle Mlle L Carmeliet
185 0p5p2p4p0p6p6p4p5p4p 20.0 19.0

6 (13)
Celestial House GB

Four time winner from sixty five and recent form offers some hope for this
Owner: C Herbline
Prize Money: €99,850

G 6/59.0 S Maillot
C herbline
180 5p2p4p4p0p8p0p4p6p 12.0 10.0

7 (1)
Chinese Soldier FR

Four time winner from twenty nine but recent form is off putting to say the least
Owner: Stal Maloca
Prize Money: €36,250

G 6/59.0 J Moisan
B Bruneel
180 9p9p7p9p0p168p1p6p1p 52.0 58.0

8 (9)
Salerno FR

Just the one win from forty but has offered up some hope in other runs
Owner: Mme C Namuroy/y Fouin
Prize Money: €85,280

G 5/58.5 M Guyon
Y Fouin
175 5p5p4p4p4p0p9p8p0p0p 5.1 4.1


9 (8)
Charly Green FR

Dual winner from thirty four and third on two of last three runs so in form
Owner: Sj Martin
Prize Money: €30,900

G 6/58.5 A Fouassier
S J Martin
175 3p6p3p5p170p9p4p0p2p 8.1 5.1


10 (4)
Vedremo FR

Half a dozen wins from sixty three runs but struggling on three runs this season
Owner: L Cendra
Prize Money: €102,200

G 9/58.0 F Lefebvre
L Cendra
170 6p0p0p178p2p1p7p2p8p 13.0 15.0

11 (10)
Volpe Fiona GER

Just the one win from fifty and very easy to toss out here on overall form
Owner: Mlle L Lenglart
Prize Money: €51,600

F 7/57.0 L Lenglart
Mlle L Lenglart
160 0p9p0p0p8p0p3p5p170p 32.0 76.0

12 (7)
Green Mitas ITY

Just the one win from thirty seven and both runs this term are uninspiring to put it mildly
Owner: F Sheridan
Prize Money: €21,230

G 9/56.5 C Demuro
F Sheridan
155 0p9p172p5p3p8p0p8p6p 14.0 10.0

13 (5)
Bromley Cross IRE

Is still a maiden after forty runs and such types are always best left alone
Owner: Ecurie Michel Doineau
Prize Money: €22,108

G 5/56.0 T Piccone
P J Fertillet
150 6p5p9p6p0p9p8p174p6p 16.0 14.0

14 (2)
Dic Shuffle FR

A triple scorer from sixty eight but out of form and cannot be fancied here
Owner: G Serrano
Prize Money: €41,400

G 9/56.0 D Santiago
R Le Gal
150 0p9p6p0p0p174p5p8p4p 21.0 21.0

15 (12)
Tangoka FR

Five time winner from over a century of runs and only makes limited appeal
Owner: Jj Boutin
Prize Money: €94,475

F 9/56.0 W Saraiva
J J Boutin
150 8p4p0p5p6p4p8p0p0p0p 24.0 39.0

16 (11)
Why Whipping FR

Dual winner from sixty one but three runs this season are very off putting
Owner: R Mathis
Prize Money: €41,850

F 6/56.0 K Barbaud
R Mathis
150 0p0p9p175p6p5p4p0p9p 25.0 63.0

17 (14)
High Street SWI

Still a maiden after twenty one and cannot be fancied in any way here either
Owner: D Mahe
Prize Money: €3,500

G 6/56.0 S M Laurent
D Mahe
150 Ah0p6h0p6p170p0p9p9p 27.0 61.0

Paris Turf

This final race on what has been a busy day is a pretty low grade contest so bets should be kept to a minimum. In such cases the top weight can nearly always be the best option so a few euros on (1) AYGUEMORTE who put in a decent effort when third at Evreux last time might be the play. (9) CHARLY GREEN should go well too . That comment also applies to both (3) SNOW DREAM and (6) CELESTIAL HOUSE while (8) SALERNO has an each way chance as well.

Selection: 1-9-3-6-8