14 September 2018 8:42 Vincennes Massalia - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 41000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 20:12 20:43


Enzo Dhelpa FR

Just one win to his name in 32 starts. Is not without merit but others still preferred
Owner: P Reix
Prize Money: €59,680

G 2850m 4 J P Maillard
E Szirmay
7aDa3a6a3a5a0aDa3a4a 27.0 57.0

Extra Mossa FR

Ended last season with three good efforts at the venue. Has just one race in him since then and even though shod will be worth monitoring
Owner: F Roussel
Prize Money: €57,310

M 2850m 4 N Roussel
Alain Roussel
0a3a1a172a8aDa1a7a7a 76.0 88.0

Escort Boy FR

Moderate sort that has been pleasing of late but yet to produce the goods here and others preferred
Owner: Ec Foiret
Prize Money: €51,310

G 2850m 4 D Thomain
V Seguin
3a6a2aDa3a2aDa9a5aDa 10.0 12.0

Expert D'Erpion FR

Talented but not the easiest to handle. Flew up at Enghien last time though and will not be available at 69-1 on this occasion
Owner: Ecurie B Q S Sprl
Prize Money: €52,570

G 2850m 4 J Koubiche
J Koubiche
1aDa0aDa4aDa0a17Da2a 45.0 48.0

Eddy D'occagnes FR

Has not made his presence felt here since the spring but appears to have found form and returns to Paris with a reasonable chance of getting back in the game
Owner: M Ouin
Prize Money: €47,980

M 2850m 4 Julien Raffestin
Julien Raffestin
3a3a2a7a9a7aDaDa1a4a 33.0 27.0

Ecrin Turgot FR

Has never stood out beyond 2200m at Vincennes but goes well for Nivard and in present condition can pick up a cheque
Owner: Mme Th Hoste
Prize Money: €46,060

G 2850m 4 F Nivard
S Roger
6a1aDa0aDaRa172a4a8a 13.0 15.0

El Popof FR

Impressive as a three year-old but has found the going tough this season. Looked more the horse of old last time and should not be far off the mark
Owner: Ecurie Jean Pierre Barjon
Prize Money: €51,830

M 2850m 4 M Mottier
D Mottier
6a7a0aDa0a9a17Da1a1a 4.8 5.0


El Greco Bello FR

Decent sort with respectable references under these conditions but a minor place chance at best
Owner: Mme A F Donati Marcillac
Prize Money: €64,190

G 2850m 4 G Gelormini
Mme A F Marcillac
5a9a3aDaDa4a8a3a2a17 23.0 38.0

Echo Du Trio FR

Hardy sort that has been in superb shape lately. Returns to racing left-handed but gets a top driver for the occasion and will generate a lot of interest
Owner: Peter De Schaepmeester
Prize Money: €52,390

G 2850m 4 Y Lebourgeois
T H Lamare
3a1a0a8a8a7a1aDaDa2a 13.0 10.0

Echec Et Mat FR

Like a horse reborn since starting to race barefoot. Left a good impression on the outer course three weeks ago and with Raffin at the helm can make a big splash
Owner: Hervoee| Chenet
Prize Money: €71,420

M 2850m 4 E Raffin
L Peltier
2a2a8a1a1a3a1a0a178a 5.7 5.0


Eclat Du Buisson FR

Colt with a superb strike rate but has yet to make any impact at Vincennes. First time with M.Abrivard though and could have his way here
Owner: B Desmontils
Prize Money: €64,690

M 2850m 4 M Abrivard
L Chaudet
8a1a1a8a1a5a17DaDa1a 2.8 2.5


Esprit Occagnes FR

Has placed just once in eight starts this year and can be ruled out
Owner: Ecurie J Konjovic
Prize Money: €83,400

M 2850m 4 J Ph Monclin
G Curens
Da0aaa2a6a0a6a6a17Da 17.0 27.0

Paris Turf

Vincennes has not been the kindest track to (11) ECLAT DU BUISSON lately but he is in cracking form and with Matthieu Abrivard in the sulky this time can make amends and get that monkey off his back. (9) ECHO DU TRIO is back at the top of his game and being reined by Yoann Lebourgeois can only work to his advantage. (10) ECHEC ET MAT has not once disappointed when barefoot and is expected to give another competitive account. (7) EL POPOF recently showed improvement on the outer course and should be able to make his presence felt here.

Selection: 11-9-10-7