14 September 2018 7:40 Vincennes Alhena - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 47000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:10 19:43


Dolly Du Quesne FR

Not the most reliable but beginning to come good again. Encouraged in the race of reference but is better on the long course
Owner: F Sap
Prize Money: €89,266

F 2850m 5 D Thomain
F Sap
3a4a8a1a9a6a3a5aDa8a 19.0 26.0

Divine De Navary FR

Serious sort with good references over the distance. Impressed at La Capelle last time and with shoes off on this occasion looks the horse to beat
Owner: J P Valet
Prize Money: €135,340

F 2850m 5 F Nivard
P Hachin
2a7a0aDa4a17Da2a1a1a 6.7 4.0


Diza Du Courtille FR

Has turned a corner since late July. Finished close to (12) DAME ISLAND over shorter last time and must not be overlooked
Owner: J Y Binois
Prize Money: €117,990

F 2850m 5 A Barrier
A Thomas
3a1a3a5a0m6a9aDm9a8a 10.0 12.0

Dynamite Du Saptel FR

Handy dual-purpose mare but is no great fan of Vincennes and faces a stiff test
Owner: Ecurie Eric Lemaitre
Prize Money: €89,320

F 2850m 5 M Abrivard
M Perril
Dm7a1m4a7a1a0a5a8a5a 24.0 23.0

Dulcinee Du Dollar FR

Pleased more than once earlier in the summer but disappointing of late and others preferred
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Guerin
Prize Money: €154,980

F 2850m 5 M Bezier
M Bezier
Dm0a3a1m4aDa0a0a17Da 14.0 12.0

Detonante Verite FR

Has demonstrated very good consistency since the spring. Trotted fourth to (7) DAZZLE JET last time and can again make the first five
Owner: F Dubaillay
Prize Money: €99,660

F 2850m 5 S Ernault
B Kernivinen
4a5a3aDa4a4a0a0a2a17 10.0 11.0

Dazzle Jet FR

Finished fifth to (12) DAME ISLAND over 2100m before imposing with ease over longer two weeks ago and looks competitive once more
Owner: H Tasset
Prize Money: €106,050

F 2850m 5 P Vercruysse
L Roelens
1a5a7a7a9aDaDa5a9a6a 13.0 16.0

8 A
Dania Beach FR

Useful in both codes but tends to show more under the saddle and can be passed over
Owner: Stal Payday
Prize Money: €125,390

F 2850m 5 G Gelormini
B J Crebas
2m0aDm4aDm7a2m4a7m4m 27.0 53.0

9 A
Delicatesse FR

Moderate sort that has been pleasing at home lately. Not an obvious choice but the Lebourgeois-factor cannot be ignored
Owner: Stal Payday
Prize Money: €105,670

F 2850m 5 Y Lebourgeois
B J Crebas
3a2a2a5a2a2a5a3a5a3a 13.0 22.0

Diane De Janze FR

Serious mare with good references here. Has been prepared for this event and with just hind shoes on looks a serious player
Owner: F Joseph
Prize Money: €118,480

F 2850m 5 M Mottier
F Joseph
5a0a4a1a3a5a1aDa2a4a 3.1 3.0


Dolga Du Pommereux FR

Gives a good account of herself for the most part. Has little room for manoeuvre here but could pick up a cheque
Owner: N Lolic
Prize Money: €99,170

F 2850m 5 D Bonne
S Roger
5a4a6a6a7a5a6aDa3a6a 19.0 31.0

Dame Island FR

In flying form in recent months. Dominated a number of others here last time and even though racing over longer on this occasion can still make the frame
Owner: Ch Cartet
Prize Money: €123,905

F 2850m 5 E Raffin
L Peltier
2aDa1a5a3a9a7m4a0a7a 7.6 7.7


Coupling A 9.1 15.0

Paris Turf

Very good second behind the excellent Dur d'Oreye at La Capelle late last month (2) DIVINE DE NAVARY races just against her own sex this time and will be barefoot with Franck Nivard in charge. She will however be pitted against the more consistent (10) DIANE DE JANZE who has front shoes off for the occasion. (12) DAME ISLAND may be better over shorter but she beat a number of others here three weeks ago and looks competitive. (7) DAZZLE JET finished fifth that day before imposing with ease over 2700m next time and another good performance is anticipated.

Selection: 2-10-12-7