14 September 2018 6:10 Le Croise-Laroche La Bonne Fortune - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:40 18:16


1 (1)
Djab D'Acier FR

Back at the top of his game since the end of July. Looks held for success but remains a sound place prospect
Owner: A Di Pietrantonio
Prize Money: €64,110

G 2700m 5 Y Gerard
V Collard
7a1a4a2a0a5a7a8a4aDa 28.0 42.0

2 (2)
Diego Du Houlet FR

In superb condition this season. Better when unshod but could play a minor role
Owner: R Vatinet
Prize Money: €99,520

G 2700m 5 L Verva
L Verva
1a6a5a2a6a1a1a2a3a17 10.0 13.0

3 (3)
Doriforo FR

Has done nothing of note for some time and can be confidently overlooked
Owner: A Lelodet
Prize Money: €72,060

G 2700m 5 A Bloyet
A Lelodet
0m0a0a9a7m0a6m7a4m17 35.0 88.0

4 (4)
Daktari De Joudes FR

Delicate but is capable and if behaved will have his chances. Player
Owner: Ecurie Alain Laurent
Prize Money: €71,010

G 2700m 5 A Laurent
A Laurent
Da2aDa3aDaDaDa6a1a2a 3.6 3.5


5 (5)
Douceur Du Chene FR

Has done well in winning her last two and should give this hat-trick bid a good go
Owner: Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €139,820

F 2700m 5 J R Declercq
J Mer
1a1a5a9a3a1a7a2a2a4a 6.9 4.5


6 (6)
Dear Lover FR

Temperamental but capable sort and if behaved could well impose. All or nothing
Owner: Scuderia Bivans Srl
Prize Money: €87,370

G 2700m 5 A Ramage
S Guarato
3a6a9aaa2aDa1a1a17Da 3.7 6.2

7 (7)
Daddy Cash FR

Well-regarded type but plagued by stride problems and not easy to make a case for at present
Owner: P Lebrault
Prize Money: €75,500

G 2700m 5 B Coppens
Mlle M Gibon
Da8m9mDmDmDmDm8mDm17 68.0 124.0

8 (8)
Daan Veloce FR

Has been struggling for some time now and is very unlikely to pose a threat
Owner: Zitaluna Bvba
Prize Money: €72,110

M 2700m 5 N D'haenens
Y Teerlinck
Da0aDa8a7aDaDaDa170a 77.0 94.0

9 (9)
Duc D'Or FR

Has imposed recently and should play a prominent role here. For the shortlist
Owner: Ecurie Rock
Prize Money: €61,350

G 2700m 5 B Masseguin
Mlle Ch Delamare
1a1a3a1aDa7aDa171aDa 9.3 5.5


10 (10)
Do You Like Quick FR

Talented but delicate type. Capable when applied but hard to make a case for
Owner: Ecurie Quick Star
Prize Money: €7,050

F 2700m 5 F Ouvrie
M Esper
DmRa2aDmDaDaDa1aDa17 14.0 20.0

11 (11)
D'Artagnan Du Pont FR

Pleased more than once last winter but has failed to recapture that form and can be passed over
Owner: Ecurie Albert Rayon
Prize Money: €56,600

G 2700m 5 J Vanmeerbeck
J Vanmeerbeck
Dm8m6m3a9mDa0a8aDmDa 36.0 98.0

12 (12)
Driverigo D'Eam FR

Has struggled with form for some time and appears to have no realistic chance
Owner: G Mathias
Prize Money: €78,280

G 2700m 5 F Rochette
F Rochette
0m8m6m6m0a0a6m5m8m8m 80.0 157.0

13 (13)
Docteur De Muze FR

Good recent wins and should make a bold winning racing barefoot again. Player
Owner: J De Brabander
Prize Money: €73,362

M 2700m 5 G Lannoo
A Lannoo
1a1a6a5aDa3a5a3a5a4a 11.0 6.8

Paris Turf

Good race dominated by three hat-trick seeking individuals. (5) DOUCEUR DU CHENE makes most appeal given her favourable starting berth although unshod rivals (13) DOCTEUR DE MUZE and (9) DUC D'OR who has won three of his last four should mount a serious challenge for top honours. (4) DAKTARI DE JOUDES is capable of making his presence felt if applied.

Selection: 5-13-9-4