14 September 2018 5:40 Le Croise-Laroche La Chance - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2825 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:16 17:47


Bandit FR

Battling to regain winning form but is always capable of playing a minor role
Owner: Dimitri Crespel
Prize Money: €77,040

G 2825m 7 J Vanmeerbeck
F Ouvrie
4a4a7a4a7a5a3a6aDa5a 15.0 17.0

Banana Peel FR

Has enjoyed a very productive run since the start of the year. Serious prospect
Owner: B V B A Rudavil
Prize Money: €95,861

F 2825m 7 N D'haenens
L Roelens
Da1a2a5a3a1a4a1a2a0a 18.0 11.0

Arianga Magic FR

Unreliable and is battling to find winning form. Plenty more required
Owner: Ecurie Alta Bleu
Prize Money: €80,780

F 2825m 8 T Thieulent
L Thieulent
Da0aDa7a8a3a9a0aDa4a 76.0 175.0

Boxeur Des Baux FR

Has finished no closer than fifth this term and can be ruled out here
Owner: Mlle S Durande
Prize Money: €81,500

G 2825m 7 David Lefevre
P Picot
7a7a9a6a5a7a7aDa5a8a 52.0 110.0

Bolide De Tonnerre FR

Well tried this year without winning and does need to find a few lengths to feature
Owner: Ch Labeeuw
Prize Money: €80,015

G 2825m 7 D Locqueneux
R Kuiper
7a8a6a4a2a4a2a7a6a7a 34.0 40.0

Beguin D'Ali FR

Disappointing last run and last wins were in 2016 but is quite capable of winning a race like this
Owner: G Van Helleputte
Prize Money: €129,780

G 2825m 7 M Verva
Y Teerlinck
Da4a6aDa2a5a2a0aRa16 16.0 11.0

Ami Du Pressoir FR

Has been in good form of late. Barefoot and race fit and should be competitive
Owner: Guido Verkindere
Prize Money: €87,000

G 2825m 8 P Y Verva
P Hende
3a5a4a3a3a3a1a1a2aDa 7.1 5.5


Aristo D'orgeres FR

Has done little of note since winning an amateur race at Vincennes in December 2016. Overlook
Owner: B Vallette
Prize Money: €83,760

G 2825m 8 F Lecanu
B Vallette
8a8a0a9a170a5a8a0a4a 18.0 28.0

Buzz Sly FR

Got back in the game recently and in similar form should be competitive
Owner: D Fitoussi
Prize Money: €162,210

G 2850m 7 B Coppens
P Vercruysse
2a7a6a3a9a8a2a8a170a 8.3 5.1


Altius Fortis FR

Terrible recent form and unlikely to trouble the judge. Others preferred
Owner: T Talhouet
Prize Money: €218,286

M 2850m 8 A Duperche
Mme G Masschaele
9a0aaaDa1a4a5a4a0a0a - -


Banco Du Marin FR

Has been in good form of late and could find the frame again. Place chance
Owner: D Armellini
Prize Money: €163,610

G 2850m 7 D Armellini
D Armellini
6a2a9a1aDa3a1a9a3a4a 14.0 13.0

Belphegor Du Paj FR

Seldom far off when devoid of hind shoes which is the case here. Has claims
Owner: H Lecoq
Prize Money: €165,250

G 2850m 7 H Lecoq
H Lecoq
6a8a7a6a9a6a6a4a7a6a 10.0 23.0

Bikini FR

In good form since winning in late July. Will justifiably garner support
Owner: Et Bobo
Prize Money: €190,940

G 2850m 7 F Ouvrie
F Ouvrie
4a5a2a1a4a6a0a8a178a 2.8 2.9


Bilfie De Guez FR

Undeniably capable but is very unreliable. Hard to rule out if in the mood
Owner: Ecurie Ulf Nordin
Prize Money: €163,530

F 2850m 7 U Nordin
U Nordin
7a6aDa7a0a5a2a7a6a6a 15.0 45.0

Voici Faverol FR

Undeniably capable but is very unreliable. Hard to rule out if in the mood
Owner: Mme W Peron
Prize Money: €164,229

G 2850m 9 J Van Den Putte Jr
Peter Hillen
4a7a0a9a2a5a6a0a0a0a 61.0 94.0

Amour De La Vie FR

Confirmed at this level but can prove tricky. Needs to improve on recent displays
Owner: G Barbarin
Prize Money: €164,255

G 2850m 8 F Desmigneux
Mlle M Gibon
Da0aDa4a0a0a5a0a0a0a 37.0 78.0

Paris Turf

Good race from which track-specialist (9) BUZZ SLY three-time winner here could emerge victorious. Consistent (13) BIKINI should pose a threat though on the evidence of his solid recent displays. Best when unshod behind (12) BELPHEGOR DU PAJ can make his presence felt too along with reliable front-line starter (7) AMI DU PRESSOIR. Both (2) BANANA PEEL and (6) BEGUIN D'ALI can stake a claim if applied.

Selection: 9-13-12-7-2