14 August 2018 7:00 Langon Generali Assurance - Jean-remi Cape - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2200 m
  • No. of Runners: 11 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 24000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:30 19:09


Fantasia De Ligny FR

Fit and ready and has run two fair races. Could finish in the money once again
Owner: N Chevallier
Prize Money: €29,610

F 2200m 3 F Clozier
N Chevallier
4a2a 18.0 21.0

Forum FR

Clearly unreliable and would prefer further but does have a winning chance
Owner: G Perot
Prize Money: €7,480

M 2200m 3 M X Charlot
M x Charlot
Da1aDa6a3a 51.0 49.0

Fiesta Jet FR

Disappointing last two starts but is likely to prefer this shoter distance
Owner: M Gamot
Prize Money: €28,630

F 2200m 3 D Cordeau
D Cordeau
8aDa4a2a3a4a 30.0 16.0

Feria FR

Disappointing last start. Won previous two starts so clearly has some talent. Go close
Owner: F Tardieu
Prize Money: €9,710

F 2200m 3 F Lecanu
A Buisson
Da1a1a 5.3 3.7


Fame FR

Unreliable but was not disgraced when runner-up in latest. Could play a minor role
Owner: Mme C Larroque
Prize Money: €29,010

F 2225m 3 J Asselie
J M Lourtet
2a6a4aDa1aDaDa5a 46.0 52.0

Falcon Jet FR

Unbeaten in two sgtarts. Looks talented and could prove hard to oppose and pulls of a hat-trick
Owner: J Et Dubois
Prize Money: €17,310

G 2225m 3 M Criado
E Prudhon
1a1a 1.6 2.3


Fauve Des Brousses FR

Battling for second win but is distance suited and could earn some money
Owner: J P R Simon
Prize Money: €18,100

F 2225m 3 L Guillemin
L Guillemin
3a4a3a7a2a4a3a0a1a5a 40.0 39.0

Festive De Blary FR

Prefers this shorter distance but was well beaten in latest start. Others preferred this time
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €21,740

F 2225m 3 Cedric Terry
F Terry
Da5a1aDmDa2m5a3aDm6a 24.0 26.0

Fibre Du Closet FR

In good form lately and is distance suited. Could earn some minor money
Owner: Ecurie Duem
Prize Money: €32,790

F 2225m 3 P Gesret
K Yemeloun
3a1a1a5a7a5a8a5a5a17 38.0 28.0

Fast Bonnevent FR

Much improved lately and did win over thsi course and distance last time out
Owner: Ecurie De Bonnevent
Prize Money: €20,890

M 2225m 3 Mlle M Blot
David Radomski
1a2aDa6aDa4aDaDa4aDa 7.0 6.1


Fazenda De Mortree FR

Fair recent form. More needed to win but could earn some minor money. Might place
Owner: F Bougon
Prize Money: €50,580

F 2225m 3 F Jeanneau
F Jeanneau
4a2a5a8a5a4a2a1aDa0a 26.0 13.0

Paris Turf

(6) FALCON JET has not been seen since May but has won both of his starts nicely and looks hard to oppose. The hat-trick could be on. (4) FERIA was disqualified last time but did win her previous two starts and must be considered. Both (2) FORUM and (3) FIESTA JET could be dangers if given soft leads and deserve respect.

Selection: 6-4-3-2