14 August 2018 5:00 Langon Cremants De Bordeaux Celene - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2800 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 30000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:32 17:00


Booster Du Flinois FR

A bit disappointing last time out when only seventh. Capable of better and could finish in the money
Owner: R Corbin
Prize Money: €0

G 2800m 7 R Corbin
R Corbin
7a1a8a2a3a6a4aDa170a - -


Action Marceaux FR

Unreliable but should be competitive in this line-up and deserves consideration
Owner: G Hilaire
Prize Money: €79,440

F 2800m 8 E Audebert
E Audebert
2aDa3a8a0a5a2a173a2a 19.0 13.0

Colonel Picci FR

Has been struggling for some time now but could play a minor role on very best form
Owner: Ch Thoison
Prize Money: €74,830

G 2800m 6 J Cl Paulard
G Contri
Da4a0a4a8aDa6aDmDa17 57.0 72.0

Alliance De Bouere FR

Seems to have forgotter how to win. Mostly modest form this year. Others are preferred
Owner: P Van Exterghem
Prize Money: €88,600

F 2800m 8 A Barre
E Buttigieg
8a9a8a4a8a0a8a9a8a6a 88.0 63.0

Amigo Kuky FR

A bit unreliable and has not won for some time but could finish in the money
Owner: F Criado
Prize Money: €134,660

G 2825m 8 F Clozier
F Criado
3a9a3a9a0a2a7a6a0a0a 72.0 32.0

Cow Boy Griff FR

Fair recent form and is barefoot and ready for this race. Could contest the finish once again
Owner: Ch Roche
Prize Money: €131,600

M 2825m 6 M Criado
G Marty
3a2a5a0m3a6aDm3a9a17 16.0 7.8


Bestotel Bezeville FR

Good recent form in Mounted rcaes. Has to reproduce that in this discipline. Might place
Owner: Ch Bouvier
Prize Money: €0

G 2825m 7 B Goetz
B Goetz
3m2m4mDaDmDa5aDm1a9a 12.0 10.0

Amaya Djob FR

Well tried this year without winning and recent form is poor. Others are preferred
Owner: A Lourenco
Prize Money: €161,800

F 2825m 8 D Cordeau
D Cordeau
0a8a0a0a4a7m6a9a4m2a 35.0 29.0

Vasco De Vandel FR

Has only been m odest this year and is probably best watched for now. Might place
Owner: J H Treich
Prize Money: €135,930

G 2825m 9 J H Treich
J H Treich
0a0a6a9a3a179m6a3a7a 111.0 61.0

Baron Du Loisir FR

Battling to regain winning form and needs to find a few lengths to win
Owner: J Cottel
Prize Money: €141,710

G 2825m 7 R W Denechere
R W Denechere
0a0a8a0a5a3a9a6a0a0a 86.0 71.0

Banjo De Perthuis FR

Has ran some fair races this year. Needs to do more to win but could play a minor role
Owner: I P Blanchon
Prize Money: €157,220

G 2825m 7 D G Chavatte
I P Blanchon
8a5a8a4a4a8a4a0a8a17 44.0 61.0

Bolide Du Loisir FR

A bit disappointing in last three starts but has won 3 races this year. Deserves respect
Owner: Ecurie Alexandre Buisson
Prize Money: €183,530

G 2825m 7 F Lecanu
A Buisson
7aDaDa2aDa1a9a1aDa1a 9.6 6.3


Ami FR

Capable of doing better and does have a winning chance. Must be considered
Owner: Ecurie Les Tilleuls
Prize Money: €178,870

G 2825m 8 Cedric Terry
F Terry
6a7aDa3aDm6m3a1aDmDa 26.0 19.0

Cap De Narmont FR

He has been in very good form this year and does look the one they all have to beat
Owner: Ecurie De Narmont
Prize Money: €278,310

M 2825m 6 D Brossard
D Brossard
3a1a1a2a1a3a5a6a171a 1.3 1.8


Paris Turf

Clearly the one they all have to beat is (14) CAP DE NARMONT who comes into this race having been in very good form recently. (12) BOLIDE DU LOISIR is barefoot so must be considered. He is better than his recent runs suggest. (6) COW BOY GRIFF is doing well and is barefoot and ready for this race. (2) ACTION MARCEAUX also has a chance.

Selection: 14-12-6-2