14 Aug 2018 4:05 Clairefontaine Blangy Le Chateau Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 23000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:35 16:11


1 (12)
Comme J Aime GB

Won on debut last season and just the three runs since. Back to form last time
Owner: Mme F Head
Prize Money: €20,825

F 3/59.0 A Lemaitre
F Head
320 4p9p9p171p 4.3 4.6


2 (15)
Lanana FR

Still a maiden after twelve runs and will need to do better then in the past
Owner: Ballantines Racing Stud L
Prize Money: €57,550

F 3/59.0 I Mendizabal
Robert Collet
320 5p0p7p3p5p8p6p4p7p5p 15.0 18.0

3 (9)
Scarlet Burg FR

Placed twice in her five stars and could be well capable of a bold show here
Owner: R Cocheteux Tierno
Prize Money: €17,000

F 3/59.0 M Barzalona
X Thomas Demeaulte
320 6p3p4p178p6p 15.0 8.7

4 (3)
Lots Of Tea FR

One place in her five starts and needs to build on that now to get involved
Owner: Baron Van Gysel
Prize Money: €19,475

F 3/59.0 T Bachelot
S Wattel
320 8p3p6p175p0p 13.0 22.0

5 (14)
Nonant IRE

Unplaced on first four outings but has since won and finished second so on the up
Owner: Mlle N Mahjoub
Prize Money: €19,550

M 3/58.0 M Guyon
F Rossi
310 2p1p0p0p6p5p 6.2 5.3


6 (8)
Righteous Love FR

Just the one place in his half a dozen runs and surely needs to do better
Owner: P Bonnan
Prize Money: €4,800

M 3/57.5 P Dominois
F Vermeulen
305 7p0p4p7p5p5p 35.0 39.0

7 (17)
Giantissime FR

Placed in three of his eight starts and wold look to have some sort of each way chance
Owner: Le Haras De La Gousserie
Prize Money: €50,110

G 3/57.0 G Benoist
L Rovisse
300 8p4p2p4p0p7p7p7p 10.0 13.0

8 (2)
First Lady Charm FR

Unplaced in first five runs but then much improved third last time and has a shout
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €0

F 3/57.0 V Cheminaud
Jean Dubois
300 3p0p5p0p5p6p 11.0 8.1


9 (16)
Cadorino Des Place FR

Unplaced in first three runs but could have a lot of promise to offer off this mark
Owner: E Decoster
Prize Money: €0

G 3/57.0 E Hardouin
Mlle C Fey
300 5p6p8p 25.0 20.0

10 (10)
Tino Jelois FR

Placed just once in nine runs and surely will need to do so much better
Owner: A Cardoso De Oliveira
Prize Money: €37,420

M 3/56.5 T Piccone
T Castanheira
295 0p4p0p5p5p5p6p5p6p 18.0 30.0

11 (13)
Segonzac IRE

One place to date in just the five outings but will need to up game markedly
Owner: H De Pracomtal
Prize Money: €20,205

F 3/56.0 J Cabre
Y Barberot
290 0p3p5p170p0p 29.0 63.0

12 (7)
Whisky Mouille FR

One place in five runs but does not look up to making a challenge here
Owner: C Poli
Prize Money: €11,505

G 3/56.0 C Guitraud
E Thueux
290 5p9p0p4p0p 57.0 116.0

13 (5)
Forio IRE

Unplaced in all four runs and the feeling is that this mark is a bit on the steep side
Owner: J Caullery
Prize Money: €0

G 3/56.0 J Monteiro
N Caullery
290 6p7p0p8p 81.0 106.0

14 (1)
Save The Date FR

Placed in three of her fourteen runs including third at Deauville last time out
Owner: Jl Ferton/t Castanheira
Prize Money: €16,600

F 3/55.5 S Pasquier
T Castanheira
285 3p7p8p6p0p6p5p4p172p 11.0 10.0

15 (11)
Vinaccia IRE

Placed in three of her thirteen runs but basically does not appear to be on the upgrade
Owner: C&y C&y Lerner
Prize Money: €25,700

F 3/55.5 F Valle Skar
C&Y Lerner
285 0p9p0p3p7p2p6p9p0p 48.0 84.0

16 (4)
Absolute Silence GER

Very consistent in first five starts in Italy but not gone to plan in three in this country
Owner: Mlle E Marcialis
Prize Money: €30,090

M 3/55.0 C Demuro
A Marcialis
280 6p8p0p5p6p3p172p2p2p 25.0 30.0

17 (6)
El Divo FR

Eventually off the mark on fourteenth and latest start at Vichy so confidence high
Owner: Jc Jc Rouget
Prize Money: €18,925

M 3/55.0 A Crastus
F Vermeulen
280 1p5p4p7p5p8p4p9p3p 15.0 11.0

Paris Turf

This opening big field contest for three year old's only looks very open as one would expect but (17) EL DIVO looks on the up following a breakthrough victory at Vichy last time out and the confidence gained as a result of that should stand him in good stead. The joint top weight (1) COMME J AIME looks well placed for a big challenge. (5) NONANT and (8) FIRST LADY CHARM look big players too along with (7) GIANTISSIME.

Selection: 17-1-5-8-7