11 August 2018 1:50 Enghien La Gare De L'est - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 13000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:20 13:55


1 A
American Pride FR

Ended last season with a solid amateur win but has yet to recapture form and others preferred
Owner: P Garreau
Prize Money: €72,686

M 2875m 8 P Garreau
P Coignard
0a5a6a0a6a0a171a3a0a 21.0 21.0

2 A
Best Star FR

Has finished no closer than 7th since returning to competition and faces a stiff test on Enghien debut
Owner: P Garreau
Prize Money: €76,830

F 2875m 7 S Campain
P Coignard
9a8m8m7a5m2m5mDa6a3a 55.0 96.0

Albano Griff FR

Blows hot and cold. More effective on turf and chances slim at best
Owner: G Lessieu
Prize Money: €75,090

G 2875m 8 J Roux
G Lessieu
0a8a4a5a8a3a0aDa3a0a 61.0 126.0

Bomec De Baubrie FR

In the frame in four of his last five. Gave a good effort behind (11) BRISE DU CHOQUEL last time here and should finish in the money
Owner: S Michel
Prize Money: €79,010

G 2875m 7 P Divare
S Michel
2a5a2a3a2a0a9aDa4a0a 6.6 8.3

Boeland Jift FR

Moderate sort making his first appearance since January 2017 and will need the run
Owner: J F Thorel
Prize Money: €82,940

G 2875m 7 Ph Pellerin
D Thorel
Ra176a168a5a4a7a9a8a 50.0 78.0

Aristo De Chanjac FR

Has shown signs of encouragement in recent weeks and while unlikely to trouble the favourites could still finish in the mix
Owner: S Pichon
Prize Money: €78,270

G 2875m 8 Mlle M Trihollet
J m m Riaud
5a6a0a8a6a7aDa0aDa0a 19.0 34.0

Boxeur Des Baux FR

Useful sort but has not been firing on all cylinders lately but the dip in category could see him pick up a cheque
Owner: Mlle S Durande
Prize Money: €80,000

G 2875m 7 P M Allais
P Picot
9a6a5a7a7aDa5a8a8a17 29.0 51.0

Byblis Du Goutier FR

Impressive in both professional and amateur categories of late. Drops back in class and from the front line looks a major player
Owner: P Maudouit
Prize Money: €108,620

F 2875m 7 F Robin
E Varin
4a3a1a1aDa4a6a4a8aDa 6.0 4.7


Belcanto Gentil FR

Enjoying a new lease on life since returning to racing unshod behind. Drops down the class ladder and will have his chances
Owner: Ecurie Equinoxx
Prize Money: €94,875

G 2875m 7 Y Desmet
P Mary
7a2a2aDa8a5a5a4a4a4a 9.1 7.2


Best Des Jacquets FR

Has been completely off the boil for some time and can be written off
Owner: Ph Migeot De Baran
Prize Money: €81,230

G 2875m 7 P H Migeot De
P H Migeot De Baran
6aDa0aDa0a0a0a170aDa 77.0 100.0

Brise Du Choquel FR

Consistently gives everything she has and is confirmed at the venue. Incurs the penalty but given the opposition can still have her way
Owner: F Bridault
Prize Money: €93,990

F 2900m 7 F Bridault
N Bridault
1a2a1a3a1a3a1a8a3a5a 2.2 2.0


Very Mossa FR

Making slow but sure progress but is still a mediocre trotter and from the second line has no realistic chance
Owner: Ch Mirandel
Prize Money: €118,970

G 2900m 9 Mlle E Mansson
C H Mirandel
5a9a0a0a0a177a0a0a3a 71.0 95.0

Vent Du Ciel FR

Good consistent performer but stays shod here and the extra 25m will do him no favours
Owner: S Laboutique
Prize Money: €129,750

G 2900m 9 S Laboutique
S Laboutique
8a5a3aDa4a1a4a4a174a 19.0 21.0

Volcan Venesi FR

No longer the horse of old and while fond of Enghien still appears to have nothing to offer
Owner: N Delamarre
Prize Money: €142,980

G 2900m 9 M Poirier
N Delamarre
0a0aRa17Da0aRa160a15 27.0 49.0

Coupling A 15.0 17.0

Paris Turf

(11) BRISE DU CHOQUEL has been a superb servant in the amateur division for some time. She has nothing to prove at Enghien and despite the second-line start can still win this. (8) BYBLIS DU GOUTIER has been dynamic for the past month and dropping in class - and breaking in front - makes her a very attractive proposition. (9) BELCANTO GENTIL has finished close in two of his last three and in this class of event looks to be in with a decent shout. (4) BOMEC DE BAUBRIE has been a model of consistency recently and will also have his chances.

Selection: 11-8-9-4