10 August 2018 2:55 La Capelle Francois Caille - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 22000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:35 16:06


Bad Boy D'orgeres FR

Decent type that has a liking for La Capelle. Is well placed in front and will generate interest
Owner: J Niskanen
Prize Money: €49,390

G 2750m 7 J Niskanen
J Niskanen
29.0 29.0

Charlotte Maza FR

Has previously imposed under these conditions but a total disappointment this term and no threat
Owner: Ecurie Du Maza
Prize Money: €50,530

F 2750m 6 L Verva
C H Douillet
32.0 41.0

Clovis Des Vaudes FR

Has had nothing to show for his efforts for the past year and will again have nothing to offer
Owner: Ch Mirandel
Prize Money: €57,370

G 2750m 6 Ch Mirandel
C H Mirandel
81.0 89.0

Cash De Joudes FR

Completely out of the picture in all three this year and can be ruled out
Owner: Ecurie Alain Laurent
Prize Money: €53,230

M 2750m 6 A Laurent
A Laurent
11.0 20.0

Big Ben Franca FR

Delicate type but otherwise a respectable sort that should not be too far off the mark
Owner: F Grisez
Prize Money: €60,560

G 2750m 7 E Raffin
Mlle Gibon
9.4 14.0

Cocaine Des Pres FR

Put in a superb effort in a Dieppe Class D on Monday and backs up with a realistic chance of trotting into the money
Owner: P Dessartre
Prize Money: €114,430

F 2750m 6 F Lecanu
P Dessartre
10.0 19.0

Coquin De L'aa FR

Moderate type that has shown more under the saddle of late and is unlikely to shake things up
Owner: Ec J-f Senet
Prize Money: €0

G 2750m 6 J F Senet
J F Senet
21.0 36.0

Champ Winner FR

Very productive for the most part this year. Has a good record here and the front-line start can only work to his advantage
Owner: Mlle L Van Bael
Prize Money: €61,575

G 2750m 6 N D'haenens
Mlle L Van Bael
19.0 20.0

Born This Way FR

Looked very smart in an amateur event here last month and on good behaviour can repeat
Owner: P Boey
Prize Money: €57,210

G 2750m 7 P Y Verva
G Verva
23.0 32.0

Cyrano Vici FR

Just once out of the first five in 23 starts. Won well last week and is not incapable of doubling his money
Owner: F Leblanc
Prize Money: €0

G 2775m 6 K Leblanc
F Leblanc
7.6 4.8


Bellagio Monoi FR

Back in business following a tricky start to the season and should be good enough to make the frame
Owner: H Bouetel
Prize Money: €162,040

G 2775m 7 F Ouvrie
Mlle V Chatelain
10.0 10.0


Chivas Du Plessis FR

Pleased here late June but less effective since and others preferred
Owner: M Lenoir
Prize Money: €127,070

G 2775m 6 M Lenoir
M Lenoir
13.0 29.0

Cekoi FR

Frequently a case of all-or-nothing but is a quality trotter and with application can defy the handicap and win this
Owner: Ecurie J P -f Lamare
Prize Money: €160,970

G 2775m 6 G Gelormini
F Lamare
2.7 2.0


Paris Turf

(13) CEKOI is the class horse in the field despite his stride issues and should be able to wrap this up if he can stay focused. The ever-faithful (10) CYRANO VICI similarly starts on the second line and after a solid La Rochelle win looks the principal threat. (11) BELLAGIO MONOI appears to be back at the top of his game and should be able to get in on the action but Ouvrie will need to keep a watchful eye on recent amateur third who breaks with a 25m advantage.

Selection: 13-10-11-9