10 Aug 2018 5:00 Dax Rocher Vierge Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2300 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:30 17:04


1 (7)
Got Run FR

Five time victor from seventy six. On a long losing run but well considered for this
Owner: M Martinez
Prize Money: €147,585

G 8/60.0 G Trolley De Prevaux
F Pardon
195 7p3p2p3p8p0p9p0p175p 6.9 6.6


2 (8)
Hermangarde FR

A dual winner from twenty nine runs but has become very hit and miss and has work to do
Owner: Mme S Gavilan
Prize Money: €52,450

F 4/59.5 C Cornet
Mme S Gavilan
190 0p5p0p4p5p3p0p8p2p0p 27.0 19.0

3 (12)
City Princess FR

Triple winner from three dozen runs but rather has a point to prove here today now
Owner: M Cheno/p Tixier/f Cellier
Prize Money: €48,270

F 6/59.5 Lily Le Pemp
F Cellier
190 4p9p0p0p0p0p0p174p9p 6.3 9.3

4 (11)
West Charm FR

Four time winner from forty one including last time out at Royan and can be involved
Owner: S Peyramaure
Prize Money: €37,550

G 7/59.0 M Foulon
S Peyramaure
185 1p5p6p8p173p4p6p2p9p - -


5 (13)
Jardin Fleuri FR

A triple scorer from forty three and placed in last couple. Must be considered today
Owner: I Soto Muro
Prize Money: €101,400

F 5/58.0 C Cadel
Mme B valenti
175 2p3p0p4p7p6p0p4p7p0p 6.2 4.8


6 (3)
Eva Luna FR

Eight time victor from fifty six including last time out at Mont-de-Marsan. Chance
Owner: J Buffel Du Vaure
Prize Money: €68,600

F 8/58.0 A Werle
Mme Al Guildoux
175 1p8p4p4p176p7p6p2p7p 18.0 7.4

7 (5)
Check List Lanlore FR

Just the one win from thirty three which came two starts back but fair fourth since as well
Owner: Mme M Prunet-Foch
Prize Money: €25,150

G 6/57.5 W Smit
Mme M Prunet-Foch
170 4p1p3p6p3p8p0p170p0p 8.8 6.4


8 (2)
Speedy Glaz FR

A dual winner from sixty two but not running that well of late and passed over
Owner: A A Clement
Prize Money: €44,400

G 7/56.5 A Crastus
A Clement
160 9p6p8p0p0p0p0p8p171p 13.0 13.0

9 (10)
Khittaya FR

Still a maiden after twenty seven but was runner up in two of last four attempts
Owner: J Solanes
Prize Money: €17,700

F 5/55.5 V Seguy
L Larrigade
150 6p8p2p2p9p0p174p7p3p 5.8 7.0

10 (4)
Inina FR

Just the one win from seventy five and despite a third last time can be ruled out
Owner: Mlle M Marin
Prize Money: €21,725

G 8/55.5 M Lanave
Mlle M Marin
150 3p7p7p0p170p0p7p0p0p 15.0 18.0

11 (9)
Malvasia FR

A triple winner from forty two but the percentage call is to go against here
Owner: Mlle K Bataille
Prize Money: €48,150

F 6/55.5 J Grosjean
Mlle K Bataille
150 6p4p6p9p0p8p0p170p7p 23.0 47.0

12 (14)
Sun Des Rosaires IRE

Good strike rate with ten wins from eighty three and such types can always be given a chance
Owner: J Provost
Prize Money: €3,220

G 10/55.5 C Poirier
J Provost
150 6p7p3p0p8p0p8p0p170p 13.0 22.0

13 (6)
Miss Mary FR

Dual winner from thirty two runs but not running well and easily discounted
Owner: F Lagouche
Prize Money: €32,900

F 5/55.5 A Bendjama
F Lagouche
150 0p0p0p6p170p0p4p3p8p 29.0 76.0

14 (1)
Agent De Change IRE

Thrice a victor from ninety two but on a long losing sequence and easily avoided
Owner: Mme T Devesse
Prize Money: €69,450

G 11/55.5 C Flechon
F Seguin
150 8p176p7p6p7p3p8p8p0p 18.0 43.0

Paris Turf

To be perfectly honest this is really poor fare so bets should be kept on the low side. (5) JARDIN FLEURI appears to have as good a chance as any and maybe better than most. She has placed in her previous two and was particularly solid when runner up at Mont-de-Marsan last time. (1) GOT RUN must be considered while a case of sorts can be made out for (7) CHECK LIST LANLORE and (6) EVA LUNA.

Selection: 5-1-7-6