10 Aug 2018 3:55 Dax Pastre Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2300 m
  • No. of Runners:14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 16000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:25 15:54


1 (5)
Zaliapour FR

Fifteen time winner from sixty three and always worth looking at for win purposes
Owner: A Whitehead
Prize Money: €149,820

G 12/60.0 D Santiago
C Gourdain
290 4p5p8p2p172p5p3p5p4p 8.9 11.0

2 (3)
Malte Brun FR

Just the one win from twenty five but has threatened on several other occasions
Owner: Cuadra Lucarmada Slu
Prize Money: €84,160

G 5/59.0 FX Bertras
R Picardo
280 6p5p2p3p7p4p0p174p8p 11.0 9.3

3 (8)
Tricheur FR

Eleven time winner from ninety three and a place may be best hope here now
Owner: Mme S Sanchez Lepaysan
Prize Money: €137,490

G 7/58.5 D Alberca-Gavilan
Francisco Sanchez
275 5p6p2p0p6p5p1p9p0p 8.9 18.0

4 (12)
Spring Steel FR

A dozen wins from seventy two and another one at Mont-de-Marsan last time out
Owner: Mme V Fremiot
Prize Money: €173,735

G 10/58.0 Mlle C Herisson De Beauvoir
F Pardon
270 1p5p2p9p0p3p0p171p2p 12.0 16.0

5 (1)
Charoit FR

Placed in four of her ten outings and will do well to get into that position again today
Owner: B Martin / M Fy / F Cellier
Prize Money: €7,915

F 4/58.0 Lily Le Pemp
F Cellier
270 6p4p3p0p0p170p6p6p2p 22.0 18.0

6 (11)
Vemix FR

Four time winner from thirty six. In form candidate who deserves respect here
Owner: Mme N Walton
Prize Money: €69,920

G 5/57.0 M Forest
W Walton
260 2p5p1p2p3p7p0p8p170p 6.4 5.3


7 (9)
Akram FR

One win from twenty one and was a bit better last time out when fourth
Owner: P Martometti
Prize Money: €28,750

M 5/57.0 G Trolley De Prevaux
A Clement
260 4p0p0p7p5p6p4p0p6p 15.0 33.0

8 (13)
Baby Des Champs FR

Five time winner from thirty eight including last time out at Mont-de-Marsan and will be involved
Owner: Scea Haras De Peyre
Prize Money: €79,150

G 7/55.0 S Prugnaud
E Papon
240 1p2p3p2p6p178p5p3p2p 11.0 6.8


9 (2)
Eritiere FR

Remains a maiden after five starts and basically will need to show more
Owner: R Avial Sanchez
Prize Money: €0

F 4/53.5 W Smit
R Lopez
225 0p9p177p9p0p 52.0 48.0

10 (4)
One Deal FR

Dual winner from fifty seven but can be difficult to predict and others look more reliable
Owner: Mme D Sourbe
Prize Money: €58,375

G 7/53.0 C Flechon
J L Dubord
220 9p5p0p3p6p1p0p7p3p5p 15.0 31.0

11 (7)
Miss Massucco FR

Five time winner from thirty eight including last time out at La Teste-de-Buch so in form for this
Owner: C Rondele
Prize Money: €59,616

F 8/52.5 M Lanave
C Rondele
215 1p6p7p1p8p3p3p170p5p 6.2 5.1


12 (14)
Pleasant Flight FR

Seven time winner from sixty five but looks exposed off this type of mark nowadays
Owner: N Boudraa
Prize Money: €88,425

G 7/52.5 M Foulon
P J Fertillet
215 7p4p1p6p5p3p8p0p6p8p 19.0 32.0

13 (10)
Zambezy Queen FR

Dual winner from nineteen and third behind Baby des Champs at Mont-de-Marsan last time out
Owner: L Larrigade
Prize Money: €27,625

F 5/52.5 G Guedj-gay
L Larrigade
215 3p9p4p5p3p7p170p3p4p 15.0 13.0

14 (6)
Milreves FR

Thirteen wins from a century and a quarter of runs and runner up in three of her last four
Owner: Mlle M Marin
Prize Money: €153,850

G 12/51.0 A Crastus
Mlle M Marin
195 2p7p2p2p7p8p177p2p5p 13.0 9.9

Paris Turf

A bit of a flyer is taken on (4) SPRING STEEL here who should go off at a very big price but that is fine as the selection has shown solid form at times and when scoring at Mont-de-Marsan last time so he is entitled to be given respect. (8) BABY DES CHAMPS was impressive last time too and must be involved at the business end. (3) TRICHEUR and (1) ZALIAPOUR have big chances too.

Selection: 4-8-3-1