10 Aug 2018 5:15 Clairefontaine De Petiville Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:18 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:45 17:19


1 (14)
Princess Emma FR

Four wins from fifty one and was disqualified last time out so might bounce back
Owner: Mme C Chartier
Prize Money: €79,950

F 5/60.0 E Hardouin
S Jesus
240 Dp5p1p7p0p0p7p0p0p0p 12.0 11.0

2 (6)
Dot Green IRE

Just the one win from twenty and but out of form and not really considered
Owner: Bouckaert M & G
Prize Money: €13,553

F 5/60.0 F Lefebvre
M Bouckaert
240 7p0p7p9p7p0p9p170p8p 33.0 50.0

3 (13)
Aimee IRE

Four time winner from forty four but did blow out last time at Dieppe and needs to regroup
Owner: Mme N Moons
Prize Money: €76,100

F 6/59.5 A Van Den Troost
Toon V D Troost
235 0p3p3p6p6p9p0p0p170p 26.0 40.0

4 (12)
Anadun FR

Triple winner from fifty one but completely out of sorts lately and not fancied
Owner: J-j Montagne/p Nicot
Prize Money: €79,275

F 6/58.5 C Pacaut
Nicot (s)
225 0p0p0p8p6p179p1p1p4p 60.0 71.0

5 (1)
Issauroma FR

Triple winner from forty six but very difficult to predict. Chance if in mood
Owner: Mme R Labate
Prize Money: €68,800

F 5/58.5 M Guyon
S Labate
225 0p5p3p0p0p6p2p0p7p 19.0 20.0

6 (10)
Royal Spring FR

Triple winner from thirty eight starts but mark continues to slide and that is the worry
Owner: H Bellentani
Prize Money: €109,480

G 6/58.5 Y Aouabed
Y Gourraud
225 5p0p8p170p0p7p3p0p8p 12.0 23.0

7 (16)
Adam's Peak IRE

Four time winner from forty seven but mark again looks on the high side
Owner: N Paysan
Prize Money: €64,880

G 7/57.5 C Stefan
N Paysan
215 6p9p3p176p0p1p2p1p2p 8.5 7.6


8 (5)
Destinee Du Bois FR

One win from fifteen and runner up in two of last three so maybe has an each way squeak
Owner: H Brenckle
Prize Money: €41,850

F 6/57.5 C Lecoeuvre
Frau C Bocskai
215 2p0p2p0p170p4p1p9p0p 10.0 7.0


9 (3)
Estarquefigue FR

Half a dozen wins from eighty seven and has the form to have a look at the frame at least
Owner: L Mirto
Prize Money: €147,135

M 9/57.5 C Soumillon
S Labate
215 6p4p3p5p1p7p0p0p0p 10.0 5.9


10 (7)
Viking's IRE

Triple winner from fifty seven and was in form up to last two runs but they are a worry
Owner: Pr Nicolas
Prize Money: €75,115

G 5/57.0 A Hamelin
E Caroux
210 0p0p7p2p2p2p2p6p2p5p 21.0 23.0

11 (17)
Etoile De Mer FR

Just the one win from twenty three and looks an outsider for this assignment
Owner: Stall Golden Blood
Prize Money: €25,620

F 7/57.0 J Moutard
W Mongil
210 7p0p0p7p0p0p5p175p3p 26.0 42.0

12 (8)
Green Medi FR

Four time winner from ninety nine but may need to drop another pound or so
Owner: Mme Sa Stark
Prize Money: €174,840

M 8/56.5 T Bachelot
Frau Y Vollmer
205 7p7p4p2p3p4p0p3p172p 16.0 16.0

13 (18)
Fine Intention FR

Five time winner from forty and a better fourth last time out so that was promising
Owner: Mme S Gavilan
Prize Money: €45,250

F 5/55.5 F Gavilan
Mme S Gavilan
195 4p0p8p0p0p170pTp0p0p 26.0 40.0

14 (11)
Patong FR

Off the mark on penultimate start at Mons and a good second on follow up bid at Maisons-Laffitte
Owner: Mme A Dupont
Prize Money: €38,250

G 6/55.5 V Cheminaud
G Aidant
195 2p1p4p170p5p168p6p2p 13.0 8.1

15 (15)
Dobby First FR

Dual winner from thirty six but is completely out of form and basically little hope
Owner: Mlle V Dissaux
Prize Money: €40,860

M 5/52.5 Louis Beuzelin
Mlle V Dissaux
165 0p0p0p6p0p0p1p0p0p6p 25.0 70.0

16 (9)
L'Ami Gaby FR

Nine time winner from one hundred and twenty seven runs and was runner up in last two attempts
Owner: Mme F Thibault
Prize Money: €187,080

G 11/52.0 Mlle A Massin
G Nicot
160 2p2p3p4p2p5p6p3p3p3p 8.2 9.1

17 (4)
Living Desert GB

Dual winner from seventy six but has completely lost form and cannot be considered
Owner: Mlle I Dusautoir
Prize Money: €65,862

G 8/51.0 A Badel
S Labate
150 8p0p6p9p170p0p8p0p0p 19.0 38.0

18 (2)
Tiberio SPA

Four time winner from seventy seven and a chance if on a going day perhaps
Owner: Fx Belvisi
Prize Money: €0

G 8/51.0 M Michel
F X Belvisi
150 4p0p7p9p0p5p0p0p7p5p 9.9 13.0

Paris Turf

Just the small problem of an eighteen runner puzzle in this finale for punters! (9) ESTARQUEFIGUE may be somewhat more reliable than some of the others for today at least. The selection had a win at Salon-de-Provence earlier in the year and has run satisfactorily since. A strong case can be made for the joint topweight (1) PRINCESS EMMA. (5) ISSAUROMA and (6) ROYAL SPRING can produce decent efforts along with (7) ADAM'S PEAK.

Selection: 9-1-5-6-7