21 July 2018 4:15 Enghien Buenos-aires - Attele

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  • Race Distance:4150 m
  • No. of Runners: 10 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 120000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:45 16:18


As Dore FR

Unexceptional type that recently got back in the game. In a different league this time and not an obvious choice
Owner: Mme O Roffi-urano
Prize Money: €336,094

M 4150m 8 D Locqueneux
D Locqueneux
1aDa6aDaDa4aDm0m0a17 69.0 56.0

Glen Ord Superb FR

Made a solid Vincennes comeback mid-May but well beaten in both since and will need to find a lot more
Owner: Ecurie Olmenhof
Prize Money: €334,210

M 4150m 7 P Vercruysse
V Martens
6a0a2a177a9a7a6a6a3a 149.0 89.0

Aufor De Mire FR

Erratic but not without merit. Incurs no penalty and over this extended distance can get a look in
Owner: A F Bigeon
Prize Money: €348,780

G 4150m 8 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
9aDa3a0aDa6aDa172a9a 46.0 45.0

Cleangame FR

Nothing short of dynamic since late December. Never tested at this level or over the distance but given what he has shown recently he looks eminently capable of imposing
Owner: Ecurie Jean-michel Rancoule
Prize Money: €757,970

G 4175m 6 J M Bazire
J M Bazire
1a2a1a1a1a1a171aDaDa 1.1 1.4


Boeing Du Bocage FR

Has done nothing of note for some time and latest efforts leave a lot to be desired
Owner: Mme A Boisnard
Prize Money: €440,740

M 4175m 7 F Nivard
F Leblanc
DaDa4a0a177a7m0aDm0a 51.0 52.0

Unero Montaval FR

Versatile sort that ran second here last year. Has been in excellent form lately and will again have his chances
Owner: Mme B Chaudemanche
Prize Money: €495,280

G 4175m 10 G Gelormini
F Lercier
4a1aDm4a0a0a4a172a8a 24.0 19.0

Tony Gio FR

Undeniably capable but has not been at his most productive lately. Appreciates these longer trips though and can play a part
Owner: Scuderia Bivans Srl
Prize Money: €759,365

M 4175m 6 M Abrivard
V Martens
8a7a4a5a6a0a4a175a2a 44.0 31.0

Une Serenade FR

One of the most consistent horses in the field. Gets on like a house on fire with Raffin and can play a leading role
Owner: M Agostini
Prize Money: €762,643

F 4175m 10 E Raffin
S Peltier
1a2aDa4a2a2a173a1a2a 8.0 4.5


Arlington Dream FR

Significantly better horse in the other code. Returns from a spell and with shoes on from the second line will generate little interest
Owner: F Sauque
Prize Money: €1,042,100

G 4200m 8 Y Lebourgeois
P H Allaire
2m1mDa1m1m1m171m0aDm 50.0 32.0

Akim Du Cap Vert FR

No longer the horse he once was and is on the back line but drops in class and could pleasantly surprise
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €1,356,305

M 4200m 8 F Anne
F Anne
8a4a8a7a5a0a4a0a170a 21.0 15.0


Paris Turf

Highlight of the afternoon's proceedings and the exceptional (4) CLEANGAME looks set to score his sixth success of the season. He has never been tested beyond 3000m but in current form it is hard to envisage him not getting the trip. Bazire can nonetheless expect to encounter resistance from the superbly consistent (8) UNE SERENADE who won a Vincennes Class A with great courage last time out. Runner-up in this race twelve months ago (6) UNERO MONTAVAL appears to be back at his best and also looks competitively well in. (10) AKIM DU CAP VERT starts on the third line but the drop in class should see him figure more prominently this time.

Selection: 4-8-6-10