20 Jul 2018 3:25 Le Touquet Noeud Vincent Claiming

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  • Race Distance:2100 m
  • No. of Runners:8 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:55 15:25


1 (5)
Formi IRE

Yet to place in seven runs but has shown little snippets of hope for the future
Owner: P Le Solleu
Prize Money: €31,010

G 3/57.5 F Valle Skar
C&Y Lerner
235 5p6p9p0p8p0p176p 12.0 7.4

2 (3)
Chuck Bass FR

Unplaced on all four starts and will need to do a lot better here to get involved
Owner: Mlle S Lellouche
Prize Money: €0

G 3/57.5 S Bigot
L Rovisse
- 0p0p8p8p 32.0 32.0

3 (8)
Paris Paris GER

Placed in five of her eight runs and sure to be involved in the shake up
Owner: A Gaudu
Prize Money: €47,390

F 3/56.0 A Foulon
F Belmont
305 0p4p3p7p2p179p2p3p 2.2 2.6


4 (7)
Neff GER

Unplaced on both outings and does not look to have that much ability in the locker
Owner: Gestut Ebbesloh
Prize Money: €6,000

M 3/56.0 M Pelletan
P Schiergen
- 8p0p 13.0 6.1


5 (1)
Riva May FR

One win from fifteen starts.Looks exposed but this is very poor so might place
Owner: An Hollinshead
Prize Money: €20,350

F 3/56.0 Q Perrette
A Hollinshead
270 0p5p7p0p173p3p1p7p6p 15.0 10.0

6 (6)
New Horizons FR

Unplaced on both her outings and surely has very little hope here either
Owner: Mario Hofer Gmbh
Prize Money: €0

F 3/54.5 S Koyuncu
M Hofer
- 0p178p 6.4 10.0

7 (2)
Boudica's Heiress GB

Placed in two of her four starts and has shown enough in those to warrant respect
Owner: Mme M O'neill/s Sunderland
Prize Money: €11,975

F 3/54.5 J Smith
E J O'Neill
315 7p4p3p7p 4.0 4.4


8 (4)
Paulina Dream FR

Unplaced in all her five runs and is very difficult to fancy here today
Owner: E Thueux
Prize Money: €3,115

F 3/54.5 T Lefranc
E Thueux
- 0p9p5p9p170p 14.0 18.0

Paris Turf

This is a terrible looking claimer for three year old's and it looks pretty open too with none of the runners showing anything more than a modicum of ability in all starts. (7) BOUDICA'S HEIRESS has placed in two of her four runs and basically sets the standard on that form and might take care of the others who are headed up by (3) PARIS PARIS with some hope for (1) FORMI and (5) RIVA MAY.

Selection: 7-3-1-5