20 Jul 2018 1:05 Vichy Du Ris Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2000 m
  • No. of Runners:15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 12:35 13:15


1 (14)
Will Tune FR

Just the one success from fifteen but in form candidate and every chance despite top weight
Owner: T Asset-letort
Prize Money: €14,250

G 4/60.0 T Piccone
M Pitart
215 3p3p6p9p0p7p0p0p6p 5.1 4.2


2 (2)
Shakila Green FR

Only one success from forty nine but has been paced several other times also including third to Ice Man Star last time
Owner: J Van Der Weide
Prize Money: €69,550

F 6/60.0 A Crastus
J M Capitte
215 3p8p3p2p5p5p6p0p0p 13.0 9.8

3 (9)
Wild Fly FR

Four time winner from thirty seven including two of last four so another in form animal
Owner: Mme N Bonnaudet
Prize Money: €51,875

F 6/59.5 C Stefan
N Paysan
210 3p3p1p1p4p5p173p2p4p 5.1 5.5


4 (13)
Ice Man Star GER

Four time scorer from forty nine including last time out at Marseille-Vivaux against several of these
Owner: Le Haras De Fred
Prize Money: €129,586

M 6/59.5 F Foresi
F Foresi
210 1p5p7p2p6p7p0p3p1p0p 14.0 9.5

5 (6)
Vim FR

Triple winner from ninety three but out of form and not considered here
Owner: D Duglas
Prize Money: €110,400

G 7/59.0 P Dominois
C Boutin
205 0p0p8p0p5p9p0p1p1p7p 25.0 39.0

6 (1)
Speak Softly FR

Seven time winner from seventy four but form seems to be in a bit of a stall mode presently
Owner: Y Leroyer
Prize Money: €93,150

F 9/59.0 C Grosbois
T Poche
205 7p8p8p6p170p5p1p1p3p 18.0 21.0

7 (12)
Mind GB

Eight time victor from seventy two and close runner up to Ice Man Star last time
Owner: C Escuder
Prize Money: €99,600

G 7/58.5 N Perret
C Escuder
200 2p5p0p0p6p8p0p6p0p9p 8.8 8.1


8 (11)
Chancelier FR

Eight time winner from fifty six and fourth to Ice Man Star last time out so not ruled out
Owner: P Sigaud
Prize Money: €121,100

G 8/58.5 M Grandin
P Sigaud
200 4p0p170p0p0p0p1p1p3p 12.0 19.0

9 (4)
What A Story FR

Four times successful from seventy three but must better recent efforts to have any hope
Owner: C C Boutin
Prize Money: €79,850

G 6/57.5 J Auge
C Boutin
190 7p5p0p9p7p0p6p1p0p0p 18.0 25.0

10 (3)
Formentor FR

Dual scorer fro forty two and fifth to Ice Man Star last time out so in the mix
Owner: Gaby Mosse
Prize Money: €60,300

G 5/57.5 F Blondel
F Foresi
190 5p0p0p0p0p8p0p7p0p6p 12.0 13.0

11 (15)
Eastern Promise FR

Twice a winner from forty eight and has performed well in latest few runs so ruled in
Owner: T Poche
Prize Money: €61,030

F 6/57.5 Alex Roussel
T Poche
190 4p3p9p4p1p6p7p4p5p3p 9.7 10.0

12 (5)
Bachelors Walk FR

Still a maiden after fourteen runs but will not be breaking duck here for certain
Owner: L Paillard
Prize Money: €450

G 4/57.0 L Boisseau
T Poche
185 0p5h8p8p9p177p0pTp3p 41.0 70.0

13 (7)
Miharo FR

Fuve time scorer from seventy one and has just the one start so far this season
Owner: M Planard
Prize Money: €102,375

G 8/56.0 M Michel
M Planard
175 8p170p7p0p0p5p7p2p9p 21.0 20.0

14 (8)
Full Talent AUS

Is zero from twenty one and the percentage call is to definitely go against
Owner: C Mosse
Prize Money: €428,515

G 9/54.0 E Lacaille
C Mosse
155 9p4p0p6p0p2p0p0p0p0p 40.0 52.0

15 (10)
Electa Una Via FR

One win from thirty two and sixth behind Ice Man Star last time out in blanket finish
Owner: B Vives
Prize Money: €26,600

F 5/53.5 M Forest
B Vives
150 6p0p0p0p5p170p0p6p5p 48.0 51.0

Paris Turf

This is the first of four fifteen runner handicaps on what is a good card overall for punters to sift through.As will be the case later it could quiet easily pay to side with the proven top weights in all contests. (1) WILL TUNE can set the ball rolling in the correct direction having posted two solid thirds in his last few runs. The places can be fought out by horses that took each other on last time out and a blanket covered them that time so it will be close again between (7) MIND and (8) CHANCELIER plus (2) SHAKILA GREEN.

Selection: 1-7-8-2