13 July 2018 12:25 Saint Malo Www.federation-ouest.fr (gr B) - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2150 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 11:55 12:26


Francia Desbois FR

Unremarkable filly that was sanctioned in both racecourse appearances and can be confidently ruled out
Owner: Y Dousset
Prize Money: €0

F 2150m 3 B Chupin
Y Dousset
DaDa 48.0 57.0

Feticheur FR

Has just once respectable result to his name to date and can expect to have few takers
Owner: Ecurie Des Avaloirs
Prize Money: €1,170

G 2150m 3 V Royer
H Habart
Da7a4aDa 66.0 77.0

Ferrari Bleue FR

Encouraged on debut but has looked rather ordinary since and must find significantly more
Owner: Ecurie Alta Bleu
Prize Money: €1,460

F 2150m 3 T Thieulent
L Thieulent
9a5a8a4a 55.0 79.0

Full Music FR

Five races under her belt and yet to live up to expectations. Disregard
Owner: Mme N Roussel
Prize Money: €2,190

F 2150m 3 N Roussel
Alain Roussel
Da5aDa9a4a 18.0 16.0

Fenix Du Digeon FR

Not the most rewarding but encouraged at La Gacilly. Will however need to raise his game
Owner: W Bigeon
Prize Money: €23,450

G 2150m 3 W Bigeon
W Bigeon
4aDa6a4a 8.9 8.7

Fairly Verderie FR

Left a very good impression on debut at Lisieux before faulting at Questembert. Lebourgeois gets the nod here and could prove the surprise element
Owner: Ecurie D' Embeli
Prize Money: €19,810

F 2150m 3 Y Lebourgeois
Mme E Beller
Da2a 6.6 4.5


Full Life FR

Has more than once shown hints of ability and will have her supporters
Owner: Y Lizee
Prize Money: €9,520

F 2150m 3 Y Lizee
Y Lizee
5a2a6a8a 26.0 27.0

Florian Beco FR

Has shown respectable aptitude so far. Sanctioned last time but with more focus could trot into the money here
Owner: G Couge
Prize Money: €9,150

G 2150m 3 M Bezier
M Bezier
Da5a2a8a6a 12.0 13.0

Fierte D'ourville FR

Not the most productive of horses but regularly gives her best and should not be far off the mark
Owner: Ecurie Des Ajoncs
Prize Money: €7,870

F 2150m 3 D Vallee
D Vallee
5a6a5a4a3a7a9a 11.0 25.0

Filou De L'elle FR

In the frame in two of last three. Goes clockwise for the first time but a player all the same
Owner: Jacques Le Sayec
Prize Money: €18,340

M 2150m 3 F Joseph
F Joseph
5a3a3a6a 6.7 9.7

Foudre Manathis FR

Loyal filly so far. Proved herself right-handed mid-June and could well open her account this time
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Sionneau
Prize Money: €8,910

F 2150m 3 H Sionneau
H Sionneau
3a5a3a 4.0 3.3


Fripon D'ep FR

Has struggled with stride issues since his winning debut but Lamy has stayed faithful and must be respected
Owner: N Krouchi
Prize Money: €13,380

G 2150m 3 A Lamy
A Randon
GaDm0aDa1a 4.8 5.2


Paris Turf

Although yet to win a race (11) FOUDRE MANATHIS has given a fine account on each occasion and looks to have an ideal opportunity to lose her maiden tag. On paper (12) FRIPON D'EP may not be an obvious choice but he has evident ability and if Lamy has kept the faith one should take note. (10) FILOU DE L'ELLE makes his first appearance right-handed but has been relatively faithful so far and should be good enough to make the frame. (9) FIERTE D'OURVILLE is no star but tries hard and could pick up some scraps.

Selection: 11-12-10-9