13 Jul 2018 4:55 Senonnes-Pouance Groupe Pigeon Handicap

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  • Race Distance:2300 m
  • No. of Runners:16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 18000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:25 17:04


1 (2)
Speed Of Thought FR

Seven wins from fifty four and was in flying form when last seen in January
Owner: Jv Toux
Prize Money: €156,450

G 8/66.5 P Bazire
Jv Toux
315 2p174p2p1p7p7p0p8p3p 9.0 4.7


2 (6)
Faipassi Faipassa FR

Just the one win from twenty seven and basically looks out of form as such
Owner: Mme L Cordonnier
Prize Money: €38,450

G 5/65.0 J Nicoleau
Mme L Cordonnier
300 0p9p9p4p7p9p3p2p174p 22.0 29.0

3 (1)
Deserto FR

Four wins from forty five but can be difficult to predict so not put forward
Owner: Jn Bourgeais
Prize Money: €51,350

G 6/60.5 C Poirier
S gouyette
255 6p0p3p0p176p0p4p0p4p 26.0 44.0

4 (7)
Merci Merci FR

Off the mark on penultimate start of nine and maybe best forgive latest attempt
Owner: J Royer
Prize Money: €11,000

F 4/60.5 W Saraiva
C Restout
255 9p1p8p2p5p170p7p6p2p 11.0 8.9


5 (8)
Armyr FR

Seven wins from thirty five runs but is another that is hard to forecast at times
Owner: Ecurie R E
Prize Money: €102,905

G 6/60.0 M Androuin
Y Fertillet
250 6p1p8p0p6p0p9pAh173h 6.6 10.0

6 (5)
Mathonville FR

Dual winner from thirty four runs and much best to forgive below par effort last time
Owner: Mme Am Roux
Prize Money: €40,025

F 4/59.5 A Bourgeais
C Lecrivain
245 0p5p3p3p4p7p3p0p9p5p 12.0 11.0

7 (11)
Adiabate FR

Just the one success from twenty two outings but has run some creditable races besides
Owner: S Gouyette
Prize Money: €47,800

F 5/59.5 M Justum
S gouyette
245 6p5p3p6p173p5p3p7p6p 30.0 35.0

8 (4)
Atilla FR

Two time winner from sixty five runs and was runner up at Granville last time out
Owner: Mme V V Dn Broele
Prize Money: €117,210

G 6/59.0 Alex Roussel
N Leenders
240 2p8p7p5p4p8p3p7p4p5p 7.0 6.2


9 (13)
Barneteau FR

Has won a quarter of his dozen runs and could be interesting here coming in off a break
Owner: F Foucher
Prize Money: €3,515

G 7/58.5 J Cabre
F Foucher
235 177p3p1p3p1p3p7p4h 11.0 12.0

10 (15)
Got Tiger FR

Half a dozen wins from seventy stats but well out of form and not considered
Owner: M Baudy
Prize Money: €116,930

G 9/58.0 A Bernard
M Baudy
230 0p0p170p8p6p5p0p1p2p 19.0 45.0

11 (9)
Inclusive Lady FR

Placed in four of her dozen starts and was second last time out so that was better
Owner: J Uzel/j Moutel
Prize Money: €20,000

F 4/58.0 C Grosbois
J Jouin
230 2p6p5p6p177p6p6p2p3p 15.0 12.0

12 (12)
Hurrisept FR

Unplaced in all four runs and looks to have a very large task on here today
Owner: X Richard
Prize Money: €0

G 4/57.5 L Boisseau
X Richard
225 7p178p0p0p 34.0 62.0

13 (3)
Speculator FR

One win from thirty five but ran poorly on return after a year off and questions to answer now
Owner: Scea Des Sens
Prize Money: €49,400

G 7/57.0 A Fouassier
B Letourneux
220 0p174p1p5p2p2p2p7p5p 14.0 13.0

14 (16)
Fee D'Artois FR

Five time winner from thirty six and maybe each way is very best hope in this
Owner: Jf Jung/c Green/v Vigouroux
Prize Money: €113,360

F 6/56.5 L Oger
Mlle C Nicot
215 4p0p0p4p0p1p170p8p7p 8.4 11.0

15 (10)
Old Chap FR

One success from fifteen but very lightly raced in recent seasons and is overlooked
Owner: Ecurie Pierre Merienne Sc
Prize Money: €16,400

G 7/55.0 Q Gaignard
J Merienne
200 174h0p6p15Th5p6h149h 95.0 102.0

16 (14)
Chaolini FR

Five time scorer from ninety six including last time out at Morlaix but this tougher
Owner: A Renault
Prize Money: €93,725

G 9/52.0 D Boche
A Renault
170 1pDp3p6p0p0p5p4p172p 15.0 18.0

Paris Turf

This big field handicap is certainly no gimmie for punters so a small investment only is the advice on (4) MERCI MERCI who got off the mark on her penultimate start at Morlaix before a sub standard performance last time at Corlay. That run is best ignored and she is taken to account for (6) MATHONVILLE who also blew out last time. (2) FAIPASSI FAIPASSA and (1) SPEED OF THOUGHT are also interesting along with (14) FEE D'ARTOIS.

Selection: 4-6-2-1-14