13 Jul 2018 4:25 Senonnes-Pouance Foret Araize Maiden Stakes

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  • Race Distance:2300 m
  • No. of Runners:15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 15:55 16:31


1 (2)
Montgeoffroy FR

Runner up on debut here early last month and could be one to get seriously involved here
Owner: R Zueger
Prize Money: €9,680

G 3/58.0 C Grosbois
Joel Boisnard
- 2p 8.0 5.5


2 (3)
Going For Glory FR

Placed once in her four runs and needs to offer up some more here today
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €20,700

F 3/56.5 Alex Roussel
E Libaud
295 0p8p0p173p 13.0 12.0

3 (14)
Days Of Old GB

Placed in two of her three runs and sets the standard here for others to aim at
Owner: Godolphin SNC
Prize Money: €7,400

F 3/56.5 S Saadi
H A Pantall
345 4p7p2p 6.6 4.1


4 (12)
School Teacher FR

She has placed in both her outings and definitely has place prospects here
Owner: Pr Spiller
Prize Money: €11,400

F 3/56.5 S Martino
E Libaud
- 4p2p 8.2 7.6

5 (1)
Sri La Frime FR

One place from three outings and will do better in handicaps later on
Owner: M Chevalier
Prize Money: €15,525

G 3/56.0 B Hubert
P&F Monfort
- 9p3p0p8p 30.0 50.0

6 (13)
Nid D'ange FR

A newcomer by George Vancouver who will do better when handicapped down the road
Owner: Ecurie Des Anges Earl
Prize Money: €1,400

G 3/56.0 J Cabre
J Merienne
- 20.0 31.0

7 (11)
Game Night FR

Finished eighth on debut at Argentan and will do better further in time
Owner: Jc Laisis
Prize Money: €2,250

G 3/56.0 Y Barille
N Leenders
- 8p 30.0 49.0

8 (4)
Lyneham FR

Third on debut which was good but not in same form next time. Will be winning in time
Owner: Snowdrop Stud Co Ltd
Prize Money: €3,825

G 3/56.0 Mlle A Massin
Jv Toux
- 8p3p 14.0 10.0

9 (10)
Fee Morgane FR

A newcomer by Evasive and does not exactly leap of the page here for win purposes
Owner: C Barel
Prize Money: €0

F 3/54.5 D Boche
C Lecrivain
- 41.0 71.0

10 (9)
Line Beroya FR

A newcomer by Enrique and will be better suited to handicaps in the future
Owner: Mlle M Bruere
Prize Money: €0

F 3/54.5 M Eon
Mlle M Bruere
- 34.0 64.0

11 (7)
Restless IRE

Sixth on debut at Saint-Cloud and will improve for that experience and go well
Owner: Ecurie Skymarc Farm
Prize Money: €28,410

F 3/54.5 T Bachelot
S Wattel
- 6p 4.2 5.3


12 (5)
Fleche Baie FR

Finished sixth on debut at Morlaix and will need major step up from that
Owner: R Eleouet
Prize Money: €0

F 3/54.5 A Bernard
Y Fertillet
- 6p 31.0 39.0

13 (6)
Mandfield FR

Came in ninth on debut at Deauville but that effort will need much improving on
Owner: P Fleurie
Prize Money: €0

F 3/54.5 C Poirier
P Fleurie
- 9p 22.0 50.0

14 (8)
Fleur De La Roque FR

A newcomer by Fuisse and is another that will be doing better when handicapped
Owner: J Merienne
Prize Money: €900

F 3/54.5 Q Perrette
J Merienne
- 69.0 72.0

15 (15)
Nada Igual IRE

Finished sixth on both her starts showing plenty of promise in the process
Owner: Suc De Moratalla
Prize Money: €11,900

F 3/54.5 M Androuin
J Doucet
- 6p176p 7.1 9.4

Paris Turf

The big connections of Godolphin and Henri-Alex Pantall can solve the puzzle to this well entered up maiden for three year olds in the shape of (3) DAYS OF OLD who has placed in two of her three runs but showed enough ability in those to suggest a run of the mill affair such as this will prove to be well within her compass range. (15) NADA IGUAL has also shown ability and can take second. (11) RESTLESS and (1) MONTGEOFFROY can slot into the places.

Selection: 3-15-11-1