13 July 2018 9:36 Cabourg Dozule - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 44000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 21:06 21:38


Caid FR

Did struggle in only Mpounted race this year. Needs major improvement to win
Owner: Michel Soulenq
Prize Money: €130,970

G 2750m 6/67.0 A Dabouis
D Mottier
6aDm8a4a178a8a0a0a0a 20.0 23.0

Bastingage FR

Disappointing form this year. Has won at this track so annot be completely dismissed away
Owner: G Cardine
Prize Money: €123,820

G 2750m 7/67.0 F Lagadeuc
L Danielo
DmDm2mDm0a171mDm1m1m 11.0 13.0

Doyale For D'Am FR

Not disgraced when sixth in latest start. Had been in good form and should go close
Owner: Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €156,360

F 2750m 5/57.0 R Marty
J Mer
6m2m1m2m6m1m0a5m5m17 5.4 4.8


Castanella FR

Modest form this year and needs to find a few lengths to win
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €186,030

F 2750m 6/67.0 Mme D Beaufils Ernault
S Ernault
0m4m7m172m3m2m3m2m0a 39.0 44.0

Capucine D'Avril FR

Battling to find winning form at the moment. GTries her luck in a Mounted raceIh
Owner: Ed Coubard-meunier
Prize Money: €134,560

F 2750m 6/67.0 A Abrivard
E D Coubard-Meunier
7a0a6a3a4a0a6a2a17Da 9.1 8.5


Celeste Dry FR

Ignore last run. Did well in this discipline before that and should fight out the finish
Owner: Ecurie Dry
Prize Money: €162,450

F 2750m 6/67.0 Y Lebourgeois
T Le Beller
0a1a2m5a8a174a2aDa1a 3.4 2.9


Cambo Majyc FR

Very unreliabe but is quite capable of winning a race like this. Respect
Owner: Ecurie D M Mottier
Prize Money: €205,250

G 2750m 6/67.0 M Mottier
D Mottier
Dm6m1mDm171m4mamDmDm 12.0 14.0

Bodega Cheneviere FR

Has struggled this year and needs major improvement to win this race.Tries her luck in a Mounted race
Owner: N Barboni
Prize Money: €178,930

F 2775m 7/57.0 A Rebeche
L Gaborit
9aDa0a8a9a5a0a4a8a4a 27.0 34.0

Defi Des Pistes FR

Returns from a break but does have a winning. Has been in very good form
Owner: A Melosi
Prize Money: €192,840

G 2775m 5/67.0 A Lamy
G Moinon
3m2m171m1m1mDa0a3m5a 8.4 8.9

Afrique FR

Has held her form all year and should finish in the money once again. Chance
Owner: Ecurie J Cl Hallais
Prize Money: €210,020

F 2775m 8/55.0 Mlle M Asseline
J W Hallais
3m4m1m2m4m3m0m0a17Dm 13.0 16.0

Axola D'Ablon FR

Only modest form shown this year and needs to find a few lengths to win
Owner: Ecurie Nicolas Dromigny
Prize Money: €232,160

F 2775m 8/55.0 Mlle Ch Callico
N Dromigny
6m8m5m9m5m8m17Dm8m7m 35.0 45.0

Ultra Tivoli FR

Good third in latest at this track. More needed to win but could place
Owner: Ph Barbier
Prize Money: €289,580

G 2775m 10/55.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
F Terry
3m0m2m0a6mDa9m17Dm9a 29.0 31.0

Bambina Du Parc FR

bounced back to form to win latest start. Needs to confirm that form but not out of it
Owner: B Hue
Prize Money: €254,370

F 2775m 7/57.0 G Gervais
M Hue
1m6a6a0m5m4m170a6m6m 15.0 16.0

Paris Turf

(6) CELESTE DRY likes this course. Barefoot and ready for this race she could be the one to beat. (3) DOYALE FOR D'AM likes a flat course and this right-handed track will suit. A big danger. (10) AFRIQUE and (13) BAMBINA DU PARC usually give of their best and are in with a winning chance as well. It is a very competitive field.

Selection: 6-3-10-13