13 July 2018 7:40 Cabourg D'avranches - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2750 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 32000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:10 19:46


Cite Magik FR

Battling at the minute and unlikely to pose a threat on current form. Outsider despite front-row berth
Owner: Mlle J Lemonnier
Prize Money: €58,250

F 2750m 6 Th Beauchene
Mlle M a Goetz
7a0aDa0a17Da0a9a8a7a 50.0 113.0

Diagana Sport FR

Winner and twice 2nd in three starts this term. On the up - can be competitive
Owner: O Horvath
Prize Money: €64,420

F 2750m 5 Ph Daugeard
P H Daugeard
4a2a1a2a17Da4a6a0m0a 5.5 4.9


Dame De Tillard FR

Capable mare when in the mood but recent outings do little to inspire confidence
Owner: Ecurie Franck Harel
Prize Money: €60,110

F 2750m 5 F Lagadeuc
F Harel
DaDaDaDm2a7a0a3a5a4a 24.0 35.0

Dolce Vita Quick FR

Talented filly who seldom disappoints. Races fully shod so may be best to pass over
Owner: Ecurie Quick Star
Prize Money: €90,070

F 2750m 5 P Chevrier
M Esper
6aDa1a2a2a1a9a172aDa - -


Dryade De Nganda FR

Gave a respectable account at Caen last time but is in better company here. Not a priority
Owner: Ecurie Passion
Prize Money: €92,890

F 2750m 5 E Guiblais
A Buisson
4a7a5a0a17Da8a4a7a8a 29.0 38.0

Daphne Clemaxelle FR

Won at Argentan in January but not on the podium since and unlikely to trouble the judge here
Owner: G Lecellier
Prize Money: €47,700

F 2750m 5 D Armellini
D Armellini
6a0a6a0a5aDaDa6aDa1a 24.0 51.0

Caresse FR

Tricky sort. Pleased just once in five starts at Caen and not a priority here on recent form
Owner: Ecurie Delsee
Prize Money: €68,200

F 2750m 6 S Ernault
S Ernault
Da7a7a2a4a172a0a2aDa - -


Danae D'ela FR

Returned to her best after winter break. Disqualified last time but can challenge for a spot in the frame
Owner: E Pierre
Prize Money: €65,560

F 2750m 5 J Ph Borodajko
J Ph Borodajko
Da1a2a9a5a171a4m4a3a 10.0 9.0

Dolopia De Chenu FR

Has been in excellent form this term. Won well at Vichy earlier this year and another honest performance expected
Owner: Ecurie Franck Pellerot
Prize Money: €67,700

F 2750m 5 P Pellerot
F Pellerot
4a1a4a2a4a8a172a1aDa 11.0 12.0

Comete Royale FR

Got back in the game at Mauquenchy three starts ago but has failed to reproduce that form. Unlikely threat
Owner: F Lafollet
Prize Money: €48,600

F 2750m 6 Tanguy Devouassoux
T H Devouassoux
0a0a7a3a7a170a6a9a7a 37.0 73.0

Carla Des Caraibes FR

Regular earner but is a long-time maiden. Place chance at best in this line-up
Owner: F Pourrier
Prize Money: €78,430

F 2750m 6 D m Olivier
D M Olivier
4a5a2a3a7a2a0a8a5a17 22.0 35.0

Cambada D'or FR

Appears to have lost her way this campaign. Barefoot for the occasion but best watched for now
Owner: A P Schmitt
Prize Money: €54,530

F 2750m 6 T Le Beller
A P Schmitt
9a5a0a0a0a9a174a1a1a 23.0 32.0

Cote D'Azur FR

Has ability but is erratic and recent efforts do little to inspire confidence
Owner: J Van Eeckhaute
Prize Money: €77,140

F 2775m 6 A Abrivard
J Van Eeckhaute
0a0aDa2a6a1aDa0a17Da 10.0 12.0

Danika De Court FR

On a good run this year and is reined by a top driver here. Should be competitive
Owner: M Courtecuisse
Prize Money: €94,220

F 2775m 5 D Thomain
S Houyvet
5a1a2a7a6a4a3a2a175a 6.6 6.7


Datcha FR

Rarely disappoints when applied. Drops in class and can play a leading role
Owner: Ecurie Comte P De Montesson
Prize Money: €103,500

F 2775m 5 Y Lebourgeois
E Ruault
5a0aDa1a7a3aDa4a6a17 6.7 3.7


Deesse Saint Bar FR

Complicated but has considerable talent and with application should not disappoint
Owner: Y Dousset
Prize Money: €112,450

F 2775m 5 A Lamy
Y Dousset
9a3a7aDa1aDa172aDa4a 8.1 7.3

Paris Turf

(16) DEESSE SAINT BAR flopped in Paris last time out but must not be condemned for display. On earlier form she could well make amends in this company. In-form (14) DANIKA DE COURT is likely to provide stiff competition if reproducing recent efforts while (15) DATCHA can also make her presence felt back on a flat track which she thrives on. A case can also be made for (8) DANAE D'ELA and (2) DIAGANA SPORT who have chances too from the front row.

Selection: 16-14-15-8-2