12 July 2018 3:15 Amiens Ultra Ducal - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:45 15:04


1 (1)
Derby Box FR

Intermittently makes his presence felt. Reassured in a minor event recently but still looks to have a mountain to climb
Owner: Ecurie De Lingreville
Prize Money: €101,090

G 2400m 5 P Y Verva
F Harel
4aDa0a3a8a0a170a3a0a 5.3 5.1


2 (2)
Coucou Mon Neveu FR

Hardy sort that consistently gives his best and while unlikely to win can still make the first five
Owner: Union Stable
Prize Money: €59,993

G 2400m 6 J Van Den Putte Jr
G Pollaert
6a4a3a5a6a3a6a2a5a5a 13.0 12.0

3 (3)
Dario De La Besvre FR

Can prove a handful but otherwise seldom disappoints and with application can make the most of his place behind the car
Owner: Mlle C Leclercq
Prize Money: €57,890

G 2400m 5 M Verva
Mlle C Leclercq
Da1a2a1a3aDaDa1a175a 9.8 8.4

4 (4)
Diego Du Houlet FR

Serious type and in top form. Would have finished closer at Enghien last time had he not suffered interference and can more than make amends
Owner: R Vatinet
Prize Money: €99,520

G 2400m 5 L Verva
L Verva
6a1a1a2a3a179a9aDa0a 7.4 7.4

5 (5)
Cash Mali FR

Lost his way at the end of last year and has picked up this season where he left off
Owner: Th Lejeune
Prize Money: €69,790

G 2400m 6 Ch Heslouin
H Daougabel
Da0a8a5aDaDa9a176a7a 50.0 53.0

6 (6)
Django Gibus FR

Not the most dependable but is solid when focused and can get a look in
Owner: Ecurie Club Rmc
Prize Money: €55,950

G 2400m 5 F Anne
F Anne
6a4a7a3a6a7a4a9a170a 4.6 5.5


7 (7)
Cocktail Chef FR

Modest sort that has consistently blotted his copybook for past two years and has no realistic chance
Owner: W Coysman
Prize Money: €56,113

M 2400m 6 L Roelens
W Coysman
Da5aDm9mDa6a0a17Da0m 82.0 66.0

8 (8)
Dilf De Chamant FR

Excellent campaigner when applied. Winner of his only start at the venue and looks just to have the edge here
Owner: P D Paillot
Prize Money: €57,670

G 2400m 5 D Parling
D Parling
2aDa3a7a175a7aDaDa4a 7.6 8.5

9 (9)
Cristal Des Hayes FR

Has been on a superb run for the past 15 months and should again play a leading role
Owner: Mme C De Soete
Prize Money: €66,368

G 2400m 6 K Depuydt
Mme Carine De Soete
3a2a2a2a1aRa4a2aDaDa 7.9 6.7


10 (10)
Champ Winner FR

Useful trotter but tends to show more in the claiming division and others preferred
Owner: Mlle L Van Bael
Prize Money: €61,575

G 2400m 6 N D'haenens
Mlle L Van Bael
2a7a4a6a2a3a17Da7a2a 23.0 28.0

11 (11)
Charly D'ommeel FR

Gave a decent account here last month. Always gives his best but no more than an outside chance
Owner: B Payet
Prize Money: €57,510

G 2400m 6 F Ouvrie
Mlle Ch Delamare
6a5a4a9a4a0a173a7aDa 14.0 14.0

12 (12)
Diamant D'isques FR

Has failed to produce the goods since winning at Reims during the spring and can be passed over
Owner: Stal Campus Rpf
Prize Money: €53,990

M 2400m 5 Rik Depuydt
Mme Carine De Soete
Da8aDaDa1a0a2aDa0a17 - -


13 (13)
Coquin De Cessevil FR

Back at the top of his game following a very lean streak and in spite of the draw can still put on a good show
Owner: D Ch Delaunay
Prize Money: €55,340

G 2400m 6 C Godard
G Delaunay
1a3a2aDm9m173a0a4a0a 32.0 30.0

14 (14)
Colorado Telbe FR

Has failed to make the frame in 11 starts this year and is not about to buck the trend
Owner: P Dessartre
Prize Money: €60,680

G 2400m 6 F Lecanu
P Dessartre
5m0a5a7a4aDa0a4a4a0a 30.0 29.0

Paris Turf

(8) DILF DE CHAMANT is on his way back up following a moderate start to the season and while seldom seen right-handed he has already won under these conditions and can do so again. It will be no easy task though given the presence of the ultra-consistent (9) CRISTAL DES HAYES who has trotted into the frame in the last 19 races he has finished. (3) DARIO DE LA BESVRE can occasionally lack discipline but he is in superb form and the draw can only work to his advantage. The recently unlucky (4) DIEGO DU HOULET is also well-placed in front and will appreciate returning to the provinces.

Selection: 8-9-3-4