12 July 2018 2:45 Amiens Mon Tourbillon - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 14:15 14:39


1 (1)
Douce Illusion FR

Has just once made any impact under harness. Here for a change of scenery and no threat
Owner: F Criado
Prize Money: €54,800

F 2400m 5 B Masseguin
F Criado
DmDm6mDm8mDm7mDm7m17 75.0 57.0

2 (2)
Dream Filly FR

Has done nothing but improve of late. Was given a short breather following her Meslay win and should have a good hand to play
Owner: Ecurie Fac
Prize Money: €55,550

F 2400m 5 J F Senet
S Roger
1a4a7a8a4a2a7a17Dm0a 11.0 7.7


3 (3)
Darquana Du Nord FR

Drops marginally back in class following a decent Vincennes effort and given her spot in front will be hard to ignore
Owner: S Watelet
Prize Money: €99,210

F 2400m 5 M Verva
M Verva
5a5a17Da7a4aDa9a0aDa 11.0 12.0

4 (4)
Douceur Du Chene FR

Excellent servant that is unbeaten at Amiens. Comes here fresh and from the 4-spot can make this her own
Owner: Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €162,590

F 2400m 5 J R Declercq
J Mer
3a1a7a2a2a4a172a1a4a 4.8 4.2


5 (5)
Danseuse De Flam FR

Reassured at Saint-Brieuc last time following a lean streak and with form maintained could get a look in
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €63,070

F 2400m 5 F Lecanu
C H Dreux
3a9aDa0a0a176a1a2a9a 10.0 11.0

6 (6)
Diguedor FR

Returns to the provinces after a failed Vincennes bid and in present condition looks a player
Owner: Ecurie Brindor
Prize Money: €125,105

F 2400m 5 F Ouvrie
C H Ecalard
9a4a1a2a1a5a0a9a172a 8.9 6.9


7 (7)
Daffodil Jab FR

Good dual-purpose trotter that left a fine impression at Caen on penultimate start and a similar effort would see her go close
Owner: G Moinon
Prize Money: €73,155

F 2400m 5 G Moinon
G Moinon
6a2a4m8a2m4m0a9m4a6a 12.0 12.0

8 (8)
Devise Du Vivier FR

Showed more last time under harness before acquitting herself well in the other code. Hind shoes off again and one to note
Owner: Ch Germain
Prize Money: €0

F 2400m 5 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
5m2a0a5aDaDa176m0a4m 7.4 9.9

9 (9)
Carla Du Vivier FR

Well beaten in all three starts since the spring break and needs to reaffirm
Owner: Ecurie Ostheimer
Prize Money: €64,010

F 2400m 6 N D'haenens
V Lacroix
9a8a0a7a3a173a0a8a2a 33.0 37.0

10 (10)
Desira Swift FR

Kicked the year off with a triple but disappointing for the most part since. Disregard
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €56,330

F 2400m 5 F Anne
F Anne
DaDa0a6a2a8a1a1a1a17 12.0 13.0

11 (11)
Da La Tarta FR

Clearly useful but lost her way late last year and has yet to convince this term
Owner: G Cantin
Prize Money: €54,470

F 2400m 5 P Y Verva
G Verva
0a8aDa8a177a6a1a2aDa 30.0 33.0

12 (12)
Clear Water Spring FR

Well-campaigned mare that has done nothing of note this year and can be ruled out
Owner: S Marquet
Prize Money: €54,340

F 2400m 6 A Marquet
A Marquet
Da7a5a9a0a8a0a178a0a 90.0 74.0

13 (13)
Darling D'Hermine FR

Has ample talent but blows hot and cold. Has just one race in her and appears to need another outing
Owner: Ch Simplice
Prize Money: €51,670

F 2400m 5 G Delaune
S Guarato
Da4m1mDaDa175aDa1aDa 15.0 17.0

14 (14)
Charlotte Maza FR

Has three races in her this term. Goes barefoot for the occasion but the wide second-line draw does her no favours
Owner: Ecurie Du Maza
Prize Money: €50,530

F 2400m 6 L Verva
C H Douillet
8aaaDa171a4a6a7a0a16 7.2 9.8

Paris Turf

(4) DOUCEUR DU CHENE has been in cracking form since the start of the year and with her preferred driver at the helm will take all the beating. She can nonetheless expect to encounter resistance from the hardy (7) DAFFODIL JAB whose latest right-handed performance did not go unnoticed. (6) DIGUEDOR failed to fire in Paris last time but returns to the provinces where she seldom lets the side down. (2) DREAM FILLY picked up the win at Meslay late last month and will not be far off the mark.

Selection: 4-7-6-2