12 July 2018 1:15 Amiens Vernet - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 12:45 13:08


Ali The King FR

Undeniably capable but very delicate. Can play an active role though if he can keep his action together
Owner: P Hawas
Prize Money: €83,280

G 2400m 8/55.0 M Grumetz
P Hawas
Dm3mDm2mDmDm17DmDaDm 17.0 24.0

Va Vite De Caro FR

Very disappointing since returning in the spring and has no realistic chance
Owner: C Chaineux
Prize Money: €83,795

G 2400m 9/55.0 M Legros
C Chaineux
9a6m9m6a9a9aDmaa17am 56.0 83.0

Arabole Du Varlet FR

Last made any impact in either code six months ago and is unlikely to influence the outcome
Owner: B Dupuis
Prize Money: €109,180

F 2400m 8/55.0 Mlle Ch Zydlowski
M Dupuis
Dm7m7m0a4m9m7m0m4m9m 52.0 83.0

Aigle Royal FR

Decent trotter when focused. Should be fully fit by now and with shoes off for the occasion should not be too far off the mark
Owner: Pascal Laurent
Prize Money: €108,580

G 2400m 8/55.0 Mlle Ch Callico
J M Legros
0a0a170m2m0m0m2m8m0m 17.0 24.0

Chipie De Fokissar FR

Like a horse reborn over last two months. Comes here on a four-timer and looks eminently capable of pulling it off
Owner: I Da Costa Ribeiro
Prize Money: €115,050

F 2400m 6/57.0 A Rebeche
J M Legros
1m1m1mDa0aDaDa7aDa17 1.9 1.6


Amardo FR

Winless in 33 starts under the saddle and latest form leaves a lot to be desired
Owner: D Brohier
Prize Money: €115,850

G 2400m 8/55.0 Mlle M Morandeau
D Brohier
8mDm5m0aDm170m3m0aDa 46.0 69.0

Volubilis Rose FR

Seldom far from the action when applied. Has previously won under these conditions and must be afforded respect
Owner: Horse Racing Team
Prize Money: €118,800

G 2400m 9/55.0 Mlle C Marchand
P Hende
0a8a6m4m0a0a2a8a3m17 53.0 75.0

Bali Du Pouet Doux FR

Put in two superb efforts last month and after prepping under harness returns to her code of preference with a good hand to play
Owner: Y Langenaeken
Prize Money: €134,160

F 2400m 7/55.0 Mlle Ch Breard Hermelin
Mme G Masschaele
0a1m2m4a8a6m8m4m8a8m 16.0 18.0

Aphrodite D'opale FR

Has no references in the specialty but appreciates Amiens and will have her supporters
Owner: Franoeeeois Tison
Prize Money: €138,260

F 2400m 8/55.0 Mlle E Desmigneux
A Garandeau
3a4a4a6a0a179a0a7a1a 21.0 32.0

Altesse D'Ardennes FR

Sanctioned on only appearance under the saddle but is in decent shape and if ability transitions she could get a look in
Owner: L Housselin
Prize Money: €136,080

F 2400m 8/55.0 E Herbeau
M Dollet
4a7a5a2a8aDa6a6a176a 56.0 48.0

Colibri Madrik FR

Hardy sort in this branch of the business. Is barefoot again and is not incapable of imposing
Owner: G Ligeron
Prize Money: €151,750

G 2400m 6/57.0 Mlle O Briand
G Ligeron
8a1m0a4m5m3m3m0a177m 5.0 4.8


Amiral De Beaulieu FR

Has never shown any aptitude for the ridden game and in present form will have nothing to offer
Owner: Ph Rouer
Prize Money: €161,710

G 2400m 8/55.0 Mlle Z Hubaut
P H Rouer
7a8aaa9a0a7a8a1a2a7a 37.0 60.0

Vibrato Eleven FR

Has previously won under harness but has done nothing of note this season and unlikely to shake things up
Owner: Ecurie Aurmath
Prize Money: €134,660

G 2400m 9/55.0 Antoine Morin
S T Meunier
Da0a0a7a0a175m1a6a0a 60.0 93.0

Volpone D'Argentan FR

Has turned a corner since returning to racing barefoot. Currently at the top of his game and looks a serious contender
Owner: P L Rousseau
Prize Money: €156,510

G 2400m 9/55.0 J Cerisier
P L Rousseau
2m4m5m1m4m6m170m2m8m 9.8 9.6


Paris Turf

Since returning to her code of preference early May the classy (5) CHIPIE DE FOKISSAR has won three on the trot going right-handed and with Rebeche back in the saddle is expected to maintain her unbeaten run. (11) COLIBRI MADRIK is no slouch in the specialty either and can apply the pressure if he can reproduce his Agen performance. The reinvigorated (8) BALI DU POUET DOUX remains shod but is still good enough to finish in the frame. (14) VOLPONE D'ARGENTAN left a very good impression at Laval two weeks ago and will also have his chances.

Selection: 5-11-8-14