11 July 2018 6:10 Beaumont-de-lomagne Son Pardo - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 17000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:40 18:14


1 (1)
Cacao Maria FR

Has been in modest form this year and looks hard to fancy despite the good draw
Owner: D Beaumert
Prize Money: €59,360

G 2400m 6 M Tourteau
J p Lecourt
8a8a2a0aDa3a2a7a7a8a 17.0 37.0

2 (2)
Cherie Du Plessis FR

One fourth place from six runs this year and despite the good draw can be overlooked
Owner: Ecurie Les Tilleuls
Prize Money: €53,780

F 2400m 6 V Cabos
F Terry
7aDaDm4a6m0a17DaDm2a 20.0 47.0

3 (3)
Calinou Du Bleuet FR

Useful performer in the province and with a good draw today. Has it all to prove under these conditions though
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €53,090

G 2400m 6 Y Henry
Y Henry
4a2a0a1a6a7a4a1a6m1a 6.2 4.5


4 (4)
Curious Dream FR

Not sighted in six outings this season and is unlikely to garner much support
Owner: Ecurie Duem
Prize Money: €64,480

G 2400m 6 F Marty
K Yemeloun
aa8m7a8aDaDa170a9a3a 16.0 29.0

5 (5)
Crazy Bomb FR

Won a claimer at Saint-Galmier last April but has lost her form since then
Owner: Mme Sylvie Humbert
Prize Money: €50,160

F 2400m 6 N Vimond
N Vimond
7a0aDa1aDm4aDaDa17Da 10.0 14.0

6 (6)
Castor Madrik FR

Has shown signs of resurgence in last three starts and from this good draw can run into the money
Owner: J Seche
Prize Money: €53,960

G 2400m 6 J p Lagenebre
J P Lagenebre
5a5a2a0a0a0a170a3a2a 11.0 10.0

7 (7)
Cochise FR

Smart horse in the other code but is unlikely to shake things up here
Owner: G Champie
Prize Money: €51,220

G 2400m 6 P M Manceau
P M Manceau
Dm8a173m4m0a3m7a5m5m 20.0 42.0

8 (8)
Calio Josselyn FR

Ran a better race than placing suggests at Salon last time and can be shortlisted
Owner: Ch Faivre Pierret
Prize Money: €57,220

G 2400m 6 G R Huguet
G R Huguet
4a6a3a7a179aDa9a0aDa 5.3 4.2


9 (9)
Conquete Pennoise FR

Had some form in 2016 before going missing for a year. Disqualified on a regular basis since back in action
Owner: S Bouisson
Prize Money: €45,150

F 2400m 6 S Bouisson
S Bouisson
Da0a8aDaDaDaDaDa17Da 63.0 91.0

10 (10)
Canto De Bertrange FR

Down the field on both starts this term and looks hard to fancy under these conditions
Owner: P Veyrac
Prize Money: €42,540

G 2400m 6 R Lacroix
R Lacroix
0a0a178a4a4a6a0a5a7a 64.0 97.0

11 (11)
Casting Dancer FR

A proven sort on both codes but disappointed last time and has a bit to prove at present
Owner: J Y Hurel
Prize Money: €30,040

G 2400m 6 M Criado
J Y Hurel
7a1m0mDaDaRa175a6a3a 12.0 11.0

12 (12)
Clyde FR

Posted two fair efforts in the spring but sanctioned twice since then and has a bit to prove
Owner: R W Denechere
Prize Money: €48,660

G 2400m 6 R W Denechere
R W Denechere
DaDm3a3aDa9a6aDm17Da 26.0 21.0

13 (13)
Corsica Sky FR

Slightly disappointing last two times but was in good form prior to that. Don't discount
Owner: J F Tuffery
Prize Money: €47,100

F 2400m 6 P Gesret
S Zamparo
4aDm1a6a3a3mDa178a0a 15.0 17.0

14 (14)
Chimene Du Dollar FR

In very good form recently racing unshod and is one to monitor
Owner: J L Coupe
Prize Money: €42,750

F 2400m 6 A Barre
A Barre
3aDa3a7a4a2a1aDa8a17 12.0 11.0

15 (15)
Coeur De Dypp FR

Has been struggling for a couple of years and is unlikely to win this race
Owner: Mme D Collin
Prize Money: €55,260

G 2400m 6 M Hanquier
M Hanquier
9a0aDa170a160aDa0a0a 27.0 58.0

16 (16)
Caleb D'Acier FR

Regularly in the thick of things in this division. Won well at the venue last time out. Player
Owner: Y Lucas
Prize Money: €53,270

G 2400m 6 F Clozier
F Clozier
1a5a4a172a3a2a7a3a4a 10.0 7.4


Paris Turf

(8) CALIO JOSSELYN would have definitely finished closer last time at Salon had he enjoyed a clear run in the home stretch. He is given another chance and gets the vote ahead of (16) CALEB D'ACIER who had plenty of time to recharge his battery since his last winning start at the venue. Unshod behind this time again (13) CORSICA SKY looks a sound place prospect.

Selection: 8-16-13-3-6