11 July 2018 4:40 Beaumont-de-lomagne Meadowland - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2550 m
  • No. of Runners: 13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 16:10 16:37


Vistane De Plany FR

Triumphed at Agen-Le Passage in February but has since gradually lost her way
Owner: L Guitton
Prize Money: €104,840

F 2550m 9 M Tourteau
M Tourteau
0aDaaa4a3a1aDa174a0a 41.0 41.0

2 A
Black FR

Consistent sort at lower grade but still can grab a place if things go his own way
Owner: Ecurie Les Tilleuls
Prize Money: €115,680

G 2550m 7 Cedric Terry
F Terry
4a4a2a1a4a4a8a170a8a 8.7 9.0

3 A
Binky FR

Ran a good race on re-entry at the end of April but flopped in next four outings
Owner: Ecurie Les Tilleuls
Prize Money: €122,290

G 2550m 7 V Cabos
F Terry
Da0aDa9a3a170aDa4a0a 32.0 42.0

Cow Boy Griff FR

Seldom wins races and will need favorable circumstances to make the frame
Owner: Ecurie Goee|rard Marty
Prize Money: €131,600

M 2550m 6 F Marty
G Marty
5a0m3a6aDm3a9a170a7a 15.0 13.0

Addax Du Vivier FR

Completely out of the picture since last March and must get his house in order
Owner: Ph Elkaim
Prize Money: €125,220

G 2550m 8 N Mathias
N Mathias
7a8aDa5a8a0a7a3a5a3a 25.0 20.0

Azur Du Lupin FR

Reassured last time at Vichy and has an excellent entry on the front row today. Big chance
Owner: G Freneau
Prize Money: €180,050

G 2550m 8 R Lacroix
G R Huguet
2a0a6a8a172aDa1a1a4a 3.8 3.7


Cash Pride FR

Very consistent in this division but faces a tough assignment from the second row. Place chance
Owner: Mme Maryse Criado
Prize Money: €192,050

G 2575m 6 M Criado
M Criado
Da4a1a2a1a5a6a4a2a8a 11.0 11.0

Anakit Du Tay FR

Well-regarded trotter that has generally raced well since the autumn. Can pick up some money
Owner: J Foin
Prize Money: €211,430

G 2575m 8 J Chavatte
J Foin
0a4a9a1aDa3a171a2aDa 16.0 22.0

Very Happy FR

Has shown signs of resurgence in last two and looks to have a place chance
Owner: Marcel Le Moel
Prize Money: €246,250

G 2575m 9 Pierrick Le Moel
Pierrick Moel
3a5a0a0a170m9a4a0a3m 16.0 19.0

Be Bop Mara FR

In contention for place when sanctioned in a Quinte at Vichy. Had won three in row prior to that
Owner: Ecurie Vincent Renault
Prize Money: €246,340

G 2575m 7 Charles Bouvier
B Goetz
Da1a1a1a3a4a7a2a0a17 4.7 4.0


Violet FR

Had posted some fair efforts in competitive races last year. Not in the same form this term but still hard to rule out of the equation
Owner: B Goetz
Prize Money: €260,990

M 2575m 9 B Goetz
B Goetz
Da8a9a8a5a5a170a1a4a 5.8 6.7


Uciole Joy FR

Unreliable mare but capable on a good day and is not one to be overlooked
Owner: F Rodes
Prize Money: €266,770

F 2575m 10 F Rodes
F Rodes
Da1a0a0m4aDa4m175a6a 24.0 29.0

Univers De Caponet FR

Had been struggling for a long time at present and cannot be worth much consideration
Owner: S Bouisson
Prize Money: €268,180

G 2575m 10 S Bouisson
S Bouisson
0a0m8a0a8m9a8mDa0a17 55.0 69.0

Coupling A 6.8 7.4

Paris Turf

(6) AZUR DU LUPIN could not dream of a better entry on the front row. He is back at the top of his game at present and appears to be a solid winning prospect. (10) BE BOP MARA is in for redemption following the sanction at Vichy and is not one to be taken lightly. Although he has struggled this year (11) VIOLET is a very good performer and he could get back on track anytime.

Selection: 6-10-11-12