24 June 2018 3:35 Vincennes President De La Republique - Monte

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 240000
  • Race Type:Mounted
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age/Wgt Driver/Trainer Form 15:05 15:41


1 A
Etincelle Delo FR

Regularly the object of the stewards' attention but otherwise in good shape. Minor role
Owner: Mme E Mangeard De Barros
Prize Money: €118,740

F 2850m 4/61.0 A Rebeche
A Rogier
5m3mDm3m3mDm2m3m1mDa 64.0 107.0

Eole Christubert FR

Successful in two last starts in this discipline. Cannot be ignored on form
Owner: T Guibert
Prize Money: €129,330

M 2850m 4/63.0 D Bonne
F P Bossuet
1m1m7a175a0a3a6a2a1a 5.4 6.7


Esperanza Brouets FR

Useful but has been largely out of the picture recently. Needs to reaffirm
Owner: P Daulier
Prize Money: €111,080

F 2850m 4/61.0 J Vanmeerbeck
P Daulier
3mDa0m7mDm171m3m4m4m 95.0 166.0

Esperance Du Mont FR

Holding form. Runner-up in a Group II recently but has more to do - outsider
Owner: Guy Quentin
Prize Money: €134,980

F 2850m 4/61.0 P ph Ploquin
T H Gauchet
6m2m2m4m3mDm17Dm1m0a 33.0 63.0

Etoile De Bruyere FR

Useful type but has yet to produce the goods in this class and will need to improve to feature
Owner: Ch Dreux
Prize Money: €225,670

F 2850m 4/61.0 A Lamy
C H Dreux
5m5m6m3m4m176m4m1m1m 46.0 65.0

6 A
Eternelle Delo FR

Respectable filly but not the most productive at this level. Place chance at best
Owner: Mme E Mangeard De Barros
Prize Money: €152,770

F 2850m 4/61.0 E Raffin
A Rogier
0a6a9a4aDa5aDa4a8aDa 39.0 71.0

Emilius De Play FR

Colt with considerable class but very complicated. Inspire little confidence
Owner: J Cottel
Prize Money: €153,000

M 2850m 4/63.0 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
4mDmDmDa17Dm3mDmDmDm 45.0 44.0

8 B
Eternal Star Jiel FR

Winless at Vincennes but often acquits herself well. Group II 2nd recently - outside chance
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €127,770

F 2850m 4/61.0 D Thomain
J L Dersoir
2m2m4m2m177m5m1m4m1m 17.0 26.0

Esperanzo FR

Has maintained form since upped in class and could get a look in again. Consider
Owner: Ecurie D M Mottier
Prize Money: €139,440

M 2850m 4/63.0 M Mottier
D Mottier
2m5a2a2a4a2a3a176a1a 7.8 6.9

El Diablo D'Aut FR

Good dual-purpose trotter who should not be easily ignored on current form. Has claims
Owner: C Mercier
Prize Money: €188,400

M 2850m 4/63.0 A Barrier
V Raimbault
0a1mDa8m3m3m17Da1a6a 21.0 30.0

Etonnant FR

Opened his account in this code impressively and at the first attempt. Will have more to offer
Owner: R Westerink
Prize Money: €301,700

M 2850m 4/63.0 Y Lebourgeois
R Westerink
1m8a3aDa2a2a2a2a1aDa 4.2 3.1


Everglades FR

In good form under harness and won a Group III recently. Unlikely to repeat in this code
Owner: Ecurie Pierre Levesque
Prize Money: €167,060

F 2850m 4/61.0 Mlle C Levesque
T H Levesque
5a1aDa3aDm178m1a2a4a 28.0 34.0

13 B
Equinoxe Jiel FR

Delicate but confirmed at this level and in this discipline. One to beat
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €192,230

M 2850m 4/63.0 M Abrivard
J L Dersoir
1mDaDa2m1mDa3a1a17Dm 5.8 5.6


Exotica De Retz FR

In good form this year and races barefoot again. Contender for top honours
Owner: Ecurie Des Charmes
Prize Money: €352,950

F 2850m 4/61.0 Mme D Beaufils Ernault
S Ernault
3m1m6m1m1m173m8m4m2m 20.0 20.0

15 B
Ezreal Jiel FR

Fine type in this branch of the game and could get a look in racing unshod
Owner: Ecurie Luck
Prize Money: €211,320

M 2850m 4/63.0 Guillaume Martin
J L Dersoir
4m3m3m6a4mDa1m4a174m 21.0 31.0

Elladora De Forgan FR

Ultra-consistent type who is confirmed at this level. Could have a hand to play
Owner: S J Dupont
Prize Money: €602,470

F 2850m 4/61.0 F Nivard
F Leblanc
Dm4m3m4m2m173m1m2m1m 28.0 24.0

Evidence Roc FR

Remarkably consistent filly with a host of group wins to her name. Capable if in the mod
Owner: Ecurie D' Embeli
Prize Money: €477,410

F 2850m 4/61.0 Mme E Le Beller
Mme E Beller
Dm6m3m172m1m1m1m1m5m 14.0 11.0

Coupling A 24.0 43.0
Coupling B 3.6 4.0

Paris Turf

(13) EQUINOXE JIEL does not always apply himself but has ample means to put his rivals to the sword if maintaining stride. (11) ETONNANT dazzled on his debut in the ridden code and could pose a threat with improvement expected. (15) EZREAL JIEL (9) ESPERANZO (16) ELLADORA DE FORGAN and (14) EXOTICA DE RETZ also have the form to be competitive.

Selection: 13-11-15-9-16