15 June 2018 9:04 Vincennes Celuta - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Fast
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 40000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 20:39 21:14


Enduro Sport FR

Made up for lost time with a decent effort at Graignes last time out but appears to have bitten off more than he can chew here
Owner: P J Pascual Lavanchy
Prize Money: €18,590

G 2850m 4 G Andreu Adrover
G Andreu Adrover
3a9aDa0a7aDaDa174a6a 29.0 74.0

Enzo Dhelpa FR

Sanctioned in the race of reference but otherwise gives his best. Looks to have his work cut out this time however
Owner: P Reix
Prize Money: €59,680

G 2850m 4 J P Maillard
E Szirmay
Da3a4a5a4a1a4a170a5a 33.0 84.0

Eddy D'occagnes FR

Got the year off to a positive start but modest of late and will need to raise his game
Owner: M Ouin
Prize Money: €47,980

M 2850m 4 Julien Raffestin
Julien Raffestin
7aDaDa1a4a3a177a1a5a 73.0 142.0

Espoir Rose FR

Unremarkable trotter that has made no impact under harness since the autumn and is not about to change his ways
Owner: Ecurie Rose
Prize Money: €47,810

M 2850m 4 M Mottier
D Delaroche
Dm4aDa0a5a9aDm7aDm17 28.0 68.0

Elan Baroque FR

Has won three of his last four. Makes Vincennes debut but in current condition is hard to ignore
Owner: J Y Roze
Prize Money: €78,820

G 2850m 4 F Lecanu
T H Raffegeau
1a7a1a1a2a3a1a178aDa 15.0 14.0

Elven Winner FR

Has taken his game up a level since going barefoot. Would have gone closer last time had he not faulted and can get a look in here if he gets off on the right foot
Owner: Ecurie L Cl Abrivard
Prize Money: €46,440

G 2850m 4 A Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
5a2a2aDa177aDmDa6a3a 13.0 10.0

El Greco Bello FR

Pleased in three of last four and latterly over course and distance but no more than a minor place chance
Owner: Mme A F Donati Marcillac
Prize Money: €64,190

G 2850m 4 E Raffin
Mme A F Marcillac
4a8a3a2a17Da7a4a6aDa 31.0 36.0

Eturn Money FR

Has evident ability but not always on show. Lebourgeois keeps the faith and can pick up a stake here
Owner: Ecurie Pierre Pilarski
Prize Money: €58,930

G 2850m 4 Y Lebourgeois
S Guarato
8aDa7a9a4aDa178a4a9a 10.0 9.3


Edgy Perrine FR

Has looked particularly solid in recent months. Beat a number of others here three weeks ago and will have his supporters
Owner: J F Mary
Prize Money: €47,860

G 2850m 4 F Anne
J F Mary
3a2a5a3a3a1a5a174a4a 17.0 17.0

Epiphane FR

Quality type that has two races under his belt. Raced better at Nantes than the result suggests and with hind shoes off for the first time can go close
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Guerin
Prize Money: €50,890

G 2850m 4 A Barrier
P Lelievre
9a6a177a1a2a2a4a6aDa 7.8 10.0

Efuriac FR

Very hard to fault since going unshod. Moves up in class but and can put on a good show if he takes to the Vincennes surface
Owner: Sc Tony Trans
Prize Money: €50,260

G 2850m 4 F Nivard
C Nardo
1a2a1a2a3a7a173a8a3a 14.0 17.0

Eustache FR

Yet to disappoint when unshod behind. Has no great love for Vincennes but still worth retaining
Owner: D G Chavatte
Prize Money: €51,690

M 2850m 4 I P Blanchon
D G Chavatte
9a1a1a2aDa5a5m9a178a 26.0 49.0

Emperor Charm FR

Dynamic last season before the layoff. Should be fully fit by now and has the class to win this
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €59,800

M 2850m 4 J PH Dubois
P Moulin
6a8a7a172a1a1a5a1a4a 4.6 4.0


Esprit Occagnes FR

Moderate colt that has not produced the goods for some time and looks outclassed here
Owner: Ecurie J Konjovic
Prize Money: €77,660

M 2850m 4 A Lamy
G Curens
0a6a6a17Da5aDaDaDa2a 47.0 98.0

Empire City FR

Decent sort that regularly gives his best when applied. Unraced since early March though and will need the race
Owner: N Roussel
Prize Money: €76,890

M 2850m 4 N Roussel
N Roussel
5a1a5a2a172aDaDaDa2a 13.0 31.0

Eadshot Josselyn FR

Superb campaigner that has turned a corner this year. Has an excellent entry and is not incapable of adding another success to his tally
Owner: Stable Why Not
Prize Money: €101,400

G 2850m 4 M Abrivard
P Hagoort
1aDa1a2a1a1a1a1a17Da 5.1 3.2


Paris Turf

After a trio of return runs (13) EMPEROR CHARM will be fully fit by now and should be able to pick up where he left off before being sent for a break. He can nonetheless expect to encounter opposition from the hardy (10) EPIPHANE who races unshod behind on his first attempt over the inner course here. (16) EADSHOT JOSSELYN already boasts six victories to his name this term and although in better company this time still has a lot to offer. Lebourgeois stays faithful to (8) ETURN MONEY which must bode well. (11) EFURIAC moves up a category but in present form looks good enough to pick up a cheque.

Selection: 13-10-16-8-11