15 June 2018 5:50 Laval La Foret De Concise - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2875 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:Standard
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:20 17:51


Barbibul FR

Seven wins in a row in 2016/17 before being disqualified three times. Ninth of 18 at Chateaubriant on June 3
Owner: G Riflet
Prize Money: €96,110

G 2875m 7 A Wiels
Y Gautier
9a7aDaDaDa171a1a1a1a 38.0 65.0

Balzac FR

Scored at Cherbourg when barefoot in mid-May. Broke stride early on with shoes on latest
Owner: Ecurie Vincent Raimbault
Prize Money: €137,600

G 2875m 7 J Ph Monclin
V Raimbault
Da1a2a3a0aDa1a17DmDa 13.0 6.7


Cabernet FR

Placed twice in April. Class F-winner when favourite at Vincennes last time out
Owner: P Edouard Mary
Prize Money: €155,700

G 2875m 6 P Edouard Mary
P Mary
1aDa2a3a0a0a4a2aDa17 19.0 19.0

Balzac Bourgeois FR

Finished fast to take third place of 14 at Feurs most recently on May 15
Owner: J Planchard
Prize Money: €120,280

G 2875m 7 J Planchard
J Planchard
3a0a4a8a3a7aDa3a170a 65.0 118.0

Bir Hakeim FR

Hasn't won since August 2016. Seventh of 16 at Plestin-Les Greves on June 3
Owner: Y Dreux
Prize Money: €126,530

G 2875m 7 A J David
Y Dreux
7aDa7a6a8a0a175a6a3a 103.0 148.0

Business Du Parc FR

Runner-up twice at this track last year. Third at Le Neubourg on May 21
Owner: Ecurie Pierrick Lecellier
Prize Money: €136,560

G 2875m 7 P Lecellier
P Lecellier
Da3a0a0a3a171a2a2a1a 87.0 118.0

Bilto De Laigner FR

Four successes in 2017 but has had stride issues since. 10th of 18 at Graignes latest
Owner: Mario Van Dooyeweerd
Prize Money: €129,860

G 2875m 7 S Ernault
Mario Dooyeweerd
0a4a0aDa17DaDaDa5a1a 25.0 29.0

Belicio Wild FR

Runner-up at Challans in March and filled the same berth at La Roche-Posay on June 3
Owner: Ecurie Y J Le Bezvoet
Prize Money: €152,100

G 2875m 7 Y J Le Bezvoet
Y J Le Bezvoet
2a6aDaDaDa2a0a174a0a 43.0 71.0

Bon Grain Tivoli FR

Victorious at Thouars on May 10. Runner-up of 15 at Le Croise-Laroche 18 days later
Owner: Ecurie Damien Bonne
Prize Money: €183,590

G 2875m 7 D Bonne
D Bonne
2a1a7aDa1a3a5a4a17Da 25.0 18.0

Cash De L'alba FR

Won in August and September last year. Will have to improve on last two outings
Owner: W Bigeon
Prize Money: €182,520

G 2875m 6 W Bigeon
W Bigeon
Dm0a6m8a178a3a1a3m1a 27.0 29.0

Carioca De Lou FR

Six wins last year - including three in June. Not seen since fifth in a ridden race last December
Owner: Ch Germain
Prize Money: €161,760

G 2875m 6 Leo Abrivard
L Cl Abrivard
175mDa3m1m0a1a1aDa1a 72.0 85.0

Charly De L'aunay FR

Four wins in a row before finding (15) CLASSIC HAUFOR too good here on June 6
Owner: Ecurie L M David
Prize Money: €245,240

G 2875m 6 L M David
L M David
2a1a1a1a1aDa0a5a171a 7.1 5.1


Boss De Baudrairie FR

Three wins and placed twice in Quintes last term. First run since December
Owner: Ecurie Victoria Dreams
Prize Money: €146,530

M 2875m 7 Etienne Dubois
P Moulin
179a4a3a2aDa2a7a1a5a 124.0 89.0

Big Kaiser FR

Course winner in March. Fading in the home straight when disqualified at Argentan latest
Owner: Ecurie Franck Anne
Prize Money: €198,010

G 2875m 7 Ch Heslouin
F Anne
Da4a6a3m1a3m6a4a0a1a 68.0 81.0

Classic Haufor FR

Good winner when favourite at this venue on June 6 and a major contender to follow up
Owner: Ecurie Christian Bigeon
Prize Money: €177,410

M 2875m 6 C H J Bigeon
C H Bigeon
1a5aDa1a1a178a0aDa2a 1.5 1.7


Balisto De May FR

Runner-up at Reims in mid-April. Fourth of 13 at Saint-Malo last time out
Owner: P Besnard
Prize Money: €149,060

M 2875m 7 C H A Mary
C H Mary
4a0a2a17DaDa4a7a5a0a 36.0 51.0

Paris Turf

(15) CLASSIC HAUFOR was brilliant at this track on June 6 and is taken to confirm the form with (12) CHARLY DE L'AUNAY who was runner-up that day. (2) BALZAC was fully unshod when obliging at Cherbourg in mid-May and barefoot for the first time since - after an early DQ with shoes on at Caen on May 29 - should make the frame.

Selection: 15-12-2-3-9