14 June 2018 6:55 Lyon-Parilly Dauphine (gr B) - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 18:25 18:56


Day Of Love FR

Lowest earner of the lot but not the least talented. Place chance from front-row berth
Owner: Stall Escapade Ab
Prize Money: €11,070

G 2850m 5 J Boillereau
R Kuiper
7a6a3aRa170a4a6a4a1a 27.0 28.0

Duc De Valmont FR

Not placed on the podium since last May and needs to raise his game. Others preferred
Owner: Michel Givernaud
Prize Money: €12,190

G 2850m 5 F Lecanu
Y Lavigne
RaDaDm0a179a6aDaDa0a 32.0 97.0

Duo De Choc FR

Showed signs of improvement last time and could surprise if building on that
Owner: Ecurie Best
Prize Money: €11,750

M 2850m 5 S Tribourdeau
Sebastien Tribourdeau
4aDaDa8aRa17Da2aDa3a 17.0 35.0

Ducastel FR

Modest type who did show improvement at Thouars recently. Not the easiest to trust - outsider
Owner: S Deshaies
Prize Money: €20,630

G 2850m 5 B Rochard
S Deshaies
5a2aDaDaRaDa0a175aDa 5.2 6.6

Diego De Busset FR

Course-and-distance specialist who may need another outing after a long spell out
Owner: Mme Ch Michon
Prize Money: €13,760

G 2850m 5 A Tintillier
Mme Michon
0aRa179a8a8a3a4a1aDa 16.0 47.0

Defi De Tillard FR

Winless in this code and will struggle to make an impact here. Can be passed over
Owner: M Beddouche
Prize Money: €19,320

G 2850m 5 F Jamard
Y Lavigne
0aDa7m9aRaDaDa0aDaDm 43.0 118.0

Dj Imperial FR

Not much to like on his formsheet and not a realistic proposition here
Owner: R Volle
Prize Money: €16,370

G 2850m 5 R Volle
R Volle
Dm2aDa0aRaDaDa170a8a 35.0 76.0

8 A
Diamond Louki FR

Has looked better under the saddle. Unlikely to pose a threat - place chance at best
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Chauve-laffay
Prize Money: €16,210

G 2850m 5 Q Chauve-laffay
H Chauve-Laffay
6m5a4aDaRa17Ta7aDm6a 11.0 13.0

Diamant Du Chateau FR

Not much to like on his formsheet and unlikely to trouble the judge. Others preferred
Owner: Mme M Vandenheede
Prize Money: €34,480

G 2850m 5 M Daougabel
Sebastien Tribourdeau
0aRa6a8a0a5a2a177a5a 24.0 57.0

Devoir Math FR

Seldom far off the action when keeping stride. Inconsistent but capable of earning a cheque
Owner: Ecurie Thierry Busset
Prize Money: €30,800

G 2875m 5 Th Busset
T H Busset
Da2aDa5aDa2a178a9a3a 55.0 58.0

Dino De Touchyvon FR

Winless for some time now but is rarely beaten far. Has earning potential
Owner: D Claeys
Prize Money: €38,460

G 2875m 5 G Touron
G Touron
3a7a5a5aDa5aDa17DaDa 25.0 18.0

Drop De Corday FR

Fluent winner of his last two starts and could complete the hat-trick. One to beat
Owner: Mme N Gonin
Prize Money: €45,406

G 2875m 5 Mme N Gonin
Mme N Gonin
1a1aDa2a2a170a2a4a2a 4.6 4.1


13 A
Doc Loulou FR

Returned to form recently when keeping stride. Should be competitive if confirming
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Chauve-laffay
Prize Money: €44,060

G 2875m 5 H Chauve-Laffay
H Chauve-Laffay
3a2aDa7aDa170a5a1a1a 7.2 6.5


Desir De Senoville FR

Fair recent form but has more to do to challenge for top honours. Place chance
Owner: Mme R Risi
Prize Money: €40,920

M 2875m 5 S Peltier
J M Gauvin
Da9aDa3a5a2a0a8a175a 15.0 18.0

Dream Du Rabutin FR

Seldom lets the side down when applied. Sanctioned last time but could make amends
Owner: Ecurie Du Rabutin
Prize Money: €35,800

M 2875m 5 P Callier
G R Huguet
Da1a4a2aDa3a1a17Da4a 6.6 3.3


Coupling A 4.4 4.3

Paris Turf

Hat-trick seeking (12) DROP DE CORDAY has won his last two starts with ease and on that evidence could go in again. (15) DREAM DU RABUTIN the highest earner in the race and (13) DOC LOULOU should keep the selection honest on current form. Both (11) DINO DE TOUCHYVON and (10) DEVOIR MATH are delicate but capable of staking a claim if applied.

Selection: 12-15-13-11