14 June 2018 1:50 La Capelle Croise-laroche - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 20000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 13:20 13:54


1 (1)
Etoile De Lahaye FR

Blows hot and cold. Gave a good account here early May but found wanting next time and not an obvious choice
Owner: A Hubert
Prize Money: €24,133

F 2700m 4 M Huygens
Mme I Witte
0a3a8a9a6a2a2a2a1a17 60.0 97.0

2 (2)
Etoile De L'isac FR

A model of consistency this year. Has a good place behind the car and although in better company can still get in on the action
Owner: J A Bernard
Prize Money: €19,950

F 2700m 4 Ch Chalon
C H Chalon
1a2a2a3a17Da1a9aDaDa 8.6 8.4

3 (3)
Elite Du Biston FR

Gives a good account for the most part when applied. Impressed at Reims on comeback and in similar form can play a leading role
Owner: Ecurie Alain Laurent
Prize Money: €29,740

F 2700m 4 A Laurent
A Laurent
2a0a173aDa1a1aDaDaDa 5.8 4.4


4 (4)
Erotika FR

Good sort that put in a brace of excellent performances before disappointing here a fortnight back but from the 4-spot can make amends and finish in the mix
Owner: Pierre Gabriel Berard
Prize Money: €21,600

F 2700m 4 B Michardiere
F Provost
7a1a3aDaDa17Da1aDa2a 14.0 11.0

5 (5)
Eloanne FR

Very disappointing in all three starts this year and must show marked improvement
Owner: D Lhomet
Prize Money: €36,370

F 2700m 4 J F Senet
C H Petrement
Da7a0a172a1aDa1aRa4a 22.0 48.0

6 (6)
Elvetica FR

Dependability not her strong suit and will need to improve on recent effort here
Owner: O Fontes De Aguiar
Prize Money: €85,880

F 2700m 4 V Boulogne
V Boulogne
9a1a5a6a4a177a7a6a3a 36.0 103.0

7 (7)
Easy De Navary FR

Opened her account at Laon last month. Is confirmed at the venue but given the opposition will have a lot to do
Owner: P Vieville
Prize Money: €31,490

F 2700m 4 L Verva
P Hachin
1a0a5a2a17Da2a4a3a 22.0 16.0

8 (8)
Emeraude De Bougy FR

Showed form earlier in the year but has since lost her way and will have few takers
Owner: Th Devouassoux
Prize Money: €24,790

F 2700m 4 Tanguy Devouassoux
T H Devouassoux
DaDa9a7a2a7a2a6a171a 52.0 65.0

9 (9)
Etoile De Beauvois FR

Has placed just twice in 25 starts and although having trotted 5th to (3) ELITE DU BISTON at Reims last time still has a lot more to find
Owner: J Cl Guedj
Prize Money: €19,790

F 2700m 4 F Demoutiez
F Demoutiez
5a5a9a5a0a177a8a9a0a 51.0 116.0

10 (10)
Emma Wood FR

Got back in the game at Reims last weekend but has no love for La Capelle and others preferred
Owner: K Hawas
Prize Money: €13,050

F 2700m 4 F Ouvrie
F Ouvrie
3a9a8a0a4a5a171a2a 28.0 45.0

11 (11)
Egee Forlife FR

Won at Mons before trotting second to (12) EUSKARA last time and will not be available at 43-1 this time around
Owner: J Buffart
Prize Money: €17,790

F 2700m 4 G Celis
G Laureys
2a1aDaDaDa1a4a4a171a 51.0 44.0

12 (12)
Euskara FR

Hardy Swedish import that secured her first French win late last month. First time unshod all four and looks to be in with a decent shout
Owner: F Wallin
Prize Money: €46,999

F 2700m 4 J Niskanen
J Niskanen
1aaaDa0a3a170a1a1a4a 5.5 5.1


13 (13)
Etoile Kily FR

Hardy filly when she can stay focused. Beat her personal best at Le Croise-Laroche last month and on good behaviour can impose
Owner: Ecurie Franck Nivard
Prize Money: €0

F 2700m 4 F Nivard
F Nivard
1aDa5aDa173aDaDm3a1a 3.7 3.7


14 (14)
Etoile Du Mexique FR

Solid in both since returning from the layoff. Starts behind but can still pick up a stake
Owner: Ecurie Mexique Ranch
Prize Money: €16,580

F 2700m 4 M Verva
M Verva
2a4a170aDa3aDa3a4aDa 13.0 14.0

15 (15)
Eclipse Du Noyer FR

Not entirely devoid of ability but has just the one race to her name this term and will need another outing
Owner: G A Pou Pou
Prize Money: €64,002

F 2700m 4 G A Pou Pou
G a Pou
8a5a17Da5a3a2aDa5aDa 38.0 88.0

16 (16)
Extreme Star FR

Complicated trotter that won here earlier in the season but has twice failed to confirm since and the draw does her no favours
Owner: Ecurie Du Grand Plessis
Prize Money: €46,770

F 2700m 4 M Lenoir
M Lenoir
Da7a1a5a6aDa3aDa172a 19.0 28.0

Paris Turf

(13) ETOILE KILY can prove delicate but she imposed in style last time out and despite the second-row start still looks good enough to repeat. A similarly tricky (3) ELITE DU BISTON finds herself ideally positioned in front and after a solid re-entry at Reims should be able to run her close. (12) EUSKARA opened her French account in good order late May and with shoes off for the first time can overcome the draw. (4) EROTIKA may not be the most reliable but seldom disappoints when applied and together with (14) ETOILE DU MEXIQUE looks the best of the minor place chances.

Selection: 13-3-12-4-14