14 Jun 2018 3:05 Craon Hieronimus Claiming Stakes

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  • Race Distance:2200 m
  • No. of Runners:13 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 12000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 14:35 15:10


1 (6)
Ken Blood FR

Best effort from three was last time when third so that was better altogether
Owner: C C Boutin
Prize Money: €2,375

G 4/58.0 J Guillochon
C Boutin
- 3p170p7p 15.0 11.0

2 (3)
Boduon FR

Placed once from five starts but will do well to match that here in this company
Owner: P Cornou
Prize Money: €11,925

G 4/58.0 S Martino
J M G Lefebvre
- 5p0p170p4p9p 24.0 38.0

3 (7)
High Sage FR

Gained sole success from five in a claimer two goes back and third on follow up bid
Owner: C Sorignet
Prize Money: €16,125

G 4/58.0 C Poirier
C Sorignet
240 3p1p8p174p9p 10.0 5.6


4 (1)
Wakamba FR

Unplaced in all her six starts and will do well to be any way near close
Owner: H Billot
Prize Money: €650

F 4/56.5 S Maillot
H Billot
- 5p0h17AhThAh9p 13.0 15.0

5 (11)
Calmos Jo FR

One place from his seven runs and others look easily much more appealing
Owner: Mme C Jouanno
Prize Money: €5,300

G 4/56.0 J Cabre
N Leenders
- 177p5p0p7p8p3p9p 20.0 18.0

6 (4)
Monteverde FR

One win from nine and a better third in small contest last time out
Owner: Jl De Mieulle
Prize Money: €22,125

G 4/56.0 Alex Roussel
N Leenders
290 3p9p0p170p7p7p4p1p2p 2.8 3.4


7 (2)
Private Money FR

Dual winner from nineteen but ran well below standard last time so avoided here
Owner: M Perret
Prize Money: €42,865

G 4/56.0 A Merou
J M G Lefebvre
260 9p3p1p9p0p170p0p5p9p 6.5 5.1


8 (5)
Minimiss FR

One win from twenty two runs and seems to be in poorish enough form at the moment
Owner: S S Adet
Prize Money: €18,875

F 4/54.5 G Le Devehat
S Adet
210 5p0p0p7p170p1p6p5p6p 13.0 17.0

9 (9)
Zaraganta FR

Placed in two of her five runs but as been absent now for nearly over a year
Owner: G Androuin
Prize Money: €5,750

F 4/54.5 M Androuin
G Androuin
- 176p3p0p3p9p 24.0 26.0

10 (13)
Candyco GB

Is zero from twenty eight and very likely to remain that way after this
Owner: B Foucher/f Flais/p Lemasson
Prize Money: €23,850

F 4/54.5 L Oger
F Monnier
200 0p9p7p175p4p5p3p4p3p 36.0 36.0

11 (12)
Hermangarde FR

Dual winner from twenty five starts and will have a squeak if on a going day
Owner: Mme S Gavilan
Prize Money: €52,450

F 4/54.5 F Gavilan
Mme S Gavilan
220 5p3p0p8p2p0p2p2p6p 7.6 7.1

12 (10)
Hawell D'evaille FR

Just a few placings in fifteen runs and really has a mountain to climb
Owner: Mme H Geerlandt
Prize Money: €6,550

F 4/54.5 S Chuette
S Morineau
190 7p4p9p4p0p174p4p9p7p 28.0 81.0

13 (8)
Little Blue FR

Unplaced on both starts last December and cannot be fancied on return
Owner: J Michel
Prize Money: €0

F 4/54.5 Y Barille
N Leenders
- 170p6p 28.0 64.0

Paris Turf

This claimer is certainly of a dubious nature as many of the participants are lacking much ability so bets should be kept to the bare minimum. (6) MONTEVERDE might prove to be the best of them today after a last time out third being a step in the right direction. (7) PRIVATE MONEY and (3) HIGH SAGE look next best ahead of (11) HERMANGARDE.

Selection: 6-7-3-11