13 June 2018 12:55 Bordeaux-le Bouscat Lyon-parilly - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2650 m
  • No. of Runners: 15 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 6000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 12:30 12:57


Billy De Breteil FR

Pleased on comeback before being sanctioned at Eauze but with application can get a look in
Owner: Ecurie Danover
Prize Money: €42,450

G 2650m 7 Q Fleury
Y Henry
Da3aRa173a4a6a7a6a9a 22.0 18.0

Arobas De Birac FR

Very ordinary type that last made the frame two years ago and can be confidently disregarded
Owner: Mme Ch Poignant
Prize Money: €42,640

G 2650m 8 J Poignant
J Poignant
17Dm0a6m0a0m8aDa0m5a 93.0 172.0

Bingo Nelliere FR

Somewhat erratic but reassured at Loudeac earlier in the month. Starts in front and one to note
Owner: C Baty
Prize Money: €57,855

G 2650m 7 C Baty
C Baty
2a7a8a179a1a9a6a1a4a 5.8 9.4

Acajou Tropical FR

Regularly in the thick of things when applied. Backs up three days after a decent Agen effort and will have his supporters
Owner: J M Dorchin
Prize Money: €43,370

G 2650m 8 J M Dorchin
J M Dorchin
4a3aDa3aDa5a1a175a9a 12.0 10.0

Carte Majyc FR

Well-regarded mare that got straight back in the game following the break. Yet to leave her mark here but it is only a matter of time
Owner: G Riviere
Prize Money: €0

F 2650m 6 B Granet
G Riviere
2a170a9a4a1a1a2a5a7a 10.0 6.7


Baccarat Des Loges FR

Excellent trotter at this level. Surprisingly sanctioned at Senonnes but has every chance of redeeming himself and going close
Owner: J S Cormy
Prize Money: €54,180

G 2650m 7 A Manta
J S Cormy
Da1a3aRa0a3a172a1a6a 12.0 12.0

Boum Du Soir FR

Not the most rewarding of trotters and unlikely to shake things up
Owner: R W Denechere
Prize Money: €44,030

G 2650m 7 Y Keravec
R W Denechere
Da4a8a9a9aDa3a176m0a 47.0 63.0

Bepito FR

Off the boil since winning at Royan late April and even with shoes off is still not an obvious choice
Owner: G Paille
Prize Money: €50,430

G 2650m 7 M D Moulin
G Paille
9m5m7mDa9a1a9aRa4m3a 15.0 20.0

Beauty Du Nord FR

Delicate sort that somewhat reassured at Beaumont last month but will still not be easy to back
Owner: Mme M J Cabirol
Prize Money: €46,510

F 2650m 7 J M Freyssenge
R Lacroix
5aDaDaDa9a17Da7a0a6a 23.0 38.0

Ayo Montaval FR

Occasionally tricky but otherwise a faithful servant. Is confirmed under these conditions and looks a player
Owner: M Poirier
Prize Money: €45,530

G 2650m 8 M Poirier
M Poirier
Da3a0a172a2aDa1a1aDa 5.5 6.1


Best D'Evel FR

In flying form since the autumn but unplaced in last two and with shoes on will have few takers
Owner: G Champenois
Prize Money: €70,270

G 2675m 7 Q Champenois
G Champenois
9a7aDa3a3a5a3a4a172a 26.0 43.0

Vetz Grandbois FR

In the frame in last two before losing his way at Villeneuve. Reverts to racing unshod behind which could prove the ticket to his redemption
Owner: J M Machet
Prize Money: €86,070

M 2675m 9 Ch Roszak
G Riviere
0a2a3aDa4a7aDa2a8a17 10.0 16.0

Very Fashion FR

Completely off the boil for the past 20 months and can be written off
Owner: G Jeanneton
Prize Money: €0

G 2675m 9 G Jeanneton
G Jeanneton
0a9a0a0a6a0a0a175a0a 118.0 176.0

Voila Narcy FR

Has been on a superb run in recent months. Won under these conditions three months ago and with Lizee in the wagon is expected repeat
Owner: D Brossard
Prize Money: €96,030

G 2675m 9 Mlle L Lizee
D Brossard
1a2a2a3a5a0a1a2m5a2a 4.3 2.9


Vix FR

Complicated type that has not been seen in the mix since October 2016 and is not about to spring a surprise
Owner: V Chabirand
Prize Money: €90,880

G 2675m 9 V Chabirand
V Chabirand
DaDaDa7a17Da7a8a4aDa 60.0 128.0

Paris Turf

(14) VOILA NARCY is never easy to knock in the amateur division and given how well he performs for Lea Lizee can expect to receive the lion's share of support. (6) BACCARAT DES LOGES has taken particularly well to the category and the 25m advantage will do his prospects no disservice. (10) AYO MONTAVAL seldom disappoints when applied and should have a good hand to play from the first line. (5) CARTE MAJYC got back down to business at Villeneuve late last month and with form maintained should again acquit herself competitively.

Selection: 14-6-10-5