18 May 2018 7:40 Vincennes Jacques De Saint Sauveur - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2850 m
  • No. of Runners: 12 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 72000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 19:14 19:51


Toseland Kyu FR

Hardy sort and confirmed at a better level but races shod here and not a priority
Owner: Scuderia 4 A B Sas
Prize Money: €266,240

M 2850m 6 B Goop
U Todisco
7a2a179a0a4a1a 8.5 11.0

Ursa Caf FR

Complicated but capable mare. Has two runs under her belt and if applied should be able to finish in the mix
Owner: Al Lanzillo
Prize Money: €332,177

F 2850m 5 A Abrivard
V Lacroix
DaDa17DaDa2aDa 20.0 23.0

Bonne Copine FR

Very useful for the most part. Goes well when reined by Raffin and can play a role if she gets off on the right foot
Owner: J Y Roze
Prize Money: €330,500

F 2850m 7 E Raffin
T H Raffegeau
Da6a3a5aDa178a8a5a3a 8.5 10.0

Glen Ord Superb FR

Moderate sort that ended last season on a low note. Has not raced since and can be passed over
Owner: Ecurie Olmenhof
Prize Money: €333,210

M 2850m 7 Ch Martens
V Martens
177a9a7a6a6a3aDa5a8a 35.0 62.0

Cathy A Quira FR

Beaten by little in a good Class C event here earlier in the month when setting her personal best and appears to have every chance of imposing this time
Owner: E Desmet
Prize Money: €424,440

F 2850m 6 J Ph Monclin
J Niskanen
2a4a7a0a3a0a6a3a173a 3.8 3.3


Beaute De Bailly FR

Has done nothing noteworthy since the autumn and even with Nivard in the wagon still looks a rank outsider
Owner: Ecurie L b Bourgoin
Prize Money: €343,350

F 2850m 7 F Nivard
B Bourgoin
9aDa0aDaDaDa5aDa177a 16.0 24.0

Cirrus Atout FR

Excellent campaigner at this level. Failed to fire at Marseille but under these conditions can excel
Owner: Ecurie Des Amis
Prize Money: €330,020

G 2850m 6 G Gelormini
S Guarato
0a1a2a4aDa4a172a2a6a 8.4 6.0


Ambassadeur D'Am FR

Serious trotter returning from a long absence. Shoes on and others preferred this time
Owner: Ecurie Black And White
Prize Money: €391,360

G 2850m 8 F Desmigneux
V Martens
172a2a1a6a6a1a5a3a8a 40.0 51.0

Cantin De L'eclair FR

Has nothing to prove in this class of race but has not been seen out since December and a minor place chance at best
Owner: Ec Eclair
Prize Money: €414,910

G 2850m 6 T Le Beller
N Catherine
170a2a6a1a1a1a1a3a1a 8.2 7.0


Dhikti Vedaquais FR

Classy sort in the other code. Just second start following a long absence and will pose no threat
Owner: Ph Allaire
Prize Money: €357,150

M 2850m 5 Y Lebourgeois
P H Allaire
7aRa161m3m7a4m3m1m1m 14.0 9.1

Astral Viretaute FR

Got the year off to a flying start but has since lost his way and must reaffirm
Owner: J P K'dual
Prize Money: €361,520

G 2850m 8 D Thomain
P Godey
0aDa0aDa5a1a171aDa5a 33.0 61.0

Blue Story FR

Hardy mare that seldom lets the side down with shoes off. Currently in good shape and has a tailor-made entry. Claim
Owner: A Gozlan
Prize Money: €410,190

F 2850m 7 T Levesque
T H Levesque
6a3a0a0a1a0a173a3a1a 5.5 7.1

Paris Turf

(5) CATHY A QUIRA has done nothing but improve in recent weeks and after having missed out by little in a tough Class C two weeks ago should be able to impose this time. She can nonetheless expect to encounter opposition from the well-engaged (12) BLUE STORY who seldom disappoints when barefoot. The consistent (7) CIRRUS ATOUT drops back in class after a failed G.III attempt at Borely and looks considerably more competitive here. (3) BONNE COPINE is reunited with Raffin and should make amends for her recent sanction.

Selection: 5-12-7-3