18 May 2018 5:40 Graignes France Bleu - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2700 m
  • No. of Runners: 16 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 25000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:10 17:55


Bellino William FR

Ran well on comeback on turf but has since disappointed and is no danger
Owner: D Delaroche
Prize Money: €61,770

G 2700m 7 S Hardy
D Delaroche
Da7a9a3a0a179a9a8a4a 44.0 63.0

Coup Franc FR

Delicate but has a lot of ability. Off since February but can run well fresh
Owner: Ecurie J Cl Hallais
Prize Money: €57,430

G 2700m 6 J Cl Hallais
J W Hallais
8aDaDa171a1a4a1a1a3a 3.2 2.8


Bob Du Rib FR

Prolific during 2016. Has had two comeback races and should be ready at present
Owner: Ecurie Rib
Prize Money: €61,500

G 2700m 7 Mme C Hallais-Dersoir
Joel Hallais
6a0a0a0a170a161a1a1a 8.4 9.6

4 A
Buzz Gral FR

Not sighted on comeback run. Unreliable and others make more appeal
Owner: A Huard
Prize Money: €79,460

G 2700m 7 X Leveau
X Leveau
9a177a9aDa3a2a0aDm1m 31.0 64.0

Cachou De Malac FR

Complicated trotter that rarely makes any mark under harness and is not about to change his ways
Owner: P Muller
Prize Money: €58,020

G 2700m 6 S Ernault
A Gougeon
0a0aDa6aDa8aDa6aDa1a 15.0 9.6


Corbeille D'Argent FR

Improved last run in an amateur contest. All shoes come off today
Owner: M Wullen
Prize Money: €79,870

F 2700m 6 P Ch Jean
M Wullen
2a5a175a2a5a5a0a4a0a 7.6 6.2


7 A
Cristal Bleu FR

Useful performer on turf. Has raced just once this year and is unlikely to pose a threat
Owner: A Huard
Prize Money: €58,170

G 2700m 6 L Guillemin
X Leveau
0a170a7a3a1a1a3a1aDa 72.0 65.0

Chaperon Felin FR

Struggling since back from the spell. Needs to show vast improvement
Owner: M Krief
Prize Money: €58,360

G 2700m 6 J Gosselin
G Houel
9aDa0a177aDa1a3aDa3a 48.0 23.0

Ciel Boreal FR

Average type but encouraged on comeback at Saint-Brieuc. Best to forget last run and can bounce back
Owner: George Borg
Prize Money: €65,010

G 2700m 6 F Lagadeuc
R Lagadeuc
8a4a17Da4a5aDa6a0aDa - -


Belle Marandaise FR

Delicate but not short of ability. Capable on her day but unreliable
Owner: Mme C Cavey-de Bellaigue
Prize Money: €87,830

F 2700m 7 A Lherete
E Cavey
DaDa9aDa173aDa9a2aDa 18.0 17.0

Cesar Express FR

Hard fought win in a class D at Enghien last time out and should have a big chance if in similar form
Owner: A Le Courtois
Prize Money: €128,250

G 2725m 6 A Le Courtois
A Le Courtois
1aDaDaDa170a1a4a7a1a 42.0 43.0

Atus Picken FR

Won an amateur contest over course & distance on penultimate start. Things look tougher today
Owner: Ecurie Des Pickenval
Prize Money: €119,640

G 2725m 8 A Lenoir
A Lenoir
7a1a3aDa170a0a6a7a6a 19.0 26.0

Calineka Gwen FR

Enjoyed a fruitful end of the year in 2017 but returns from a spell and may need the run
Owner: D Marcon
Prize Money: €117,655

F 2725m 6 P Houel
Mme Mme V Lecroq
172a1a2a5a1a8aDa7a8a 12.0 12.0

Braque Turgot FR

Has modest form this year and does need to find a few lengths to win. Others preferred
Owner: Ecurie D L
Prize Money: €121,780

G 2725m 7 G Donio
M Donio
6a7a2a7a6m5a0a0a176a 15.0 23.0

Banguro FR

Pleased on re-entry before disappointing in next two starts and will need to find more
Owner: Ecurie Skytten
Prize Money: €121,515

G 2725m 7 G Roig-balaguer
G Roig-balaguer
0a7a2a17Da7a6a3a5a0a 9.1 12.0

Bilto De Laigner FR

Hardy sort but can prove a handful. Down in grade and cannot be underrated
Owner: Mario Van Dooyeweerd
Prize Money: €123,860

G 2725m 7 M Van Dooyeweerd
Mario Dooyeweerd
0aDa17DaDaDa5a1a9a1a 11.0 19.0

Coupling A 21.0 32.0

Paris Turf

Although he has not run for some time (2) COUP FRANC could be the one to be on in this line-up. He has the best credentials and does not even have to be on top of his game to win a contest like this. Unshod on all four for the first time and well-entered on the front row (9) CIEL BOREAL looks the big danger to the selection. (3) BOB DU RIB and (16) BILTO DE LAIGNER will come next ahead of (15) BANGURO.

Selection: 2-9-3-16-15