18 May 2018 5:10 Chantilly Chaussee Neuve Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 19000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:40 17:21


1 (8)
Adorable Julia FR

Very little in her three starts and basically looks a big outsider here
Owner: T T Castanheira
Prize Money: €950

F 4/60.0 A Hamelin
T Castanheira
260 0p5p7p 22.0 32.0

2 (4)
Delicieux FR

Unplaced on all five outings and cannot be considerd for places here today
Owner: R Monnier
Prize Money: €3,800

M 4/60.0 I Mendizabal
J M G Lefebvre
260 0p8p7p6p177p 11.0 12.0

3 (1) A
La Fibrossi FR

A triple scorer from twenty nine but is in a very poor run of form right now
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €97,050

F 4/59.5 P C Boudot
Boutin (s)
255 0p0p7p9p0p5p0p170p0p 15.0 13.0

4 (2)
Dawn Promise FR

Dual winner from twenty two and arrives here in grand form for this event
Owner: Jv Toux
Prize Money: €57,490

M 4/59.5 G Benoist
Jv Toux
255 3p2p2p5p172p5p5p8p7p 5.8 4.5


5 (9)
Sirma Traou Land FR

Half a dozen wins from forty and runner up on penultimate start. Hard to predict
Owner: A Couane
Prize Money: €99,290

F 4/59.0 J Nicoleau
B Legros
250 0p2p6p0p4p3p1p8p8p7p 13.0 14.0

6 (6)
Absolute Summer FR

Thrice a winner from twenty eight including last time at Compiegne and looks a big player
Owner: Jp Simard
Prize Money: €50,895

F 4/59.0 M Guyon
S Labate
250 1p6p6p7p179p0p3p3p3p 10.0 7.0


7 (7)
Silver Top FR

Is zero from twenty six and will have to make a major improvement now
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €23,475

G 4/59.0 M Barzalona
M Krebs
250 5p5p0p5p170p5p4p0p4p 12.0 9.5


8 (16)
Neelanjali FR

One win from twenty six and a good runner up at Chantilly last time out
Owner: G Baton
Prize Money: €64,495

F 4/58.5 C Pacaut
E Wianny
245 2p7p0p8p0p8p170p3p8p 14.0 10.0

9 (15)
Sunderia FR

Still a maiden after sixteen runs and fourth behind Lady Chaparral last time out
Owner: Mme S Allouche
Prize Money: €23,280

F 4/58.0 Mlle A Massin
Mme S Allouche
240 4p179p0p7p6p4p7p8p5p 18.0 21.0

10 (5)
Wishful Thinking FR

One success from twenty four which was last season but has struggled this time round
Owner: Snowdrop Stud Co Ltd
Prize Money: €45,250

F 4/57.5 F Veron
Jv Toux
235 0p9p7p170p4p6p2p1p5p 15.0 14.0

11 (3)
Miss Madie FR

Improved effort here last time when third finishing three lengths behind Neelanjali
Owner: O Boulant
Prize Money: €6,650

F 4/56.0 A Moreau
O Boulant
220 3p8p6p6p0p0p 17.0 17.0

12 (17) A
Killing Joke FR

Just the one success from forty five and this will be another struggle here
Owner: Jp Vanden Heede
Prize Money: €0

M 4/55.0 E Hardouin
Boutin (s)
210 8p8p2p7p5p5p3p4p2p4p 11.0 20.0

13 (11)
Lady Chaparral FR

Dual winner from sixteen including here this season but now looks an outsider
Owner: E Bernhardt
Prize Money: €17,850

F 4/55.0 A Chesneau
Mlle Mlle L Dieudonne
210 0p9p1p0p0p0p170p0p0p 22.0 44.0

14 (12)
Tibelo FR

Placed just the once in seven outings and looks a forlorn outsider to day
Owner: P&f P&f Monfort
Prize Money: €10,150

G 4/55.0 A Badel
P&F Monfort
210 9p6p9p170pTp8p163p 20.0 26.0

15 (10)
La Valentine FR

Very little form in thirteen events and looks an immediate chuck out here too
Owner: Mme R Labate
Prize Money: €22,900

F 4/54.5 T Thulliez
S Labate
205 0p7p7p5p170p6p7p7p0p 21.0 27.0

16 (14)
Zorra Chope FR

No victories from thirty four and it will be a similar story post this race
Owner: F Le Corno
Prize Money: €26,225

F 4/52.5 J Claudic
C Boutin
185 0p5p5p6p3p6p3p0p0p9p 18.0 32.0

17 (13)
Zing FR

One score from thirty nine but is languishing now and offers little hope
Owner: C C Boutin
Prize Money: €30,500

G 4/52.0 T Lefranc
C Boutin
180 0p6p0p7p4p5p0p0p6p 27.0 58.0

Coupling A 6.6 8.1

Paris Turf

This big field closer is completely devoid of quality and therefore it could easily fall to an outsider. Saying that the favourite (6) ABSOLUTE SUMMER is made the selection and hopefully can deliver on the promise of a last time out success at Compiegne. (8) NEELANJALI can confirm form with (11) MISS MADIE from their meeting here last time. (4) DAWN PROMISE and (5) SIRMA TRAOU LAND are others to look at.

Selection: 6-8-11-4-5