18 May 2018 4:40 Chantilly Chaussee Du Roi Handicap

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  • Race Distance:1600 m
  • No. of Runners:17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail:Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Flat
  • Track Surface:Turf
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Blinkers Sex Age/Wgt Jockey/Trainer Value Form 16:10 16:49


1 (9)
Tap Tap Boom GB

Good strike rate with five wins from twenty but needs a big one today
Owner: Mme G Reille-villedey/elmina Sas
Prize Money: €71,600

G 4/60.0 F Veron
Butel & Beaunez
300 179p3p0p7p9p0p1p7p5p 35.0 33.0

2 (3)
Rock Samphire IRE

Dual winner from eighteen tries and has the recent form to get involved
Owner: Taxi4horses Com
Prize Money: €40,180

F 4/60.0 A Hamelin
H Grewe
300 3p5p1p5p5p3p5p6p170p 12.0 8.0

3 (11)
Copacetic IRE

Still a maiden after a dozen runs and life is not getting any easier at all
Owner: F Alloncle
Prize Money: €27,440

G 4/60.0 V Cheminaud
F Alloncle
300 6p0p5p6p170p3p2p5p4p 39.0 41.0

4 (2) A
Balle Reelle FR

Dual scorer from eighteen. Third last time in a busy schedule this season
Owner: S hoffmeister
Prize Money: €70,080

F 4/59.5 A Badel
P&F Monfort
295 3p5p0p0p9p6p5p4p179p 13.0 15.0

5 (7) A
Rainbow Black GB

Four wins from twenty six runs and can be forgiven a last time out failure
Owner: S hoffmeister
Prize Money: €60,900

M 4/59.5 M Michel
P&F Monfort
295 0p3p4p176p0p3p4p1p1p 11.0 20.0

6 (6)
Flauto IRE

One win from eighteen which was gained this year in hectic schedule. Has a chance
Owner: L Floc'h
Prize Money: €39,598

G 4/59.0 S Pasquier
J Phelippon
290 3p4p6p2p7p4p1p8p4p3p 8.1 7.2


7 (16)
Undiscovered Angel FR

Placed in Britain and also runner up at Saint-Cloud last time also. Has a shout
Owner: Mme E Burke/t Rarick
Prize Money: €23,884

F 4/59.0 M Barzalona
Mme G Rarick
290 2p5p8p176p5p4p0p7p4p 12.0 10.0

8 (17)
Majorelle FR

Won four starts back but has bombed out on last three occasions so ruled out
Owner: Mme A Fontanarosa
Prize Money: €34,767

F 4/58.5 T Piccone
A Marcialis
285 0p0p0p1p0p6p6p170p0p 27.0 34.0

9 (4)
Fresco IRE

Placed in a third of his nine outings but will need to make up a lot of ground
Owner: R Barbedette/j Knafo/b Huet
Prize Money: €17,740

G 4/58.0 J Moutard
G Barbedette
280 0p0p8p3p0p8p173p8p3p 29.0 35.0

10 (1)
Arpani FR

Four wins from twenty eight. Has been performing with credit of late and must be looked at
Owner: C Garnier
Prize Money: €79,910

F 4/57.5 P C Boudot
T Castanheira
275 5p3p8p2p3p6p7p5p170p 8.7 7.5


11 (8)
Prime Minister FR

Just the one win from fifteen but was runner up last time out and can be involved
Owner: B Le Regent
Prize Money: €37,905

M 4/57.5 C Demuro
F Vermeulen
275 2p5p6p5p4p9p3p175p5p 6.6 6.4


12 (14)
Furous FR

Remains a maiden after a dozen runs and seems to be regressing if anything
Owner: Stall All 4 Blondes
Prize Money: €8,750

G 4/57.5 C Stefan
J Albrecht
275 178p0p7p0p3p9p4p0p0p 51.0 123.0

13 (10)
Akiria FR

Unplaced in all four outings and another struggle looks likely here too
Owner: Ecurie White Eagle
Prize Money: €10,282

F 4/57.0 J Smith
P Gluza
270 6p9p0p0p174p6p4p1p2p 29.0 33.0

14 (15)
Esteem Aunay FR

Off the mark on her ninth and last start which was here on the synthetic. Every chance
Owner: C Frecelle
Prize Money: €32,640

F 4/56.5 C Soumillon
J Doucet
265 1p9p4p179p4p9p4p0p 9.3 8.6

15 (13)
Makat Poker FR

A dual winner from twenty nine and has been placing well so far this season
Owner: R Meder
Prize Money: €52,700

F 4/56.0 M Guyon
M Krebs
260 3p4p3p5p5p2p0p176p0p 10.0 11.0

16 (12)
Clear Chimes FR

One win from a dozen starts and will need very best form to go anyway close
Owner: Mme A Kurth
Prize Money: €9,100

F 4/56.0 S Martino
E Libaud
260 6p0p178p6p7p0p1p0p4p 15.0 23.0

17 (5)
Le Letty FR

A little bit of promise in three qualifying runs but will need a big step up
Owner: B Desespringalle
Prize Money: €2,490

G 4/56.0 S M Laurent
Mme Mc Chaalon
260 6p0p175p 35.0 44.0

Coupling A 6.0 8.7

Paris Turf

There is a lot to decipher here for hard pressed punters if they are to come out on top in a seventeen runner affair. (10) ARPANI sets the bar if only slightly but is at least worth chancing on current form. Soumillon is on (14) ESTEEM AUNAY and will go close. (6) FLAUTO and (2) ROCK SAMPHIRE must be looked at for the frame as should (11) PRIME MINISTER.

Selection: 10-14-6-2-11