18 May 2018 3:59 Angers Ready Cash - Attele

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  • Race Distance:3125 m
  • No. of Runners: 17 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 21000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 15:29 16:04


Diapason Du Tam FR

Victorious at Tours last month but disqualified at the same venue five days ago
Owner: J E David
Prize Money: €47,580

G 3125m 5 A Barrier
J E David
DaDa1a7a7a17DaDaDaDa 16.0 37.0

Day De Bellouet FR

Won at Bordeaux-Le Bouscat at 24/1 on May 5. Well beaten by (12) DRUSS DE GUEZ last Sunday
Owner: J Chevreux
Prize Money: €50,570

G 3125m 5 A Wiels
J Chevreux
0a8a1aDaDa7aDaaa5a17 46.0 68.0

Deal Piya Gede FR

Hasn't appeared on the podium for 14 months. 11th of 13 behind third-placed (5) DAYDREAM VICTORY at Rouen-Mauquenchy on May 5
Owner: Mme N Viel-pierre
Prize Money: €33,710

M 3125m 5 B Le Beller
Mme E Beller
0a7a6a177aDa8a5a6a7a 46.0 89.0

Drago Star FR

Runner-up here under the saddle in December. Placed twice in April but disqualified at Elbeuf last week
Owner: Ecurie Numbria Star
Prize Money: €54,720

G 3125m 5 St Meunier
S T Meunier
Da2a3a17Dm2m0m1mDm4m 28.0 25.0

Daydream Victory FR

Best run for eight months when third of 13 at Rouen-Mauquenchy on May 3
Owner: J F Vallette
Prize Money: €40,590

M 3125m 5 J F Vallette
J F Vallette
3a5a0a6a17Da8a6a8a0a 22.0 47.0

Dorestan FR

A win and a second last June. Back on the podium when runner-up of 15 at Argentan in mid-January latest
Owner: J Madeleine
Prize Money: €37,970

G 3125m 5 Ph Deroyand
P H Deroyand
2aDa174a0a5a8a2a1a5a 47.0 56.0

Dance Floor FR

All best recent form has come under the saddle. Starts from the 25m mark
Owner: G Dalifard
Prize Money: €59,430

G 3150m 5 J S Cormy
J S Cormy
2m9a17Dm7a1m0a1m5mDa 125.0 133.0

Deus Ex Machina FR

Runner-up twice last month - however has broken stride more often than not
Owner: Ecurie Hervoee| Sionneau
Prize Money: €63,600

G 3150m 5 H Sionneau
H Sionneau
Da2a2a17DaDa5aDa1a2a 4.9 3.7


Duc Du Gers FR

Successful at Rambouillet in April. Broke stride after being prominent at Le Mans next time
Owner: Ecurie Jean-michel Rancoule
Prize Money: €58,330

G 3150m 5 M Abrivard
M Abrivard
Da1a178m4m8a5a2aDa8a 6.5 5.4


Deal De Jape FR

Off the mark at Argentan in February and scored again at Bernay 10 days ago
Owner: Ph Tirion
Prize Money: €64,490

G 3150m 5 J P Maillard
E Szirmay
1a6a2a7a5a3m0a0a1a2a 21.0 45.0

Demon Du Medoc FR

Scored at Cordemais in March. Ninth of 15 at Savenay next time on May 6
Owner: Ph Boutin
Prize Money: €78,620

G 3150m 5 J Ph Monclin
P H Boutin
9a1a8a0a172a5a7a4a8a 12.0 20.0

Druss De Guez FR

Three wins last term and opened 2018 account at Maure-de-Bretagne last Sunday
Owner: Ecurie Vautors
Prize Money: €80,140

G 3150m 5 N Bazire
J M Bazire
1a5aDa0a8a0a171a1a3a 8.6 6.1


Django Du Bocage FR

Registered fifth win of career at Cabourg in January. Second run back after a three-month break
Owner: St Seveno
Prize Money: €112,170

G 3150m 5 Mlle A Doyere
S T Meunier
0a2a0a1a17Da0a4a4a2a 24.0 52.0

Di Maggio FR

Four wins in a row last year and scored at Vincennes in February - however disqualified in three of last four
Owner: Ecurie Opale
Prize Money: €63,130

G 3150m 5 B Coppens
P Vercruysse
DaDa1aDa172a3a6aDa1a 7.9 7.2

Dream Back FR

Scored twice last August and added to those successes at Landivisiau on May 8
Owner: Et Buffet
Prize Money: €75,340

G 3150m 5 G Marin
L Leduc
1a6aDa0aDa17Da5aDa3a 53.0 74.0

Delice Angevin FR

Already placed three times this year but a regular transgressor of the rules
Owner: M Dabouis
Prize Money: €100,730

G 3150m 5 A Dabouis
M Dabouis
Da3aDa2aDaDa4aDa2aDa 20.0 17.0

Dark Fly FR

Good in both disciplines. Third to (9) DUC DU GERS in latest harness race. Eric Raffin booked
Owner: J Dubois
Prize Money: €84,490

G 3150m 5 E Raffin
L Baudron
4m3a17Dm2m2m3m2m2m1m 7.3 7.4

Paris Turf

There's a lot to recommend (17) DARK FLY in the get-out stakes. The gelding - who is equally good in both disciplines - just gets in under the earnings limit and with Eric Raffin doing the steering he is bound to feature on most shortlists. (14) DI MAGGIO is a risky proposition but has a chance if keeping clean. Maure-de-Bretagne winner (12) DRUSS DE GUEZ can also figure.

Selection: 17-14-12-9-13