18 May 2018 5:55 Amiens Auguste Arson (gr A) - Attele

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  • Race Distance:2400 m
  • No. of Runners: 14 runners
  • Going:
  • Rail: Left
  • Prize Money: € 14000
  • Race Type:Harness
  • Track Surface:All-Weather
  • Weather:Unvailable
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No / Barrier   Silk Horse Shoes Sex Distance Age Driver/Trainer Form 17:25 18:05


1 (1)
Excellence Du Nord FR

Unreliable and has yet to win in 16 starts. Might pop up in the places. Can place
Owner: F Demoutiez
Prize Money: €8,230

F 2400m 4 F Demoutiez
F Demoutiez
Da3a6a0aDaDa179aDm5a 44.0 27.0

2 (2)
Ella D'occagnes FR

Ignore last run. Barefoot for this race and could be the one to beat in this race
Owner: Ph Joyeux
Prize Money: €53,040

F 2400m 4 J ch Piton
A Rigo
Da1a9aDa17Dm4m7mDa 7.2 4.8


3 (3)
Eden Kles FR

Unreliable but did win penultimate starts. Could finish in the money. Place chance
Owner: D M Delaunay
Prize Money: €15,020

G 2400m 4 Ph Ternisien
P H Ternisien
7a1aDa174a8a6aDaDa2a 10.0 11.0

4 (4)
Eole Chatho FR

Battling to win a race but is capable of popping up in the places. Place chance
Owner: M Nadji
Prize Money: €29,070

G 2400m 4 L Verva
F Gaillard
8a7a4a4a2aDa177a7a8a 7.4 8.1

5 (5)
Espoir Gema FR

Fifteen starts without a win. More needed to win but could yet play a minor role
Owner: Ecurie Sassier
Prize Money: €18,930

G 2400m 4 M Sassier
M Sassier
5a7a6a7a175aDm5a5aDm 8.3 6.8


6 (6)
Evita Du Bocage FR

Just needed come back run. Fitter now and is barefoot for this race. Go close
Owner: Ecurie E -h Lecot
Prize Money: €9,240

F 2400m 4 H Lecot
H Lecot
5a177a4a2a1a 5.1 3.7


7 (7)
Enjeu Du Goutier FR

Well beaten in come back run. Likely to improve but needs to find a few lengths to win
Owner: Stal Campus Rpf
Prize Money: €12,150

M 2400m 4 S Stevens
Marc Cock
Da171a5aDa 8.9 8.9

8 (8)
Eclair Du Bosq FR

Has really struggled this year and needs major improvement to win this race
Owner: J L Giot
Prize Money: €5,990

G 2400m 4 J L Giot
J L Giot
DaDaDaDa170a4aDa4a2a 20.0 33.0

9 (9)
Eden De Kernas FR

Well beaten in both starts this year. Likely to improve but others are preferred
Owner: F Demuynck
Prize Money: €6,955

G 2400m 4 G Sucaet
F Ghekiere
Da0a176m4m8a6a1a5aDa 60.0 83.0

10 (10)
Express Du Dan FR

Runner-up on debut but has really struggled since and needs to do more to win
Owner: Ecurie E Varin
Prize Money: €2,750

G 2400m 4 R Le Creps
E Varin
Da170aaa2a - -


11 (11)
Eroik Special FR

Disappointing last run. Capable of better and could finish in the money
Owner: Ecurie Haras Des Senora
Prize Money: €19,250

G 2400m 4 M Lemercier
M Lemercier
0a5a4aDaDa5a173a5aDa 4.6 9.2

12 (12)
Endless Quick FR

Has not shown much in three starts and needs major improvement to win this race
Owner: F Rochette
Prize Money: €6,130

G 2400m 4 F Rochette
F Rochette
0a7a17Da 57.0 110.0

13 (13)
Elue Des Roseaux FR

Had a promising start to her career but has really struggled in two starts this year
Owner: P Martin
Prize Money: €10,150

F 2400m 4 M Hamelin
P Martin
DaDa9a4a176a2a2a 21.0 30.0

14 (14)
Ekland FR

Modest form and needs to find a few lengths to win this race. Others are preferred
Owner: J Cl Masse
Prize Money: €24,340

G 2400m 4 A Pacary
A Pacary
7a0a17Da5a6a 50.0 83.0

Paris Turf

(2) ELLA D'OCCAGNES fluffed her lines last time when contention at Strasbourg. Well placed behind the car she can make amends here and is taken to resume winning ways. Unshod for the occasion and with a comeback run under her belt (6) EVITA DU BOCAGE could pose a threat. (5) ESPOIR GEMA and (11) EROIK SPECIAL could improve to fill the minors.

Selection: 2-6-5-11